Bonnie Sanders Zipline Accident: Need To Know Everything.

Bonnie Sanders Zipline 

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The thrill of adventure sports is not deniable. However, these kinds of sports always present an element of risk. The risks were more realized after Bonnie Sanders’s zipline accident, which took place at Camp Cheerio when a lively girl lost his life. After this incident, several questions arose about the safety of adventure sports and safety protocols which should be taken to prevent dangerous accidents from happening in the future. 

In this article, we will explore the details of Bonnie Sanders’s accidents, their impact on her family, and the necessary steps to prevent future accidents.

Who was Bonnie Sanders Burney?

“Bonnie sanders Burney,” a 12 years old girl who was lively, energetic, and intelligent, had just finished 6th grade at St.Mark Catholic school. According to Andrews’s mortuary, she was the daughter of Louis and Stephanie Burney. She was passionate about reading and loved the family camps and beaches. Her family, teachers, and friends deeply loved her. 

Details of Zipline Accident

It was 11th June, Thursday, when Bonnie Sanders Burney passed away. According to the county sheriff’s office, she died in a zipline accident at camp cheerio in Alleghany County. Her funeral services were performed at St James Episcopal Church Wilmington, and a gathering was arranged in lee parish hall afterward. 

On a sunny summer afternoon, Bonnie Sanders visited Adventure Ridge Zipline Park in the beautiful mountain region. Her friend’s group accompanied her to enjoy lush forests and picturesque valleys. 

As Bonnie geared up with the helmet and reached the designated launch platform. The zipline guides ensure all the precautionary measures to ensure a safe experience. After a while, Bonnie stepped onto the platform and awaited her turn.

David Ozmore, the CEO of the YMCA of high point, reported that the zip line became entangled with another line running parallel, causing the line to be cut. Suddenly, she was shocked; the leash broke, lost control, and fell from approximately two stories to the ground, about 43 feet. 

Camps were also staffed with doctors and nurses due to their remote location. They promptly contacted emergency services and initiated a rescue operation. Professional Trainers approached within minutes and provided the initial medical assistance. However, She was taken to a hospital that was located nearby. Despite the Medical professionals’ best efforts to save her life, she died due to severe injuries. 

The healthcare experts performed surgeries to repair her fractures and attended to her other injuries. Bonnie’s recovery process involved physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises. 

Contributing Factor

The autopsy findings revealed that the negligence of the staff, inadequate cable setup, malfunctioning of Bonnie’s harness, zipline braking system, and insufficient safety protocols were the major contributing factors that led to her death. 

The authorities launched an investigation into how this accident happened and what could be the measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. They examined, collected the evidence, and interviewed witnesses, including zipline park staff and fellow participants. The investigation declared the event’s clarity leading to the accident and identified safety violations.


Davis’ bill was passed after this accident for the Zipline safety. According to that bill, the cable operators must pay a penalty fee five times the standard amount for not taking their responsibilities seriously. Due to this bill, serious legal actions were taken to ensure accountability. The zipline park management has taken proactive measures, such as conducting internal reviews, enhancing safety protocols, and implementing stricter equipment maintenance procedures. 

According to a new report, the zipline labor department says that ziplines don’t need new rules. The report explains that ziplines are more like a sport than a ride at an amusement Park, so they don’t need to be inspected similarly. The report says that no rules can make ziplines completely safe. 

Bonnie senders father was so disappointed by the report and said,

“I thought this would be a no-brainer,” he said about calling for more regulations. 

“Someone’s negligence and carelessness led to my daughter’s death, but the zipline was designed in such a way that if it were properly designed and installed, what happened would have never happened.”

According to the Associated Press, The legislature didn’t decide whether or not to implement new regulations for ziplines.

However, The Alleghany county sheriff’s office said the case is still under review. 

Her Death Impact on Family and Friends

The death of a loved one is always a difficult experience, But when it happens suddenly and unexpectedly, it is even harder to accept. The terrible accident shocked Bonnie’s family; they had no words to explain their grief. 

Her mother, Stephanie Burney, said, 

“If I can prevent another death or injury from happening and keep a family from struggling as much as ours, I would consider that a job well done,” 

Burney’s homeroom classmate Anthony Mathews said: Things wouldn’t be the same when she and her classmates returned to St Mark Catholic School without their friend l, Bonnie; her other classmates also agreed. It won’t be as funny as before, “Matthews said. “She always made everyone laugh.”

Impact on Society and Lessons Learned

The tragic incident of Bonnie Sanders greatly impacted society as it emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety of amusement parks. One thing we should learn from this accident is that the operators of amusement parks should enforce safety rules & regulations and inspect and maintain all the rides to prevent accidents from happening. It also emphasizes the importance of proper safety equipment and training for ride operators.

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In conclusion, Bonnie Sanders’s death was caused by mechanical failure, due to which cable wires became entangled and frayed in heat. But this accident serves as a sobering remembrance of the importance of safety in adventure places. It highlights the importance of rules and regulations that should be followed by cable ride operators for the safety of people and to prevent further accidents in the future. 

The medical experts tried to save her life, but her death was written. After all, We want to prioritize the well-being of those participating in thrilling experiences by spreading the word about Bonnie’s story and promoting zipline safety.

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