Space Movie 1992 – Gayniggers From Outer Space (2023)

Space Movie 1992

Cult classic space movies are fun to watch. Especially the one with unique scientific concepts. However, one of the cult classic space movies has a comedy touch in it which is rare. This movie was released in 1992 and titled “Gayniggers From Outer Space.” Despite its controversial title, the movie has a surprisingly humorous and satirical take on sci-fi tropes.

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What is Space Movie 1992?

The Gayniggers from outer space is a Danish-English short film about space and aliens. It was released in 1992. this movie is directed by the Danish artist Morten Lindberg and produced by Lamont Sanford & DINO RAYMOND HANSEN.

This space movie is a parody of blaxploitation and sci-fiction. Morten Lindberg and Per Kristensen wrote it. The film is a Dutch B movie that belongs to the LGBTQ genre and has a striking style reminiscent of John Waters. It appeals to a niche audience of nerdy white boys fascinated by the concept of blaxploitation. The Gay Nigger Association, an online trolling group in the US, used the film as part of a marketing campaign in the 2000s.

The Cast of Space Movie 1992

The director of the space movie 1992 cast all the black people for this comedic cult movie. Here is the list of the full cast of Gayniggers From Outer Space:

  • Coco P. Dalbert played the role of “ArmInAss.”
  • Sammy Saloman played the role of “Capt. B. Dick.”
  • Konrad Fields played the role of “Mr. Schwul.”
  • Johnny Conny Tony Thomas played the role of “The Gay Ambassador.”
  • Gerald F. Hail played the role of “D. Ildo.”
  • Gbartokai Dakinah played the role of “Sgt. Shaved Balls.”

The Plot of Space Movie 1992

The plot of Space Movie 1992 revolves around aliens who are black in appearance and gay by choice. They lived on a planet named “Anus.” One day they were traveling on their spaceship and discovered the presence of the female gender on planet Earth. After that, the Anus people started to remove every woman on Earth using a Raygun created by their scientist.

At the end of this movie, all the men worldwide are enjoying and partying freely because no women on Earth are left alive. The aliens left an ambassador of homosexuality on Earth to teach the man about the new era of living without females. They also granted him eternal life and other superpowers to protect men. One of the aliens said, “If this planet will ever be oppressed by females, we will come again to free them for a Gay universe.”

Analysis of Homosexual Representation In Space Movie 1992

The film portrays queer characters as sardonic and exaggerated, using stereotypes and caricatures for comedic effect. This Space movie 1992 primarily focuses on comedy rather than exploring meaningful queer relationships. However, it is worth mentioning that the film was produced with a low budget, and the intention was only to make a parody of sci-fi and blaxploitation genres. 

Other movies of the 90s that represent LGBT+ were better than this because they portrayed the concept seriously. In contrast, Gayniggers from outer space was intended as a comedy movie without a serious message. Some of the movies representing the queer community providing positive relations are the following:

  • Paris is Burning 1990
  • My Own Private Idaho 1991
  • The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert 1994

Cult Following and Reception of Space Movie 1992

“Gayniggers from Outer Space 1992” has gained a cult following due to its unconventional and provocative nature, despite its controversial content. The film’s unique premise and over-the-top style make it a rare and obscure piece of underground cinema. However, its reception among LGBTQ+ audiences varies, with some appreciating its campy approach. The title and content can be seen as derogatory and offensive, and it does not represent positive or accurate homosexual representation. The film’s offensive language and portrayal of gay characters prevent it from being a positive force in the queer cinema landscape. Instead, other homosexual films that explore diverse experiences, challenges, and authentic representation have significantly impacted queer cinema and subsequent works. Prioritizing queer films that contribute positively to the representation and understanding of the community is crucial.

Controversy & Criticisms on Space Movie 1992

The space movie 1992 has a controversial title and faced much criticism. On the other hand, some people loved it because of its unique humor. In this movie, many offensive and derogatory dialogues are present. Some punchlines are against females, and others are making fun of gay. Besides that, the female-free universe is promoted in this film which was highly appreciated by the oppressed male populace. At the same time, the female and the feminist community labeled this film as a stereotype and racist. 

Another criticism faced by Gayniggers from outer space was from critiques. They have criticized the bizarre graphics and sci-fi concept. Many experts reported this short film because of hate speech and bad language. Overall, the movie faced both positive and negative reactions from the audience and critiques.

Impact & Cultural Significance of Space Movie 1992

The legacy and cultural impact of “Gayniggers from Outer Space” are complicated and multifaceted. This movie was highly controversial; still, it sparked an open discussion about homosexuality in 1992. Here are some key points regarding its cultural significance and impact:

Provocation and Controversy:

The film has an offensive and controversial title that actually helped in gaining attention. This fact started debates about artistic expression, free speech, and the responsibilities of producers.

Underground Cult Following:

Despite all the criticism, the space movie 1992 has gained a cult following in underground cinema. This fan group appreciates the campy style and unique jokes of the film. 

Disapproval and Backlash: 

This movie has been criticized for numerous reasons, such as bad language, the negative portrayal of homosexual characters, and no logical scientific theory.

Limited Influence: 

Space Movie 1992 had the tiniest influence on media and queer cinema. It failed to impact the community positively.

Impact on Space Movie Genre:

The movie has no impact on the sci-fi genre. It does not portray any intellectual concept related to space. This movie was only a parody of science fiction movies.

Where Can I Watch Space Movie 1992?

Finding this old space movie is challenging. You won’t find it on famous streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Therefore, I have mentioned the six platforms where you can find Gayniggers From Outer Space and watch it for free.

Why is Space Movie 1992 Trending Again?

A Reddit user started the thread in 2020 with the caption, “Google space movie 1992, you won’t be disappointed.” This thread went viral, and people started searching. It made everyone curious, so they watched it. After watching it, viewers started giving feedback about the movie, that’s why it started trending again after years of release. You can say that it is a viral meme or a Google trick. Another Reddit user again posted that “Do not google space movie 1992,” as a prank. This prank leads to the hype of space movies in the year 2023.

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The space movie 1992 follows a group of black gay aliens who land on Earth and must navigate the misconceptions of humans. The film’s low-budget production adds to its charm, with cheesy special effects and over-the-top acting that only adds to the humor.

It also represents queer characters but in a fun way. The film was targeted by criticism of the audience and critique. It also received appreciation from a selected group of people, which is why it is a cult classic. While it may not be for everyone, “Gayniggers From Outer Space” is a unique addition to the sci-fi comedy movie genre worth checking out for those looking for something different. 

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