Read Until I Make My Cousin Happy – Characters & Their Role 

Read Until I Make My Cousin Happy

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The manga “Until I Make My Cousin Happy” is an immersive story that describes the complexities of family ties, love, and the profound power of redemption. In this story, we’ll look into the life of the protagonist, Asuna, who faces struggles, heartbreaks, and a quest for healing. 

If you’re excited to read the complete overview of the story and the lesson behind it, then read our entire article. 

Background of the Story “Until I Make My Cousin Happy”

Background of the Story “Until I Make My Cousin Happy”
Read Until I Make My Cousin Happy - Characters & Their Role 

“Until I Make My Cousin Happy” is heartwarming, exposing the story of Asuna and her cousin, Onii-chan. They didn’t reconnect after years of separation. 

Asuna is a high school student who faces extreme challenges and emotional hardships from her parent’s divorce. When she returned home after two years, she wanted to conform with her parents, but unfortunately, they separated. 

Overview of the Story 

Overview of the Story 
Read Until I Make My Cousin Happy - Characters & Their Role 

The story starts from the day when Asura comes to the Onii-Chain’s house door. When he opened the door, he found her depressed while having a torn stuffed animal in her hand that he had gifted her. He convinced her to get inside and sew her animal. Finally, after repairing the stuffed animal, she relaxed and told him the main reason behind her sadness. 

She uncovered the painful history of her broken family, the parental conflict, and the impact of the mother’s destructive behavior. After listening, Onii-chan supports Asuna’s distress and encourages her to confront the shadows of her past. 

He decided to meet his uncle (Asuna’s Father). The turning point occurs when Onii-chain interferes and facilitates a meeting between Asuna and her estranged father. Her father revealed that the extent of her parents’ destructive relationship and paying his child support (she didn’t know it led to a new understanding of the circumstances that shaped Asuna’s life.

When she met with her mother, Asuna asked why she was and told her to leave the job, which was the primary reason for the conflict. That’s why the story takes an unexpected turn: Asuna’s mother, faced with the consequences of her actions, chooses to mend her ways and leave the job for her family. 

The story concludes with a touching wedding invitation from Asura to her cousin Onii-Chan, symbolizing a new chapter of love, understanding, and happiness for her.  

The Plot of “Until I Make My Cousin Happy”

The Plot of “Until I Make My Cousin Happy”
Read Until I Make My Cousin Happy - Characters & Their Role 

This manga revolves around Asuna, a high school student who is very distressed because of her parents’ divorce. Her mother had a well-paid night job but was always drunk before returning home. Asuna disliked her behavior, and one day, she got into a massive fight with her mother and left home. 

In this challenging scenario, her cousin Onii-Chan became her anchor when she sought refuge at his house. Onii-chan put efforts into making her cousin happy and called her dad to have a pivotal meeting that revealed the truth about relations with his ex-wife. 

Fortunately, The story became a solid familial bond between the child and parents through resilience, love, and second chances.

Main Characters and Their Role in the Story

Four characters are involved in the story, which are mentioned below. 


Asuna is the story’s protagonist facing emotional turmoil due to her parent’s divorce. She feels that her father hates her and doesn’t pay for her as a child support. She also had a strained relationship with her mother. One day, she had an extreme fight with her mom that tore off her stuffed animal, and she left her home. 

Initially, she was sad, but gradually, she grew significantly throughout the narrative. She represents resilience and the capacity for forgiveness to reunite her parents.

Onii-Chain (Cousin)

Onii-chain is another main character in the narrative who gives company and support to her cousin Asuna. He listens to her problems and decides to arrange a meeting with her dad so that they can communicate with each other and clear any misunderstandings. 

He played a role of patience, caring, and understanding. Onii-chain becomes a source of comfort for Asuna. He guided her as a mentor to encourage her to overcome her challenges.

Asuna’s Father

Initially, her father was reluctant to meet his daughter as his ex-wife showed him she did not want to meet him. However, When Onii-Chan arranges a meeting between Asuna and her daughter, she learns that his father is a good man, as he pays for child support and cares for me. 

At the end of the meeting, he becomes a key figure in her journey toward healing and understanding her past and promises her to care for his daughter.

In the story, Asuna’s father exposes complications and challenges in his relationship with his ex-wife and the complications of being a present parent.

Asuna’s Mother

In this manga, Asuna’s mother is an antagonist who turns towards redemption. She plays her role in the conflict with her daughter and becomes the main reason for Asuna’s pain.

At first, her character is negligent and abusive, but she realizes her mistakes and seeks to repair her relationship with Asuna.

Where Can You Read the Complete Manga “Until I Make My Cousin Happy”

If you are interested in reading a complete story, I’ve provided a list of sites where you can enjoy it. 


Lesson From The Novel 

“Until I Make My Cousin Happy” has an excellent lesson for you. Relationships include the first and foremost thing, which is “compromise.” When Asuna’s father was jobless, her mother abused him instead of becoming a helping hand for him. She earned money and developed bad habits. When she used to come home, she built a massive mess with her husband using abusive language. Ultimately, they got separated. 

The scenario reveals that the parents’ relationship dramatically affects a child’s life. To bring up our child’s parents, we need to cooperate and compromise with each other. Otherwise, life seems like hell for a child. 

You may also learn that forgiveness can be a beautiful step toward building better relationships and the resilience of the human spirit. This story also discusses communication and support, urging individuals to navigate challenges together. 

Better communication can be a helpful step toward facing our challenges. Asuna’s character reveals that healing can emerge from the deepest wounds when one chooses to forgive and move forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Was Asuna Sad?

Asuna was sad due to her parents’ divorce. The continuous conflicts between her parents and lack of child support left her in pain. The recent fight with her mother, leading to a torn stuffed animal (Onii-Chan gifted her), symbolized the deep-seated pain she carried. 

Why Did Asuna’s Parents Get Divorced?

Asuna’s parents separated due to her father’s financial strain and joblessness. This jobless situation destroyed their relationship status. Asuna’s mother was unable to cope with the situation and resorted to destructive behaviors, including verbal abuse and mistreatment. These continuous quarrels led to their divorce. 

How and What Reality Did Asuna Get to Know From His Father?

After listening to Asuna’s painful story, he arranged a meetup for her cousin, Asuna, with her father. She discovered a reality. According to her father, his joblessness and financial instability were the fundamental reason for her parent’s separation. He also included that he regularly pays for the support that her mother hides from her. 

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