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In the book Disney Encanto: A Tale of Three Sisters, Camilo gets embarrassed by his parents showing affection in public, and gets annoyed with them for doing so.

Feature films Encanto
Voice Rhenzy Feliz  
Character information Other names The Family Prankster The Theater Kid Carlos Madrigal (film development)
Affiliations The Madrigals
Home Casa Madrigal, Encanto
Powers and abilities Shapeshifting Agility and athleticism
Parents Pepa Madrigal (mother) Félix Madrigal (father)
Siblings Dolores Madrigal (older sister) Antonio Madrigal (younger brother)
Other relatives Alma Madrigal (maternal grandmother) Pedro Madrigal † (maternal grandfather) Bruno Madrigal (maternal uncle) Julieta Madrigal (maternal aunt) Agustín Madrigal (maternal uncle) Isabela Madrigal (maternal cousin) Luisa Madrigal (maternal cousin) Mirabel Madrigal (maternal cousin)

Who is Camilo Madrigal?

Camilo was indeed Pepa and Félix Madrigal’s middle child, Dolores’ younger brother, and Antonio’s older brother. Camilo is the nephew of Julieta, Bruno, and Agustn, as well as the cousin of Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel.

He is Mirabel’s second-oldest cousin and the same age as she, being only a few months older, and they shared the nursery for their first five years together. Camilo received the gift of shapeshifting on the night of his fifth birthday, and he later moved out of the nursery and into his own room.

He enjoys using his shapeshifting ability to mock his relatives (particularly his father and Isabela) or to care for the children. as well as infants in the village.

Due to his gift, Camilo appears to be one of the family members with the fewest responsibilities imposed on him by Abuela Alma, owing to which his gift is ineffective in the community. Despite this, Camilo, like any of his relatives, experiences stress and insecurity.

Camilo hides his fears behind a cheerful demeanor and is described as someone who “doesn’t quite know who he is yet,” implying that he struggles with self-identity.
Camilo, like Mirabel, has no memory of Bruno, unlike his sister or older cousins, because his uncle was very secretive in the last years he was still in the family and disappeared when Camilo was only five years old.

Camilo grew up knowing nothing about Bruno and had only heard stories about him. Some rumors were spread by his relatives .

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Camilo Madrigal

Official Synopsis

Camilo is a teen who is still discovering himself and experimenting with various personas. His magical ability is to shapeshift.

Camilo, Pepa’s and Félix’s middle child, was created to amuse. Throw in his magical ability to change his appearance to be whoever he wants to be at the time, and he’s secured his place in the spotlight.


Camilo, like the rest of the Madrigal family, was created to represent “family archetypes that are immediately relatable.”

Camilo was designed by the studio to be “a teen who doesn’t quite know who they are yet and is trying on a lot of different personas.”

Camilo Madrigal Age

Camilo was originally envisioned as an “angry teen” of 15 years old with an antagonistic role in the film similar to Isabela’s and an arrogant and rude attitude, as opposed to the easy-going and amicable Camilo in the final production. To create his appearance, the studio first considered having Camilo’s hair cover one of his eyes to convey a negative attitude.

Something that did not change was his clothing, which was designed from the start to reflect his shapeshifting ability, with a chameleon motif in addition to his ruana and black sandals.

Camilo Madrigal Voice Actor  

Rhenzy Feliz, Camilo’s voice actor, described his character as “someone who’s a little crazy, a little dramatic, and has a lot of fun and energy. You’re born an entertainer.” That’s Camilo for you. He’s sort of like this entertainer. He wishes to make everybody laugh and enjoy themselves. And I kind of feel the same way.

I mean, I’m an actor, so when you try to get that spotlight, it feels nice and good. So he’s a little like that. So he’s out there, attempting to attract attention. He enjoys himself and is a lot of fun, but he adores his family. “

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How Tall Is Camilo Madrigal?

He is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Known as a “theater kid”, Camilo is a fun-loving, easy-going, and energetic teenager who is a natural entertainer. Camilo is more extroverted than his quiet older sister and timid younger brother, and he is the one who most resembles their spirited parents.

He is social and charismatic, and he is well-liked by many of the townspeople, displaying a charming demeanor when welcoming them to Antonio’s gift ceremony. He enjoys the spotlight and has a good sense of humor, with a penchant for dramatic movements such as twirls or exaggerated stories based on rumours (His Bruno stories) for flavor.

He is acknowledged to love eating, especially food, by his madam Julieta, and is seen attempting to sneak seconds by impersonating Dolores and going to serve herself much wider plates than every adult in the household. Despite it not being made explicit, Camilo relishes games such as soccer and wants to perform with Casita or local friends.

Camilo, who is still discovering himself, enjoys using his shapeshifting ability to try on different personas while playing pranks or teasing his relatives. His cousin Isabela is the person he enjoys teasing the most out of all his family members.

As evidenced by his repeated mockery of Isabela’s engagement to Mariano Guzmán, and every time the man is mentioned, Camilo shapeshifts into him to annoy her, much to her cousin’s chagrin.

Camilo also likes to tease and mock his father, Félix, as seen before Antonio’s ceremony when he transformed into him and amusingly repeated his father’s words. To some extent, he may also enjoy dramatizing his long-lost uncle Bruno as a creepy and evil monster, though it’s possible that this isn’t done maliciously.

While mischievous and a little impertinent, Camilo’s antics are harmless and simply playful in nature, and he often takes being caught or scolded by his father in stride, responding with a good-natured “worth a shot.” When Isabela flicks flowers into his open mouth for his teasing, he simply spits them out with a sheepish expression on his face, showing no annoyance when caught doing mischief.

Camilo has a tender, sweet, and responsible side, especially towards his family, despite his wisecracking and impish demeanor. Camilo, like Mirabel, is good with children and infants, frequently using his gift to play with and care for them as part of his village service.

He is also a caring brother to Antonio, attempting to help him relax during his ceremony by jokingly impersonating their father. Camilo had his arm lovingly around Antonio in a family photo, and when the family lost their powers, he pushed past his own pain of losing his gift to worry about how Antonio was feeling.

Camilo treats Mirabel very gently during “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” even when attempting to lightheartedly scare her with his impression of Bruno, and does not fling her around like the other family members.

When Mirabel tries to go after the Miracle Candle in the crumbling Casita, Camilo (along with Isabela) chases after her to assist her in obtaining it and saving the miracle because Abuela has always told them that it is the most important object in the Encanto, demonstrating his protective drive to help his family.

In contrast to how he constantly teases his father, Camilo is very sweet to his mother. He soothingly treats his emotionally charged mother. She does not complain when she is accidentally jolted. While it is not addressed or shown in the film, Camilo, like much of his family, suffers from stress and insecurities, which he hides behind his cheerful demeanor.

Although he enjoys his gift, it causes him to question his identity, and constantly shapeshifting for others exhausts him.Camilo is visibly stressed and clutching his entire head in fear when the secret about Bruno’s vision and the impending destruction of the Casita is revealed.

His gift can be affected by his rare moments of stress, such as his involuntarily changing into a baby’s head. Camilo has a dry wit, even though he likes to exaggerate his expressions when transforming into other people.

After being saddened by the loss of the Casa Madrigal, Camilo snarkily emphasizes that the family is now homeless and protests not being allowed to speak the truth as he points to the house’s rubble with an incredibly neutral expression.

Camilo’s personality in the novel is noticeably ruder, sassy, sarcastic, and arrogant than in the film. In the film, Camilo happily tells his father about Bruno’s vision at Mariano and Isabela’s failed proposal dinner, and Mirabel hears him wondering if she’s going to make him lose his gift, whereas, in the film, Camilo was nervous because the magic was in danger.

When they are in the ruins of the Casita after it collapses, Camilo makes an unflattering and cruel remark about Mirabel, whereas in the film he is preoccupied with Antonio.

Physical Attributes

Camilo, a 15-year-old Colombian boy, has a small waist, golden brown skin, frizzy, shadowy auburn hair, hazel eyes, and wrinkles all over his nose and cheeks. as well as a dark tint on his upper eyelid. Camilo represents Abuelo Pedro the most among his grandkids.

Despite similarities in skin color, facial framework, and hair, Camilo’s attributes and facial gestures are extremely similar to Pedro’s, as is a huge portion of his style of dress.

Camilo, like his paternal grandfather, wears a white long-sleeved shirt with sleeves rolled up and his neckline opened with misaligned buttons, and the rest unzipped and possibly lost, apart from the correct side tucked into his trousers.

In addition, he is dressed in a yellow ruana with darkened yellow streaks, black pants, and black strappy shoes with white etchings. Camilo’s clothes have a chameleon motif to represent his shapeshifting ability, with chameleons on his neck, ruana, and flip flops.

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Capabilities And Abilities

Camilo possesses shapeshifting abilities, allowing him to take on the appearance of any single individual he has seen. When he shape-shifts, his clothes change to complement the ones of the participant on whose behalf the structure he is estimating.

Camilo’s command of his gift is very elegant, as he can contour only some parts of his body, transform the size of his aspects, and adopt more angular shapes. Pressure, surprise, and distress will induce him to shape-shift unintentionally and enormously. When disturbed by Bruno’s perception, Camilo speedily converts into Mirabel as well as Bruno, his mouth becoming imbalanced and his eyes protruding and stepping back towards each other.

When he feels scared or anxious, his head becomes an infant on the pinnacle of his prepubescent body, and his arms become skinny and short. His power has some limitations, such as the fact that he can only shape-shift into individuals and therefore can not shape-shift into living creatures or objects.

Camilo can also only replicate physical traits, and transforming into his mystical family and friends does not grant him their abilities. For instance, when Camilo shape-shifted into Bruno, he seemed to be able to replicate Bruno’s luminescent eyes (which occur when the true Bruno looks).

Camilo can imitate Bruno’s shining eyes but not his uncle’s potential to envision the future. She only possessed her physical abilities, rather than her cousin’s supernatural powers if he transformed into his Luisa.

Camilo also has great strength and speed, as evidenced by his ability to transform into kids and adults and slip down, jump, and pass through the lower home pieces. Even as his voice can change to fit the individual he is shape-shifting into, Camilo can do vocal sentiments normally after even a lot of practice.


Camilo Madrigal Encanto

Camilo initially showed up as he was making preparations for the day and making his way to the valley with the members of his family to assist with chores. In “The Family Madrigal,” Camilo was seen partying together with the members of his family as well as providing a new mother with a duvet to enable her to grab some naps while he took care of her baby.

Camilo quickly went back home to assist in the preparations for his younger brother, Antonio’s, fifth birthday and gift event. While gearing up for Antonio’s gift event, Abuela Alma noticed Camilo going to lean against a banister and advised him to assist a townsperson labeled Jose with a logo over Antonio’s entrance, which Camilo obediently does.

Camilo, along with Luisa, was given the assignment of welcoming attendees to the Casita by the night, before Antonio’s ceremony began. Eventually, Camilo enlisted his family to welcome Antonio and motivate him to take it easy. Camilo amused his younger brother by turning himself into a smaller version of his dad and mocking his style of speaking.

Once Dolores told them that Antonio’s gift event would start soon, the family went to their designated points. Félix ushered everybody out, and Camilo emulated him once more, causing Félix to capture him through the neck and haul him out, with Camilo easily declaring that he was finished emulating him.

He enlisted his other family and friends to view Antonio’s ceremony from being removed, and he clenched his aunt Julieta’s arm as he started watching Mirabel bodyguard Antonio to his door.

Camilo Madrigal Room

Camilo burst into applause once his brother received his gift and snatched his fingers in delight when Antonio rode his jaguar into his room upstairs. Like the party had moved into Antonio’s mystical room, Camilo was taken aback by the eyes and snapped a family photo, where everybody unintentionally left out Mirabel.

Camilo and all the others were savoring the meals and conversing with Julieta when they did hear from a disoriented Mirabel that there were fissures in the Casita. While everyone arrived to explore, there were no fissures, and Alma shepherded everybody back to the gathering.

Camilo transformed into Dolores the very next morning to grab a second plateful of breakfast and was constantly confronted by Mirabel, who was also trying to find out more about the receding magic of Dolores.

Camilo kept silent as his cousin blathered until Felix disturbed him and castigated Camilo for imitating his sister to obtain more food. Camilo reverted to his initial form but was struck by Casita’s for his trick, which he approved calmly.

He replied to Alma’s revelation regarding Mariano Guzmán’s initial proposal to Isabela on a certain night after dinner with a gentle smile as the family started their meal.

Camilo changes into Mariano now since Alma completes speaking and helps make kissy gestures to tickle her, to which she replies by showing flower buds in his mouth. After lunch or dinner, Camilo leads the family in cheering “La Familia Madrigal ” before returning to her daily tasks.

How old is camilo madrigal?

In “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” in response to Dolores’ stanza to notify Mirabel concerning their unhappy, missing uncle Bruno, Camilo inevitably combined to create his family in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

Camilo selected to portray his uncle Mirabel as a boogeyman considering that he had no precious moments of him since he left when he was only five years old.

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Camilo Madrigal X Reader

In his verse, he compares his uncle to his family members by transforming into a version of x reader Bruno with sparkling green eyes, a cruel grin, and rats dressed in villainous attire.

After assisting his family in making preparations for the Guzmáns’ arrival, Camilo mixed the large meal and eventually realized from Dolores that Mirabel only appeared in Bruno’s fantasy which successfully predicted the closure of the magic.

Camilo choked on his food as he transformed into Bruno and Mirabel, once returning to his original form with a poorly handled face. Camilo evened his face and revealed his father Mirabel’s secret, prompting Félix to raise his glass of wine, to which Camilo responded with a warm smile.

The other members of the household became aware of Bruno’s dream as the surroundings became weirder and a crack appeared in the dining hall. As the ensuing chaos caused his forces to go haywire, he converted his face into such a baby due to fear as everyone became nervous, and Pepa started developing a storm bolt.

Unknown to Camilo, Mirabel and Bruno witnessed this celebration from the second floor, one that they thought was a sign that perhaps the magic was on its way out.

Camilo and the rest of the family returned to the courtyard the next day to find Alma and Mirabel arguing about Alma’s unfavorable perfectionism. Camilo joined Mirabel and Isabela in their search for the Miracle Firework as the Casita started to crumble around them and the Mystery Candle was about to fall from its frame.

While hopping off a railing to obtain a growing shelf in the shape of a tall man while weaving it through the grated debris with his reward, while his blessing dampened while he was able to do so, he was able to do so. The Casita helped him break his fall by broadening a railing that allowed him to grab and land safely on it.

Both he and Isabela stared at his hand in displeasure when he did land, and both he and Isabela noticed they had missed their magic. Casita then pressured Camilo and the family away before it completely collapsed, though Mirabel must have been able to access the candle, which eventually blew out.

Camilo, distraught over the loss of his home and his gift, observed the remains with the members of his family and voiced concerns for Antonio’s well-being. When Julieta noticed that Mirabel had simply disappeared, the Madrigals and the rest of the town set out to find her.

To his father’s chagrin, Camilo and his family noticed that Mirabel and Alma had returned to Casita’s ruins after reconciling, with Camilo obstructing the meeting to curtly inform the upbeat Agustin that the Madrigals were homeless. Alma indicated to the family members during “All of You” that Bruno had hidden behind the debris, and they simply accepted him to rejoin the family.

Although the inmates were overjoyed, Camilo was the sole individual who was perplexed by Bruno’s existence, particularly after both Antonio and Dolores joyfully discovered that they knew to understand their uncle had never actually left. Mirabel mobilized her family to help resolve the residence, and the entire district threw in as well.

Even as they were working on the residence with the family, Mirabel passed Camilo a wheelbarrow, which he attempted to turn while she talked to Abuela, but failed, seeking to make him feel uncomfortable. Mirabel finished the house by adding a door handle made especially for her to the entrance door, which brought Casita back into being and restored the magic to the whole Encanto.

The Madrigals then took a family photo to commemorate the return of their residence and gifts. Once they chuckled at the photo, Camilo was pressed between Bruno and Félix, once Casita suddenly and without warning squished the entire family nearer together.

Camilo Madrigal Birthday?

Camilo’s birthday is on December 28th, which further happens to be Holy Innocents Day, that is the comparable of April Fool’s Day.

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