Call Tracking Service: How to Get Better Results

Call Tracking

Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 09:52 pm

Call tracking has already won the hearts of advertisers and affiliates all over the marketing world. The reasons for that lie in the convenience of setting pay per call campaigns, the fluent optimization of their performance, and transparent analytics. Call tracking successfully covers the questions that arise after any advertising campaign launch:

  • Is the ad productive enough?
  • Which of the ads generates more leads?
  • How much do I have to pay for every conversion?
  • Am I blowing away the budget?

There is no need to distract a caller’s attention with inquiries like “How do you know about us?” Agents answering the phone stay focused, and people calling are satisfied with the service they received.

How to make the call tracking processes work better for your business? Let’s go deeper.

How does call tracking work?

Before plunging into the methods of improving the results of call tracking activities, we will review a little the principles of call tracking. Call tracking software provides companies of all sizes, call centers, and media buying agencies with virtual phone numbers. Marketers, affiliates, and advertisers create their online and offline ad campaigns and allocate them with phone numbers.

When a person interested in the product or service dials the number, analytical data is reflected in the call tracking account. The data shows which of the ads generated the call, the location of the caller, the length of the call, as well as the call recording and sometimes the script of the talk. The analytics are updated in real-time as the inbound calls are processed. Therefore, marketers monitor the immediate results of their launched campaigns and are able to make instant changes.

How to get better at call tracking?

Even experienced marketers need to refresh their skills sometimes to get better results. There is always a place to grow. Let’s look through the tips on how to get the most out of a rather simple call tracking system.

  1. Read the analytics between the lines.

Analytical data is not just a report of the outcomes; it is a treasure trove of insights. For instance, the geographical location of the callers shows the areas where your product or service is especially relevant. If you run a cleaning firm or healthcare practice, you may think of organizing some offline event in that area to attract more customers.

Listening to call recordings, you may fish out the most frequent keywords that callers use and add them to your ads. If the ad does not provide enough leads, or if the price for them is too high, you may stop that campaign and think of a different one, or target it more precisely.

  1. Separate DNI from SNI.

Dynamic number insertion (DNI) is applying a short JavaScript code in the settings of your ad campaigns. As a result, each new IP address will have a unique phone number, which will provide you with more details regarding each of the leads. However, DNI may interfere with local SEO.

If your marketers are currently betting on organic traffic, it is better to use static number insertion (SNI) to be on the safe side. Therefore, prioritize your aims, whether you wish many people to know about your brand or to attract quality leads to your website.

  1. Use the appropriate call attribution model.

By exploiting various call attribution models, you can better understand your customers’ behavior. Campaign-level, session-level, and visitor-level attribution models all provide marketers with information that differs in its profundity.

The first type, which is a campaign-level attribution model, shows you how effective your marketing campaign is. The second one is tied to each potential lead, but it is limited in time. The third type, a visitor-level attribution, reveals all the keywords in the search, as well as a customer’s journey.

  1. Grow and expand your business.

Call tracking software makes it easy for businesses to develop with the help of international call tracking. The convenience of running such a business is that you are not limited to any location. You can start your own business as a sole marketing affiliate, gradually add agents to your network, and explore the possibilities of setting advertising campaigns abroad with the help of international virtual phone numbers.

Multilingual IVR menus make it simple to attract leads who speak a variety of languages. Therefore, as long as there is a reliable internet connection, you may manage your business from anywhere in the world.

Bottom line

Call tracking seems to be an easy and quite understandable way of monitoring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Even a very simple call tracking solution opens up a world of possibilities for sustainable growth and enhancement of your business. The right strategy would be to study the functionality carefully and to apply it smartly depending on the goals your business aims to achieve.

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