6 Ways How to Increase Your Download Speed


Last updated on June 16th, 2023 at 04:56 pm

Every user is familiar with the problem of slow downloads, no matter how advanced their devices are. The download speed depends on a range of factors. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what they are. The ways to improve the speed can also be very different. Some of them are as simple as one, two, or three. Others are a bit more complicated.

The speed of 25Mbps is already a good download speed. Although you may disagree, the standards consider it to be high enough. Naturally, you aren’t happy with such speed, especially when downloading several files at a time. Let’s see what you can do to speed up downloading and make your experience on the computer smoother and less hassle-free.

Reboot your device

Although it sounds banal, it helps in 50% of cases. Computers need to be restarted from time to time, so yours might need it to work faster and be more productive.

Restart your router

Another simplest thing you can do to increase speed is restart your router. Unfortunately, we never turn them off, but we should. Routers need rest as well. If you don’t use yours at night, you can always turn it off until the next morning. Yes, it is not very convenient, yet very effective.

Check your speed with your provider

You hardly know that your Internet provider restricts your speed. It is written in small font in your agreement, as a rule, and you hardly even suspect it. After the usage of a certain number of data, your speed goes much slower. In this case, you can simply connect to VPN serversand boost the speed again. It’s not difficult to find out how it works. It will help you change your IP address and your provider will not see it anymore, so there will be no speed reduction.

A good VPN for Sweden will not only improve your speed but also protect you and your vulnerable information from intruders. Check an honest review about different VPN providers and check the one that suits you most of all. A VPN free trial will allow you to see whether the service is effective enough and see if you are going to continue using it.

There is a common belief that a VPN for browsers slows down an Internet connection. This could be true many years ago when VeePNwasn’t that advanced yet. If you choose a good VPN for your browser, you will not only access geo-restricted content but also boost your security, protect your personal and bank information from intruders (and there are tons of them), and increase your connection speed. A VeePNis perfect for that.

Thanks to a VPN free trial, you will be able to change your IP address so even your provider won’t recognize it, and all the restrictions will be removed at once. There is a great feature called “Bypass local networks,” and it will make miracles to your speed and access to restricted content.

Disable not necessary devices connected to your router

Now, it’s time to check more complicated ways of boosting your Internet speed. The more devices you connect to your Wi-Fi, the slower your speed is. You might not even suspect how many of them are connected. Smart TVs, iPads, phones, and plenty of other devices might be slowing down your connection. When downloading something, just disconnect them all.

Disable apps when downloading files

If you are downloading something on your laptop or computer, plenty of apps are running. You should disable them all before you start the download process. They slow your speed down a lot. You don’t have to disable them forever but just temporarily. Netflix and other streaming services will slow it down a lot, so try to switch them off when you need to download something quickly.

Just one file at a time!

Your wish to download a bunch of files at a time to save time is understandable. However, it will only slow everything down. Try to upload just one file at a time. Although it may keep you at your computer longer, you will have a much better result. All files will be downloaded as fast as necessary.

These are the most effective ways to increase your Internet speed. If none of them help, you might need to change your router or seriously talk to your IP provider regarding the speed of your Internet.

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