Mystery Behind MF DOOM Cause of Death Revealed – 2024

Mystery Behind MF DOOM Cause of Death

Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 09:27 pm

If you are a hip-hop enthusiast, you must know about  MF DOOM. He was a well-known rapper and producer who ruled fans’ hearts for many years. His sudden death has created panic among his lovers worldwide. Everyone is curious about the cause of his death.

Jasmine Dumile, the wife of MF DOOM, revealed the truth behind his death. In this blog, I will shed light on this rapper’s amazing career and the cause of his death. 

Stay tuned with me to learn everything about MF DOOM.


MF DOOM was a highly influential rapper and producer. He was known for his intricate wordplay, storytelling, and masked persona. He was born on the 13th of July, 1971. His real name was Daniel Dumile. This stylish artist lived the majority of his life in America. However, he never gained his US citizenship. 

One of the most famous works of Doom was Operation: Doomsday (1999). His career spanned several decades, and his contributions continue to echo with fans worldwide.

Early Life and Musical Journey

MF DOOM’s early life has shaped him into one of the most influential figures in hip-hop. Born in London, he embarked on a unique path that would redefine this music genre. MF DOOM moved to Long Island at a young age and began his career in 1988. He was always inspired by different types of music, such as jazz, soul, and rock. 

This legendary rapper started Djing after third grade during his summer break. His stage name, “DOOM,” also connects with his childhood. His friends and family called him by this name when he was a kid.

The Rise of MF DOOM

MF DOOM’s entry into the hip-hop scene began with the group KMD. He was formerly known as Zev Love X in that group. Unfortunately, the group dissolved because of the death of his brother “DJ Subroc.” This tragic event drove MF DOOM to reinvent himself as the mysterious supervillain, donning the iconic metal mask. 

He created the MF DOOM character to portray the other side of his personality. The character has mixed elements from Marvel villains such as DOOM and Destro.  MF was serious about it and never showed his face without a mask. Dumile modifies his mask later, which resembles the prop from the movie Gladiator.

DOOM released various albums showcasing his unmatched lyricism and production style. His unique ability to seamlessly mix different genres and experiment with creative sounds sets him apart from other hip-hop artists. With each rap, he pushed the boundaries of what was considered mainstream. That is the reason for his dedicated fanbase. 

MF DOOM’s Mark on Hip-Hop

MF DOOM’s influence on the hip-hop industry is unquestionable. This man had a one-of-a-kind style for storytelling and wordplay in his lyrics. Not everyone can understand his rhymes. It requires multiple listens to appreciate his music fully. His lyrics captivate listeners, but his production techniques also impact other artists. He loves to experiment with his beats, creating unique sounds.

Additionally, MF Doom was also famous for his musical collaboration. He has worked with artists from underground rappers to mainstream icons. He has contributed his skills to various projects which elevate the standard of the hip-hop community. Overall, MF Doom has left an incredible mark on hip-hop culture that continues to inspire us today.

The Cause of MF DOOM’s Death

The devastating news of MF DOOM’s death came on December 2020. It was revealed that he had passed away on the 31st of October. This news shocked everyone and left a void in the hip-hop industry. Tributes and homages poured in worldwide, showing admiration for MF’s talent.

MF DOOM’s wife, Jasmine Dumile, has recently disclosed the cause of death. She confirmed that Dumile died from angioedema. It is a rare and fatal reaction due to medication.

According to his death inquiry, MF Doom took ACE inhibitors for his high blood pressure problem. But unfortunately, after only two doses, he developed angioedema. He has swelling in his mouth and trachea. He was admitted to ST James’ Hospital after the reaction. Her wife claims his condition worsened after hospitalization due to a lack of care. She also said that the staff was not checking on his husband frequently. This inquiry is still ongoing after years of MF DOOM’s death.

MF DOOM’s Legacy

The legacy of MF DOOM has been kept alive by many famous artists over the globe.  Even after his death, MF DOOM’s influence continues to be felt, as demonstrated by his posthumous feature on the album “Cheat Codes” by Danger Mouse and Black Thought. This collaborative display serves as a lasting impact on hip-hop. Another music journalist S.H Fernando Jr has written a biography of MF called “The Chronicles of DOOM: Unraveling Rap’s Masked Iconoclast.

Furthermore, Thom Yorke, a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, shared a remix of “Gazzilion Ear” to honor the late MF DOOM. In New York, there is a street named after him. Additionally, a sequel to his album Madvillainy is coming after twenty years. The legacy and influence of MF on the music world will always stay alive. The outpouring of love and appreciation highlighted the significant influence that MF DOOM had on countless lives and solidified his status as a true legend in hip-hop.

MF DOOM’s Most Notable Albums And Songs

MF Doom has a vast discography filled with amazing songs and albums. Here are some of his most famous works:

  • “Operation: Doomsday” (1999): His debut album introduced the stage persona of MF Doom. Two of the popular songs of this album are “Doomsday” and “Rhymes Like Dimes.”
  • “Madvillainy” (2004): A collaborative work with Madlib. It is considered one of the most incredible hip-hop albums of all time. The famous songs from this album are  “Accordion,” “All Caps,” and “Rhinestone Cowboy.”
  • “MM.. FOOD” (2004): An album with a deep food-related theme. This album displays MF’s storytelling ability. Standout tracks include “Beef Rapp,” “One Beer,” and “Deep Fried Frenz.”

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Final Thoughts:

MF DOOM was a legendary icon of hip-hop. His death has saddened fans worldwide. His wife finally revealed the cause of his death, which is Angioedema. This news has affected his fellow artists and also his fans worldwide.

Daniel Dumile was passionate about changing the world through his music and succeeded. We can say that his music and his legacy will remain with us forever. The world will always mourn this enigmatic hip-hop artist.


What Was MF DOOM Famous For?

MF DOOM was famous for his unique rapping and Intricate stage persona storytelling style. Two of the most famous of his works are Operation Doomsday and Key to the Kuffs. People love to listen to them to date.

How many Kids MF Doom has?

MF DOOM has two kids with his wife, Jasmine Dumile. However, his 14-year-old son passed away at 14. There are no public details about his other kid.

Did MF DOOM Stop Making Music?

Though DOOM stopped releasing his solo albums after 2009, he never stopped making music. He only released collaborative albums after his last solo album, Born Like This, until his death.

Was MF DOOM A Marvel Fan?

MF Doom was a Marvel fan since his childhood. He used to collect comic books and was inspired by the comic characters. Therefore, his stage persona is also connected to Marvel’s supervillains.

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