Daisy Keech Ab Workout: Workout Plan for Shredded Body

Daisy Keech Abs Workout

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Daisy Keech Ab Workout is getting more popular daily, and this workout helps burn all the fats in your body. The good thing about Daisy Keech Abs Workout is that it assists in burning all the fat in your belly area. Remember that Daisy Keech’s Abs Workout is also called Hourglass Abs Workout.

Daisy Keech Abs Workout App

Daisy workout is also available in the form of an app, and the fantastic thing is that it is a free ab workout. This abs workout app can easily be downloaded on your phone. You can easily add this workout to your routine. People are impressed by this workout as it is very effective in burning out fats and abs pretty well.

In recent years, Daisy Keech has been known as one of the social media’s most popular fitness influencers. She is so popular because she has an incredible physique. She also showcases her workouts and pictures on Instagram.

If you want toned abs and sports fit like Daisy Keech, this post is just made for you. She gives you the best fat-burning abdominal workout you have ever dreamed of. With the help of a hard workout plan, you will look perfect from head to toe.

We all know very well that sometimes we cannot lose our belly fat, but if you follow Daisy Keech’s workout plan, you will get rid of stubborn belly fat. You will also get your body shaped, burn calories, and tone your muscles.

Daisy Keech Bio and Status

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Daisy Keech Abs Workout

Due to her popularity, she stands out among her competitors, with millions of followers across different social media platforms. She is known as an influencer on Instagram and other media.

You can also see her different workout videos on Tik Tok, both fitness-related and straightforward. Before, she emerged with the other two members, but currently, she is alone doing her work.

But still, she significantly impacts the fitness industry as she shares workout videos and what she eats regularly.

Daisy Keech Ab Workout List

  • Donkey Jack
  • Reverse crunches
  • Scissor kicks
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Toe taps
  • Russian twists
  • Bicycle kicks
  • Basic crunches
  • Jack knives.

Daisy Keech Ab Workouts for Shredded Body

Let’s look at her 6 workouts for getting a shaped body.

Bicycle Crunch

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Daisy Keech Abs Workout bicycle crunch

The bicycle crunch is the most important workout, according to Daisy Keech. The good thing about bicycle crunches is that they target your core muscles, and you can start this workout by lying flat on a mat. It is a fun and dynamic app workout which helps boost your metabolism. You can burn more calories than other workouts by activating your core muscles.

How to do bicycle crunches?

  • First, go to a lying down position and bend your knees. Then put your feet flat on the floor.
  • Take one knee towards your chest and straighten out your leg by extending.
  • Then go back towards the starting position and repeat on the other side.
  • Keep doing this to complete one repetition and do the other.
  • Repeat this workout till you have completed the set.

Donkey kick

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Daisy Keech donkey kick

This is a unique workout introduced by Daisy Keech, and it targets the largest part of the butt. Not only does the lower body workout, but your core muscles and shoulders also get a workout.

How to do Donkey Kick?

  • On all fours, place your hands and knees directly under your shoulders and hips.
  • If you balance a cup of coffee on your back, your back should be flat. Your back should be facing the ceiling and your chin should be tucked in slightly as you face the ceiling.
  • Your lower abdominals should be engaged.
  • Lift your right knee straight toward the ceiling while maintaining a 90-degree bend.
  • You should hold before starting to rotate or arch your hips.
  • Put yourself back where you started.

Jumping Jack

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Daisy Keech Abs Workout jumping jack

Keep in mind that Jumping Jack comes in the category of the total workout that you can do almost anywhere. It is the perfect exercise for the upper body and core muscles. The good thing about Jumping Jack is that it makes your muscles stronger, tight, and supple.

How to do jumping Jack?

  • First, stand in the upright position with your legs together and arms next to your body.
  • Bring both hands above your head as you jump up, spreading your feet beyond hip-width apart.
  • Bring your legs together as you lower your arms.
  • Here’s where you can get back to where you were.

Russian Twist

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Daisy Keech Abs Workout russian twist

Daisy Keech does many app workout exercises. The Russian twist is one of them, which normally targets the core muscles. To do this, lay down straight, and raise your legs off the ground. Also, raise your upper body and twist your torso from side to side.

How to do a Russian twist?

  • Your legs should be straight, and your arms at your sides as you lie on the floor.
  • Engage your core and tilt your body back in a V shape.
  • Inhale deeply and twist slowly from side to side, holding for a few breaths.
  • The more proficient you become, the more range of motion you will have.
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Reverse Lunge

Screenshot 2022 12 19T143925.535 11zon
Daisy Keech Abs Workout reserve lunge

Daisy Keech’s reverse lunge workout will help you improve your balance and add reverse lunges to your routine. You can build single-leg strength, improve your balance, and increase your cardio and gluteal strength by performing reverse lunges.

How to make a reverse lunge?

  • Your left foot should be pointed backward as you stand straight with your hands on your hips.
  • Position your right thigh directly over your right ankle by lowering it parallel to the floor.
  • Your left knee should be bent at 90 degrees and pointed towards the floor so that your left heel can be lifted.
  • Make one rep by pressing your right heel and bringing your left leg forward.
  • Alternate between left and right feet as you step back.

Fire Hydrant

Screenshot 2022 12 19T144103.906 11zon
Daisy Keech Abs Workout fire hydrant

The fire hydrant exercise by Daisy Keech is an excellent bodyweight exercise. There are several variations of this exercise that also target the core. It is mainly designed to work the gluteus maximus. Regularly exercising with fire hydrants can reduce injuries and sculpt your glutes.

How to do a Fire Hydrant?

  • As you begin this exercise, your shoulders and hips should be placed above your hands and knees.
  • Look down, and tighten your core.
  • You should lift one leg 45 degrees away from your body. You should keep your knee at 90 degrees.
  • To complete one rep, lower it to the starting position.
  • Each leg should be performed three times with ten reps.
  • Daisy Keech Dieting And Food Preferences

While Daisy Keech does not exclusively eat vegan food, she appears to eat a lot. While she eats healthily overall, she does disclose that she has cheat days every once in a while.

Also, she is allergic to eggs and peanuts, which are not included in her diet. It is also Daisy’s goal to avoid dairy products. Besides eating a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables, she also enjoys smoothies, salads, juices, and other homemade dishes.

As part of her muscle growth plan, she aims to consume one gram of protein per pound she weighs daily. As well as drinking a gallon of water daily, Daisy wants to lose weight. Her diet will vary day by day, whether she is working out or taking a rest day.

Breakfast Preferences

Due to Daisy’s morning workout routine, her breakfast serves as a pre-workout meal. For energy, she enjoys avocado toast to get some carbohydrates. The meal is served with fruit bowls, turkey bacon, and coffee as sides.

Lunch Preferences

During her second meal, she recovers from her workout and consumes carbohydrates. The lunch she eats during muscle building could consist of chicken, salad, and other vegetables.

Dinner Preferences

Daisy usually doesn’t consume carbohydrates with this meal unless she feels particularly fatigued. To contribute to her muscle growth, she usually sticks to salads containing protein sources.

Late Night Preferences

Daisy Keech doesn’t seem to be a late-night snacker based on what she has posted on Instagram and YouTube. When she does experience bad cravings, she reaches for a shake made of strawberries, chocolate whey protein powder, almond milk, and ice.

Snack Preferences

Every time Daisy needs a snack; she sticks to protein shakes, juices, and gluten-free cookies. The number of snacks she eats daily varies since she preaches to just eat when you are hungry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do 5 minutes of abdominal exercise suffice?

A workout’s length does not directly correlate with its effectiveness or quality, especially in ab exercises. If you have good form and do various exercises targeting different core muscles, a five-minute ab workout can be quite effective.

What is the Daisy Keech ab workout?

1. Scissor kicks 1- Min
2. Reverse crunches 1- Min
3. Russian twists 1- Min
4. Jack knives 1- Min [15 per side]
5. Toe taps 1- Min
6. Bicycle kicks 1- Min
7. Basic crunches 1- Min
8. Bicycle crunches 1- Min [15 per side]

Can you get abs by doing planks?

Planks are ideal isometric exercises for building abs. You can include them in your routine three times a week or simply get down on the floor and do them every day at home. You will have a flatter, more toned stomach in mere weeks.

Final Words

Many women have recorded their results after trying Daisy Keech’s ab workout challenge for a week or more. Many of the reviews were quite positive. It is important to do the ab workouts daily, as Daisy herself stated they are for daily exercise routines.

It has been reported that many women have noticed a strengthening of their core muscles. However, they initially felt pain around their abs. Their ab workouts did not strengthen their core muscles enough.

Therefore, they were quite surprised by the Daisy Keech ab workout results. She has a different ab structure before and after the challenge. Initially, the swelling in her core muscles made it difficult for her to keep doing the core workouts.

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