The Traits That Make The Best SEO Agencies in The UK

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Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 10:23 am

Let’s go over the key traits that make the difference between the best SEO company and a mediocre SEO company so you can choose the best company for your unique needs.

1. Honest & Transparent Values

The best SEO agencies are always honest about what they provide and what they don’t currently offer. They don’t build up a lie of how they’re the best and use words alone, they will back up their claims with KPIs to track actual performance, so look for the ones that show their results and use reporting to remain honest and transparent with you. 

2. Achievable Results Only

There’s no way an SEO agency can guarantee first-page results. This is a sign of people who are all talk and no action. Avoid this at all costs. Some deliverables they should be abe to provide include the following:

·      Better visibility in search engines

·      Better brand awareness

·      Increase website traffic overall

·      Better domain authority

·      More backlinks for domain authority

3. Report on A Regular Basis

As we stated above, reports are the way you can gauge how your investment in a company is tracking. These reports should contain just the data, presented in a way that is easy for you to understand. Some agencies don’t offer reporting at all, others refuse to give you their raw data. Make sure you get tangible results and a great report as often as you need it.

4. They Are Real People

Many great looking SEO companies are just run by one person from their home. IF you want the best, and want to invest in a real business and not someone’s side hustle, consider choosing a company that has proof of actual workers, an office or at least can introduce you to the people working for them. This is a great way to check that your work isn’t computer generated or generic. 

5. Appropriate Experience

You don’t need a SEO company that has 20 years in the industry, you need someone who has the right amount of experience for your particular needs. If you’re a small business and you want another small business with 1-5 years of experience, that’s great. If you want a more global brand, you probably need someone with over 10 years of experience. So make sure their experience lines up with your unique needs. 

6. They Can Handle R & D

SEO is something that changes all the time, it’s constantly evolving and so you need a company that is up to date with these changes and one keyway to do this is to look for mentions of research and development. This is an indicator that the agency is putting their resources into bettering their techniques, tools and understanding of the industry.  

7. They Understand Content Matters

Content is the backbone of good SEO, and a great SEO company should be aware of this. If you find their content is outsourced or there is no in-house content writing team it’s a red flag. You don’t want AI writing your content as Google is not a fan of this at all. 

8. They Know Link Building

Link building is something many SEO companies forget about or outsource because it takes a lot of effort to get right. If you want to keep costs low, you may have to let link building go, but if you’re paying for the best results you should also get link building as part of the process.

9. Customised Strategies Only

When your brand and business is so unique and your goals are so well thought out, you don’t want an SEO company to come in and just give you a generic strategy that has results, but not the results you wanted. Instead, look for a company that conducts research on your goals, your industry and competitors before tailoring a strategy just for you. 

10. No Black Hat Techniques

Black Hat SEO is when companies cut corners to get you short term results but in the long term, can damage your brand reputation and google rankings. Instead of this consider a company that adheres to only the best practice. 

One Last Thing

If you are on the lookout for a company that does all of the above and more Perfect Link Building is the SEO company for you. They have years of experience in the industry, and know how to give you the best of innovation and technique to deliver a well-considered SEO campaign of your choice. 

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