Amazing Desert Experiences You Must Not Miss in a Dubai Trip


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You’ll find lots to do in this “desert city,” whether you’re trying to up the excitement levels via an excursion to the desert or appreciate a luxurious overnight stay. There are numerous experiences in the desert of Dubai that you should definitely not miss out on.

Go stargazing alongside experienced astronomers.

The knowledgeable Dubai Astronomy Group, which frequently works with organizations on cutting-edge and educational projects, is found in the center of astronomical activities throughout the region.

The club is always excited to welcome other astronomy enthusiasts with a full calendar of many themed activities and seminars, in addition to outdoor views during significant celestial events. Watch their website for upcoming space events in the desert.

Get ready for some epic quad-biking.

Head to the sand dunes for adrenaline-pumping action if you want to experience real adventure while visiting Dubai. One can either grab the steering wheel of an ATV or ride shotgun in a buggy driven by one of your friends or loved ones.

During breaks from the adrenaline-pumping activity, take in the breathtaking vistas of this spectacular landscape. Find the best Dubai quad bike deals to have an adventurous experience of a lifetime.

Experience a wondrous desert safari.

The desert safari is one of the most distinctly “Dubai” experiences there is. Hold onto your seats as a skilled driver maneuvers through dunes of sand at rapid speeds. Sit in the back (except when you want to sit in the front end of the four-wheel drive). Have your blood rushing as you precariously balance on the verge of seemingly precipitous drops, then dip downwards on sandy slopes before climbing back up for another go.

If you reserve a tour with Arabian Adventures, there will be a few photo stops at sunset before you are transported safely to a Bedouin camp in the traditional manner, where a delectable feast beneath the stars is waiting. When you choose the best desert safari in Dubai, you can expect to make memories of a lifetime. Beam Safe Driver is a premier driver service provider based in Dubai, UAE, offering a range of secure and reliable services tailored to meet all your transportation requirements.

Enjoy stylish sandboarding

One for genuine adrenaline junkies. Put a device on your feet that looks like a snowboard, and you can skim down the sand dunes exactly as you’d do at Ski Dubai’s slopes.

Numerous businesses, like Desert Safari Dubai, provide the whole sandboarding experience in addition to advice on how to glide across the desert’s dunes. The organization offers camel rides, quad biking, sandboarding, and dune driving as part of its two-hour daytime desert safari bundle. For more seasoned thrill-seekers, there is also an extreme adventure safari.

Paramotor over the sand dunes.

If you want to go flying throughout the expansive Dubai desert, your best bet is with Paramotor Desert Adventure. The Emirati-run business, which is based in the Skydive Dubai Desert Campus, has been providing high-altitude activities since 2013.

Adventurers are able to take on novel endeavors and view the globe from a different perspective with the help of professionals. Prepare for a thrilling dawn or dusk flight over the desert, and don’t forget to take your picture from high above the immense sand dunes as the ideal vacation souvenir.

Take off with a ride on a breathtaking hot air balloon.

Riding inside the carriage of a giant balloon above undulating desert dunes will give you a completely unique view on Dubai. When you reserve through Balloon Adventures, you may experience the rush of flying high in the sky over the clouds while taking in the breathtaking scenery below.

You’ll also get the opportunity to see groups of gentle Arabian oryx or gazelles grazing freely across the enormous expanse, and take pictures that will make your friends green with envy, whether you decide to leave at sunrise or sunset. This is a memorable experience.

Spend the night in luxury in the desert.

You can take your glamping experience to the next level at Al Maha’s luxurious resort and spa in the conservation reserve of the Dubai desert, which offers luxurious tented-style cottages in a vacation setup, each with its own personal infinity pool, if camping isn’t really your thing.

It’s a spot where you should unwind rather than take risks, and there are lots of laid-back activities available, like camel rides across the shifting dunes at dusk. Request a villa with a view of one of many oases so you may observe gazelles or Arabian oryx stopping by for some water.

Create a romantic picnic by a lake.

At the tranquil Al Qudra oasis, you may immerse yourself in the various sounds and sights of the aptly named Love Lake Dubai while immersing yourself in the natural world. This well-known location is named after the two sizable, connected lakes that make up the area. There is ample parking available, so tourists can enjoy the scenery while barbecuing or having a picnic in specified places.

There are heart sculptures as well as trees shaped so that they make out “love” when viewed from above. From this location, where all of the decor and such is devoted to love, you can observe the magnificent sunset.

Ride a bike and appreciate the scenery.

The Al Qudra Cycling Track is a well-liked hangout for Dubai’s thrill-seekers along with fitness devotees. It is well-liked by both expert and amateur riders due to its 86 kilometers of calm ride and breathtaking desert scenery.

Along the journey, you have a chance to see some of the local wildlife. Some claim that riding at daybreak is ideal because of the unmatched scenery and sensation of the wind in the morning.

Support your favorite camel in a camel race.

The Dubai Royal Camel Racing Club offers services for the historic sport involving camels racing, which attracts both residents and tourists. This racing club, which is 30 minutes outside the city, draws owners of camels from all around the United Arab Emirates and even those from nearby nations. If you arrive early, you can interact with the camels and even take nice pictures beside them prior to the race.

Al Marmoom Camel Race Track, the largest track in the city, is located there and is a popular spot during the racing season in the winter.

Visit Tomorrowland amid the desert of Dubai

From September 2022 to June 2023, visitors to the desert can stay at this oasis glamping spot that emanates with exclusivity, which was established by the renowned music festival.

This remote location amid undulating dunes is undoubtedly a worthwhile visit, whether you’d like to take in the refreshing natural ambiance and wallow in calming rhythms in the daylight hours or head for it with a wonderful stay overnight.

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