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Cat In The Chrysalis Spoiler

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If you are into Romance and Fantasy Manhwa, you must try “Cat in the Chrysalis,” which promises a delightful journey where love plays tricks with time. Kit, who really likes Edwin a lot, finds a mysterious cry for help. What happens next is a story that’s not like the usual love stories. It’s different and unique than other stories.

In this Manhwa, time is like a flexible canvas. People try to change what will happen in the future and fight against something really bad. In this review blog, we’ll give you the details of the characters and spoilers of “Cat in the Chrysalis,” Join me in uncovering the simplicity and magic of Kit and Edwin’s timeless love story.

Overview of Cat In The Chrysalis

The famous Manhwa “Cat In The Chrysalis” is about a fantasy love story in which the female MC somehow traveled to the past to change her life. The storyline is beautiful and emotional, with many twists for you. It has 42 Chapters now, but it is an ongoing manhwa, so you can expect more pages of this mysterious love story.

In the comic world, the illustration and writing quality both matter a lot in making it successful. The author of Cat In The Chrysalis is Butter (버터), who displayed a passionate writing style. If we talk about the genre of this story, it falls under the category of Drama, Fantasy, and Romance.

Plot of Cat In The Chrysalis

It’s a story about a girl, “Kit,” whose father doesn’t love her. She is married to a man named Lonnie Blanche, who is secretly in an affair with Kit’s sister, Rosaline. Kit is also in love with someone who died due to an unfortunate accident. The protagonist feels devastated after knowing it and starts remembering her first love. She fell asleep and found herself in the past at the age of 18. Now, the whole Manhwa revolves around Kit’s decision to change her life and try to find her first love before his death.

Important Characters of Cat In The Chrysalis

Important Characters of Cat In The Chrysalis
Cat In The Chrysalis Spoiler – Need To Know Everything

Comic stories usually have hundreds of characters, but some of them play an essential role in driving the plot forward or adding depth to the overall narrative. These key characters often have distinct personalities, unique abilities, and captivating backstories that capture the readers’ attention. They may be the heroes who save the day, the villains who create conflict, or even the sidekicks who provide comic relief. Regardless of their role, these characters contribute to making the comic stories engaging and memorable for fans around the world. Here are some of the main characters of Cat In The Chrysalis:

Kit Gerald: She is the younger daughter of Gerald’s family with an innocent face and brown hair. Her personality is upbeat, and she always wants to be suitable for everyone.

Lonnie Blanche:  Kit’s husband from their previous life, who works as a tailor in a successful boutique. He is thoughtful and handsome, with golden hair and eyes.

Rosaline Gerald: She is Kit’s elder sister. Her behavior is also mean to Kit, like her father. Rosaline has a beautiful appearance and golden hair.

Edwin Arthur Windsor: He is the emperor’s son, a prince with silver hair and deep black eyes. 

Cat In The Chrysalis Chapter 1

Love At First Sight

The chapter starts by telling us the story of Kit’s first love. She was in a library two years ago and saw a charming man with silver hair. Kit visited the library daily to see him for almost six months. But guess what? She never dared to confess her feelings for him.

The Embarrassment of Gerald’s Family

Everyone called Kit “the embarrassment of the Gerald family,” but what’s the reason behind this cruelty? Her mother passed away during childbirth, which led to resentment from her father and elder sister. Kit’s father always ignored her and never appreciated her, no matter what she did.

Death of Edwin

Kit’s love for Edwin grew stronger each day after seeing him in the library and adoring his voice. But one day, he stopped visiting the library, and Kit got nervous and worried about him. After a few days, she heard the unfortunate news of his death and attended his funeral. She came to know his name after his death: “Prince Edwin Arthur Windsor.”

Loveless Marriage

After the death of Edwin, Kit was depressed and decided to accept Lonnie’s proposal. Lonnie has every quality of a nice man. However, he is having a secret affair with Rosaline. Kit’s life is miserable because her husband doesn’t love her.

Returning To The Past

Kit fell asleep thinking about Edwin. She thought, “If I dared to talk to him back then, could anything have changed?”

She heard her sister’s voice saying, “Are you still sleeping?” Kit realizes that she is in the house in which she lived two years ago. It is the day when Lonnie asks to marry her. Kit tries to figure out what’s happening with her because all of this has happened before. After a few minutes, Kit realizes that she is in the past. She says “no” to her marriage proposal to Lonnie and decides to live her life happily on this second chance.

Cat In The Chrysalis Chapter 2

Proposal Rejection

After rejecting Edwin’s proposal, she decently apologizes to him. Edwin also supports her decision and leaves gracefully. But Kit’s father seems angry with this decision and reacts shockingly. Rosaline’s reaction to Kit’s decision is also bad because she never says no to anything.

First Meeting With Edwin

The following day, Kit is again in the past, and this time, she is sure about how to change it. She rushes to the library at 4 pm because that’s Edwin’s visiting time. The desperate lover holds Edwin’s face after seeing him and starts to cry. Edwin rudely stepped back and told her to stay away from him. Kit holds his sleeves, and the prince gets angry with her and says, “It will get wrinkles.” Well, our protagonist already expected this cold behavior from him.

Telling Him Truth

The next day, Kit greets the prince appropriately and tells him not to travel in the carriage to go to the royal palace. Kit tells him everything about his death and how she is in the past. Edwin does not believe her but still asks her why she wants to save him. Kit tells her I feel sorry for you. The prince says everyone will die one day, and he doesn’t think there’s anything she can do to change his fate.

Kit confesses her feelings for him and insists that there must be a way and promises to find a solution, determined to prove him wrong. The prince is taken aback by her unwavering determination and agrees to let her help him, curious to see if she can indeed alter the course of his life. 

Cat In The Chrysalis Reviews

“Cat in the Chrysalis” is winning hearts across manga platforms with glowing reviews, consistently earning over 4 stars. Readers praise its unique storyline, blending time-traveling romance and suspense seamlessly. The narrative, centered around Kit’s journey to save her first love, Edwin, strikes a chord with its relatable emotions. 

Fans celebrate the twists and turns in every chapter, keeping them hooked and eagerly anticipating the next installment. The captivating blend of romance and mystery has transformed “Cat in the Chrysalis” into a must-read, earning it positive acclaim and making it a top-rated choice for manga enthusiasts.

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Final Thoughts:

“Cat in the Chrysalis”  is a popular ongoing Manhwa in the romance and fantasy genre. Everyone loves the unique concept and style of writing of this comic. The following chapters will decide the fate of Kit and Edwin’s love story. If you want to know what will happen next, whether Prince Edwin survives this time or not, read the following chapters. You can read it for free on many online platforms.

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