Five Rules To Wear Your Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt

Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 01:11 am

Oh yes… the denim skirt. This iconic piece that never leaves us makes a revival of the 90’s, when we always chose our favorite denim skirt for absolutely everything. Today, and so that you don’t have to get rid of it, we discover that there are ways to use it -in an attack of nostalgia- and, in addition, look like an adult. Here, the five rules to wear your denim-skirt without looking like you just left school.

Five Rules To Wear Your Denim Skirt

1. Make it Chic

Make the denim-skirt look flawlessly chic by making it the center of your look and pairing it with other refined pieces and accessories. A romantic ruffled blouse, a pair of mules or block-heeled sandals will finish it off perfectly. Why not wear outfit by steampunk dress one day to go to work?

2. Think of it as your Jeans

Wearing the denim-skirt as if it were simply your favorite pair of jeans immediately makes your look simple and at the same time elegant: Throw on white sneakers, a solid color turtleneck and voila!

3. Wear it with a Blazer

Take the denim skirt from school style to work style. Combine the classic mini with a long, straight blazer. Complete the look with a classic top and accessories.

4. Choose Neutral Colors

An easy way to wear a denim skirt without looking like a teenager? Combine it with neutral tones. Cream, beige and gray are perfect: A round neck sweater and a pair of boots are enough to immediately refine it.

5. Focus on Prints

Try denim-skirts adorned with studs, crystals and embroidery for an eye-catching look, pairing them with simple black and gold pieces to really make the skirt shine.

5 Ideas to Combine a Midi Skirt

Skirts, by nature, are garments that cause an elegant effect, but currently fashion invites us to wear them in a thousand ways. And it is that the midi skirt or the medium skirt is a star garment, it can be combined with different elements or other garments to create various combinations, both casual and elegant. Do you want to know how? We leave you some ideas.

With Sweater and Boots

This is one of the favorite bets for the fall. Combine a wide, contrasting color sweater with a midi skirt fitted at the waist, add your favorite ankle boots, mainly in a neutral color to create a comfortable, casual and warm look for the season.

With Lingerie Top or Sweetheart Neckline Blouse

Create a magnetic effect by wearing your midi skirt with a cami top or a sweetheart neckline. You can use the first option together with court shoes for a romantic date; the second option, with some sneakers, to go to brunch with your friends.

With Sneakers and Sweatshirt

Do you prefer a comfortable style? Bet on wearing a midi skirt with a sweatshirt and sneakers, ideal for going to university or shopping. This combination will make you feel totally free!

With Shirt and Loafers

If you’re going for a formal look, a midi skirt with a shirt and loafers will make you look sophisticated. A perfect look, for example, for a job interview or a professional meeting.

With Shirt or Top and Stilettos

If you have a special event or meeting and you don’t want to wear the typical black cocktail dress, opt for a midi skirt with volume and an elegant top or a shirt. This combination is the most successful to achieve a refined style.

In fashion, the key is to know yourself, the steampunk clothing that make you feel better and that reflect your personal style to create a combination of 10.

Thus, to combine a midi skirt you need to take risks and make different combinations. What combination with a midi skirt would you like to try?

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