Six Effective Tips on Preventing Nursing Home Negligence

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Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 08:44 pm

Whether due to lack of time or deteriorating health, millions of individuals trust their loved ones with nursing homes. They expect nursing homes to be safe havens where their loved ones can have a better and healthier life under the supervision of experienced caretakers.

It is not easy to trust someone with the love and care of your loved one. However, several well-known care homes assure that every facility member will be cared for. Yet, the number of cases of abuse in nursing homes is staggering.

It can be very devastating to see your loved ones going through abuse. Therefore, every individual with someone in a nursing home must do their part to ensure that everything stays on track. It means you must make the best of things and prepare for the worst.

Here are a few tips to help you prevent negligence to your loved ones in a nursing home.

1. Visit Regularly

It can be hard to make time from a busy schedule to see your loved ones, especially if the nursing home facility is away from your residence. But it is a duty you must undertake to ensure that your loved ones are being looked after and taken care of.

Therefore, it is essential to visit nursing homes frequently. This practice lets the staff know that their members have someone concerned about their safety and well-being. Hence, they will be more careful in caring for the members and ensuring their satisfaction.

Do not just rely on regular visits to the nursing home. It is also a good idea to visit your loved ones unannounced from time to time. This practice can give you a better idea of how your cherished friends or family members are treated at the facility daily.

2. Connect with the Staff

Even if you visit your loved ones several times a week, you cannot spend as much time with them as the nursing home staff. The staff becomes their primary care providers and knows the most about their health, hobbies, and aspirations.

Therefore, the benefits of staying connected with the nursing home staff are uncountable. It gives you an opportunity to note their behavior and keep a check on your loved ones even when you are away. Overall, it can become a great bliss for your convenience.

While you chat with the nursing home staff, pay attention to how they respond to your questions and requests. You can take notes of any unusual activities or their hesitancy to respond to certain questions or requests. It will alert the nursing staff about your keen interest in their actions.

3. Conduct Visual Examination

The surroundings you live or work in can have a significant impact on your mood, health, and productivity. These factors cannot be ignored while ensuring a nursing home is the right place for your beloved elderly.

Again, it is important to note everything in your journal. It is important to note down things that can be improved. Keep an eye on how often the rooms are cleaned, how the equipment is handled, and how well-maintained the kitchen is.

All these factors can uplift the living standards of your loved ones in a nursing home. If these standards are not up to par, note them in your journal, discuss them with your attorneys, and build a strong case against negligent nursing homes.

4. Keep a Journal

It is not always possible to keep everything in order for your loved one, even after countless efforts. The signs of negligence at a nursing home can show up at any time in many different is best to record this evidence to be shared with reliable trial lawyers at Thomas Law Offices.

While you take notes, remember to include as much detail as possible. Always keep in mind that no detail is too small. If anything, it can help you build a stronger case against the negligent nursing home to protect your loved ones.

You can include major or minor injuries, bedsores, changes in behavior, and administering medications in the journal at every visit. These notes can act as your biggest piece of evidence to be discussed with your attorney and build a strong case.

5. Authenticate the Paperwork

It is always better to be safe than sorry. While most nursing homes are required to have updated licenses, there are always some running without the proper paperwork. Of course, nursing homes without the paperwork cannot be trusted under any circumstances.

You do not have to hesitate while asking a nursing home for their licenses. Remember that it is your right to ensure that your loved ones stay in a facility that takes these things seriously. Hence, you can be confident about asking any questions regarding the official paperwork.

While looking at the license, start with ensuring that it is up to date. People who suspect negligence towards their loved ones can also ask for a copy of the license from the nursing home. You can share this copy with your legal advisor to ensure that everything is in the right place.

6. Stay in Touch

In a fast-paced world, most people barely find time to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Some people can agree that all they want after a long day at work is to head to bed without caring about anything else. In such circumstances, regular visits to a nursing home can seem impossible.

The good news is that you do not always have to visit the nursing home to ensure the well-being of your loved ones. Thanks to technology, you can call your loved ones at any time to ask them about their health, lifestyle, and physical activity.

It is important to document anything that may seem out of the ordinary or hint towards negligence. Make sure you always have your journal by your side while calling your loved ones. This way, you can document every necessary detail in real-time.

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