Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

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Watching anime has become a passion worldwide. With the advancement in animation and unique concepts, anime has created a special place in people’s hearts. Everyone wants to watch these Japanese animated seasons and movies online without paying a dime.

Many websites are available to watch anime free of cost. is one of them. However, you should depend on more than one website to watch anime. Thus, I will share the top best 25 alternatives.

Get ready to dive into the anime world!

What is is a unique free anime streaming website with millions of users worldwide. The platform is famous for website content, resolution, and advanced features. You will find separate sections for ONAs, OVAs, Movies, and Dubbed and Subbed anime. is an ad-free site that gives you an uninterrupted, memorable experience.

Zoro has a Discord server and official groups on social media platforms such as Telegram and Twitter. In addition, this website also shows an estimated weekly schedule to give you a heads-up about the new release and time of release.

Zoro’s website has outstanding UX and UI that gives you an experience of premium websites. With its extensive library and daily updates, this website ensures that its fans are entertained. 

Is Website Legal?

The does not have a license to share anime. However, it does not upload any content directly on the website. Thus, the legitimacy of the website is unclear. If is not banned in your country, you should not be worried about the legality. Keep using it and take advantage of free content because subscribing to paid websites is costly.

Pros And Cons of is a perfect website with many pros and cons.


  • You can discuss your thoughts below every anime or on the Discord server.
  • Thousands of the latest and old animes in various genres are available.
  • The website can show anime titles in English or Japanese, depending on your choice.
  • People can enjoy watching anime together on this website with the “Watch2gether” feature.
  • Zoro has six communities on its website to update users on various news items.
  • Users can watch HD anime.


  • You need to create an account if you want your search history saved on the website.
  • should also give the option to change the dark theme into the light.

List of The Top 25 Best Alternatives

Here is the list of the top 25 best alternatives:

1. Gogoanime

Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Gogoanime is one of the best alternatives. It is a free anime streaming website with content in multiple genres, such as action, comedy, fantasy, etc. Gogoanime has excellent user reviews, which makes it a trustworthy platform. This website also shares Chinese animated seasons, which is a plus point.

Website: Link

2. 123anime

Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

123anime is another free anime streaming website. It shares TV series, movies, ONA, OVA, and special anime. The website of 123anime is user-friendly with an attractive, simple, purplish theme. You can search for your favorite title on the advanced search bar of 123anime. Additionally, this website also has a Discord server for its fans.

Website: Link

3. AnimeKisa

Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

AnimeKisa is a website with thousands of anime in its library. This platform provides users with different video quality options, including 720p and 1080p. You do not need to create an account to watch anime on AnimeKisa. Users can create a watchlist to track their favorite shows.

Website: Link

4. Wcofun

Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Do you want a website where you can watch anime and cartoons for free? Wcofun is the right spot for you. 

Wcofun shares animated movies and seasons from all over the globe, including anime. The website is simple but needs many improvements. Wcofun shares subbed and dubbed content for the ease of non-native users.

Website: Link

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5. AnimixPlay

Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

If you want to download anime and watch it offline, AnimixPlay got your back!

AnimixPlay is a free anime streaming website where you can watch or download thousands of anime. With an eye-catching user interface and a buffer-free experience, AnimixPlay is considered a leading website in America for watching animated content.

Website: Link

6. Animesuge

Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Animesuge is another similar website to Zoro. This platform shares anime in various genres, including action, romance, horror, demons, adventure, and more. Animesuge has a dark theme and is easy to navigate in the user interface. You will find many dubbed content on Animesuge that will entertain you. 

Website: Link

7. Crunchyroll

Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Crunchyroll is the perfect alternative if you want to use a legal streaming website. Sony Corporation owns this platform. People use this website to read manga, play games, and watch anime. Crunchyroll requires a subscription, but you can use it free of cost for 14 days. You can find many interesting blogs on Crunchyroll about anime and manga news.

Website: Link

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8. 9anime

Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

More than ten thousand anime are on 9anime, a free streaming website. Like Zoro, this website also shows the estimated schedule. This website has an enormous library that has both subbed and dubbed anime. In addition, you can discuss your thoughts with like-minded people in the comment section.


9. Anime Freak

Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Anime Freak is a website with a design that is almost similar to Zoro. It is a platform dedicated to anime enthusiasts, offering a vast collection of anime series and movies. With a user-friendly interface, it provides easy navigation and high-quality streaming options. It also has a Reddit community where you can find all the news related to anime freaks.


10. Anime Heaven

Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

One more alternative to is Anime Heaven. This website has shared numerous contents, including Sword Art Online and Dead Mount Death Play. You can also switch between light and dark anime on Anime Heaven. Users can also watch random anime on Anime Heaven when they cannot decide what to watch.


11. Kiss Anime

Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Kiss Anime is also a similar website to Zoro, with millions of users. You can search your desired anime by status(ongoing and completed) or genre. Kiss Anime provides high-quality videos ranging from 720 to 1080 pixels. In addition to the quality of anime, this website gives you a buffer-free experience to enjoy your favorite content.


12. Anime Land

anime land
Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Anime Land is a well-known anime website that is easily accessible. It allows users to watch many anime series and movies in many genres. This website is also available in French for fans of anime living in France. You can binge-watch your favorite anime on Anime Land.


13. Anime Planet

cartoon planet
Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Anime Planet is a legal free website that allows users to watch anime and read manga after registration. It has 45,000 industry-supported anime in HD quality. The design on Anime Planet’s website is unique and eye-catching. You can also find many communities on Anime-Planet to share and read manga reviews, anime reviews, and news related to the website.


14. Cartoon Crazy

cartoon crazy
Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Do you love watching anime and cartoon movies? Then, Cartoon Crazy is the perfect site for you. It offers up-to-date content with fast streaming servers. Cartoon Crazy is a simple website that does not have a Discord server to discuss your thoughts. However, the quality of anime is high and worth watching.


15. Anime Lab

Anime Lab
Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Anime Lab is a website and Android application that allows users to watch free anime online. This app has over 500 downloads on the Google Play store, meaning users love it. The reason for the fame of Anime Lab is its vast collection of content with subtitles and dubbed audio. Anime Lab is a treasure trove for all anime lovers.

Website: Link

16. Funimation

Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Funimation is America’s favorite anime website, offering many other benefits besides watching anime. These benefits include the latest information on anime series and finding anime games. You must create an account to access the extra features of this website. Funimation can be a good alternative to Zoro.


17. Chia-Anime

chia anime
Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Chia-Anime is one of the most excellent alternatives for Zoro. This website provides anime songs, anime movies, and anime series. Chia-Anime also shares links to cartoons, and it has two separate categories for cartoons and anime for your ease. One flaw of Chia-Anime is the annoying advertisement that will interrupt you. 


18. Dubbed Anime

dubbed anime
Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Dubbed Anime has also taken a spot on our list of 25 best Zoro alternatives. This platform has a plethora of anime and cartoons in several genres. Dubbed anime has gained popularity among anime fans because it shares dubbed series before other anime websites. Furthermore, you can have a buffer-free experience on Dubbed Anime.


19. Dark Anime

Dark Anime is an anime streaming site that is free to access. This website is famous for sharing anime with a dark story plot, such as Death Parade and Attack on Titan. You will see many ads on Darkanime, but you can subscribe to their ad-free plan, which will cost you money. Dark Anime is currently unavailable in many countries, but hopefully, it will return soon.

20. Anime Streams

Anime Streams is a website that provides anime episodes online. You do not need to create an account on Animestreams, which will save you a lot of time. This website also has fan art and fiction sections where users share fictional stories and sketches of their favorite anime characters. Anime Streams has one drawback: the website is too slow.

21. Anime Dao

anime dao
Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

If you are a die-hard anime fan and do not want to miss a single animated series, visit Anime Dao. It is a simple website that updates its contents daily. You will find series and movies currently airing on Anime Dao without paying a penny. Another exciting feature of the Anime Dao website is the advanced search bar with many filters.


22. My Anime List

Anime List
Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Are you looking for a free website to watch free anime, join clubs related to anime, and read mangas all in one place? My Anime List must be your go-to-destination.

This website covers the comics world, including manga, anime, and communities. My Anime List also offers a paid website version with zero ads.


23. Anime Ultima

anime ultima
Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Anime Ultima is another website where you can watch anime. It is a free website with all the latest anime series, including Detective Conan and Chainsaw Man. Anime Ultima organized content into ongoing series, top anime, and genres. This website has versatile anime in several genres, such as Adventure, Anthropomorphic, Boys’ Love, CGDCT, Childcare, Combat Sports, etc.


24. Anime Nova

anime nova
Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Yugen Anime is a famous website for watching anime. It is free to use; however, the website’s design and features make it look like a premium website. Yugen Anime also has a Discord server where like-minded people can interact. This website asks users to download a VPN before watching videos. Yugen Anime will be more successful in the coming years.


25. Anime Bee

Anime Bee
Is Safe And Legit? 25 Best Alternatives

Anime Bee is last but not least on our list of the 25 best alternatives. This website shares anime blogs and news, allowing users to watch anime for free. Anime Bee is packed with dubbed and subbed anime to entertain you, and all of them are worth watching. You can also download HD-quality anime from Anime Bee.


Final Thoughts:

Zoro. to is a well-known anime-watching website with innovative features and an extensive library. If this website is not working in your country or your favorite anime is not uploaded, you can switch to the 25 similar websites mentioned earlier.

All of the free anime websites save you time and money. Go now and explore the options to decide which anime sites suit you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is website safe? is a safe website because it is ad-free and blocks all malware. You can use it without causing tension in your online safety. However, you can use a VPN to your satisfaction.

How do you identify a good anime site?

A good anime site does not show you an adult advertisement. It has thousands of content with variety, and you can also find dubbed and subbed anime. Apart from that, a good anime site always has a Discord server.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a new content rating and discussion website. Zoro Reddit is a community where users share links, posts, images, and videos related to anime.

Is still available in 2023?

It was shut down in 2021, but now It is working correctly. Zoro’s website has more advanced features after the comeback.

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