What are the various methods of selling a product?


Last updated on December 6th, 2023 at 09:29 pm

For many people selling a product is more challenging than developing a product. It’s certainly because selling is an art and it requires different tools and talents to get the job done. It’s all about convincing people about why they should buy your product. As selling is never easy it takes a lot of patience and constant hard work. In order to sell you need to understand your customers, gain their trust and make them your priority.

However, if you are planning to sell your product in the 21st century then it can be easy. All thanks to digitalization for opening plenty of ways to reach potential customers. Digitalization has provided businesses with relevant tools for marketing their product in an innovative way. These ways are successful in attracting more and more customers, expanding the leads and enhancing conversion rates. Thus, in this article we will look into some of the ways of increasing your leads and selling your product.

Your own e-commerce website


No matter what your product is, having an online presence matters a lot to stay competitive. So, you can establish your own e-commerce website and take benefits of selling on an electronic platform. Nothing is better than having a professionally designed website, it allows you to manage your own storefront. Your brand’s own store gives you full control over the design, layout and navigation.

And all these are necessary to enhance the customer experience, and help you sell our product. So, for example if your product is an industrial good, then make a separate platform for it, so that it becomes your product’s identity.

Other E-commerce platforms

 If you are not in a position to invest in a branded website yet, then there is nothing to worry about. As you still have an option to sell your products on other e-commerce websites. Online marketplaces like eBay represent the pinnacle of third-party e-commerce sites and almost anything can be sold over there.

So, if you don’t have a significant startup budget then it’s good to sell your product through third party e-commerce platform. These platforms are free to access, and they earn by keeping a certain percentage of cash from every transaction, so once you are in position to earn only then the websites ask you for money.

Moreover, you also get the benefit of traffic as these platforms are well-known and already enjoy the advantage of having thousands of customers, payment protection and mediation services. So, you get to enjoy all these benefits for free.

When it comes to selling a product and aiming to generate healthy profit margins, it is important to carefully select high-profit-margin products that can maximize your earnings. Gelato offers valuable insights and tips on identifying and selling products with strong profit potential. Explore more on high-profit-margin products to gain valuable knowledge and make informed decisions for your business.

Physical storefront

Physical storefront
Physical storefront

A brick and mortar store are a dream come true for many sellers. If you can find a perfect location for establishing your storefront then nothing is better than this. Having a prime piece location in real-estate, where you are the only unique seller and people have only you to visit every time. In this way you make some permanent customers who aren’t ditch you and you can always attract them by offering discounts and free gifts.

Moreover, there is something different about F2F marketing, you get to connect with your customers directly. As a branch of field marketing, it encourages meaningful, brand-positive interactions through sales events, in-store visits, product demo and client meetings.

Other stores

Have you ever wondered how new products end up on the shelves of large chain stores like Walmart. The answer is simple, you just need to fill out a vendor form to alert the company’s supply department, so if they see potential in your product and your products seem like one that its customers would buy, the corporation will contact you. In this way you tend to earn through consign surplus inventory, which means that you involve a third party to sell your product on your behalf.

This is usually done through consignment stores or online thrift stores, in which the owner of the product gives a portion of money to the third party for facilitating sales. Similarly, when you sell your products through other large chain stores, then you need to pay them for facilitating sales. This is actually a great way of doing sales, as associating your brand with a larger corporation enhances your brand’s credibility.

Social media

Selling your products on social media is the best option these days. Having your own social media account for business is great as more people get to know about you through videos, pictures and other content that you post. In the modern generation this has been proven as the most effective method of carrying out sales, as you get to reach a large number of people without restraints and geographical boundaries.

Social media helps you to show your company’s core values, earn loyalty from current and potential customers, address customer service complaints and aggregate reviews, these are the ways to build a positive image of your brand.

So, make sure that the pictures you put on your social media are stunning, the content that you are providing must be informative and the user must gain something from it, this is one way of maintaining repeating customers. Keep your account as indulgent as you can, and remain active by positing amazing content from time to time.


To sell a product is a skill, it depends on how well you use your surrounding resources to promote your product in the best possible way. There are plenty of online as well as offline methods of selling a product, so you need to decide accordingly as per your funds.

So, if you are new and lack investment then go for third party selling option, you just need to have a product which has potential to attract the consumer, and the rest is easy through third party store or other e-commerce websites, as they facilitate the sales operation for you.

Moreover, as a business it is important to have an online presence, as it helps you to get recognition in the market and more people get to know about your business. Thus, you can kick start your sales by any of these methods by making the right choice.

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