Building Muscle Mass – A Beginner’s Guide

Muscle Mass

Last updated on April 8th, 2024 at 08:23 am

The human body is a wonder of nature; millions of years of evolution that has perfected the human species and if you want to bulk-up and develop your major muscle groups, you have come to the right place, as we offer useful information to help you gain muscle mass in all the right places. Rewind 50 years; if you were to ask an expert how to get bigger muscles, they would tell you to eat a lot of lift heavy weights. Of course, there is so much more to it than that.

Protein builds muscle

This is why most bodybuilders drink whey protein shakes; coupled with the right weight-training regime, adding protein to your diet is definitely going to help. Eating high protein food is obviously a benefit, yet protein shakes allow you to add to this. There are many protein products on the market and the best place to order such muscle-building products is from a leading Australian supplier, where you will find the best brands at the lowest prices. There are many supplements that can help you with muscle development and general fitness; start with a Google search and browse Australian supplier websites.

Weight training

There are specific exercises that work certain muscles and you need to develop a weight-training routine that covers the muscle groups you wish to develop. Start with a weight that you can do with three sets of reps and as time goes, you can add to the weight in a structured way. There is a general consensus that heavier weights and fewer reps will build muscle; lifting lighter weights will define the muscle rather than adding to it. Indeed, there is a correlation between the weight you lift and the rate of muscle growth, so you do have to push yourself.

Compound muscle development

Rather than isolating a muscle, you should compound muscle development by working several muscles at the same time.  If you are unsure about the right weight training regime, why not approach a personal trainer? Such a fitness professional can not only design the right workout routine, they can help with dietary requirements and the right supplements to boost muscle growth.

Hire a personal trainer

Many Australians have tried and failed with their fitness plan; engage the services of a leading personal trainer, which pretty much assures that you will smash your personal fitness goals. The trainer would help you to compile a fitness plan, a weekly diet and he or she would be involved in every aspect of your training.

Avoiding injury

Lifting progressively heavier weights can easily lead to injury, which is yet another reason to hire a personal trainer. You would learn how to warm up and warm down in order to minimise the risk of injury and if you are currently suffering any health issues, you should consult your GP before embarking on a strenuous weight-lifting program.

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