6 Summer Handbag Trends That Have Street Style’s Stamp of Approval

Summer hand bag trend

Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 12:48 am

You can look out for summer fashion inspiration in all sorts of places- but runway styles are hard to adapt to in real life. Therefore, one should focus on what is worn on the streets. Street style is one of the best ways to find inspiration for trends, from outfits to footwear and even summer handbags.

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 This blog will explore the assortment of spring-summer handbag trends with a street-style stamp of approval. 

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6 Summer Handbag Trends That Have Street Style’s Stamp of Approval

Transition Your Appearance From Spring To Summer With These Bags:

Here are some of the latest picks that will help you alter your appearance from spring to summer with the following mentioned bags:

  1. Petite Picnic Baskets

It’s time to take out your wicker bags. Yes, forget all about your picnic basket or basket bags. We all know these mini to small-sized top handles make an amazing option for summer nights or a stand-in for a wedding guest clutch.

  1. Vacation-Ready Buckets

If you are going on holiday in the summer, then make sure to pack bucket bags!

These bags have an unmatchable holiday vibe. The aesthetic textures like suede, woven fabrics, and straw are in natural colors. Add an element of the travel bug to your summertime closet. The bucket bags make a brilliant companion for this summer’s travel plans. 

3- Cloud 9 Bags

The Cloud 9 Bags are going to be a hit this summer. They have a soft texture of Tote around a soft, pillow-like pouch this season in stark white. Elevate your wardrobe with exceptional accessories this summer to stand out. You can pair it up with multiple colors because of its beautiful, classy white color. 

4-Spring/Summer 2023 Handbag Trend: XL Totes

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6 Summer Handbag Trends That Have Street Style’s Stamp of Approval

Nothing beats the utility of a spacious tote. This summer, designers have considered such practicality and made a case for oversized versions. But don’t assume these to be unsightly. On the other hand, you can carry all your essentials in a single handbag. Tote bags are spacious and quite perfect for a busy day out. 

5- Spring/Summer 2023 Handbag Trend: Woven Leather 

Leather bags remain a must-have throughout the year. However, during spring and summer, you can find skillfully crafted designs that exude a more warm-weather vibe, ranging from top handles and shoulder bags to spacious carryalls. Therefore, go for a leather handbag this summer and style it up at numerous occasions. 

6-Summer 2023 Bag Trend: Crafty and Colorful

To achieve the perfect summer aesthetic, you can embrace the charming allure of straw, raffia, and wicker bags, which effortlessly bring a sense of natural craftsmanship to any outfit. Among these options, you’ll find a variety of styles, including laid-back and effortless open-weave shoppers and hobos. Therefore, add a bit of craft and colors to your wardrobe to achieve a look like never before. 

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6 Summer Handbag Trends That Have Street Style’s Stamp of Approval

This season, classic summer bags have been given a fresh twist with vibrant colors and playful patterns, perfect for carrying all your beach essentials. These reimagined designs are ready to accompany you and your belongings to the beach in style.

Considerations to keep in mind when selecting a handbag:

While is it is important to elevate your look with fashionable accessories. Do not forget to choose a handbag that suits you best accordingly to your physical appearance. Therefore, remember the below points that will upgrade your fashion look in no time.

  • Size in proportion to your body scale:

 It’s important to choose a handbag size that complements your body proportions. Understanding your body scale can help determine the appropriate size. You can find information about the body scale to guide your decision.

  • Placement on your body: 

Strive to achieve balance, aiming for an hourglass body shape. If you have wide hips, avoid shoulder or cross-body bags that sit directly on your hips. Similarly, if you have a larger bust, avoid carrying your bag under your arm, and if it’s on a strap, ensure it sits below your bust level. Avoid carrying your bag in that area for those with less defined waists.

  • Practical size considerations:

 Consider whether the handbag is of a suitable size for your needs. Will it comfortably accommodate the items you typically carry? To be sure, try loading it with those items before purchasing to ensure it suits your requirements.

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In the summer of 2023, handbag trends embrace vibrant colors, playful patterns, and natural materials. Classic summer bags have been reimagined with a fresh twist, offering a range of options to suit every style. When choosing a handbag, find Ounass 15% off code on FOUZ merchandise. 

It’s essential to consider practicality, size appropriateness for your body scale, and how it complements your body shape. The ultimate summer fix lies in finding a handbag that perfectly balances fashion and functionality, ready to accompany you on beach outings or any summer adventure.

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