Is Red Bull Bad For You? New Research & Side Effects Of It.

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Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 01:18 pm

Red Bull is the energy drink market leader, and it has been an absolute best-seller since its launch. We know that everyone loves Red Bull, but there is a wave on the internet calling Red Bull bad for your health and even deadly in certain situations.

So,is Red Bull bad for you? We will help you in this regard by listing all of the potential side effects of Red Bull so you can stay safe and drink your favorite energy drinks without having to go through any hassle. So, let’s get right into it:

What Exactly Is Red Bull?

Red Bull is the best-selling energy drink in the US, and it claims to boost your energy and make you more active. This energy drink is highly carbonated, so it is advised by doctors to avoid drinking it. Most people don’t know it, but Red Bull also contains a lot of caffeine.

Moreover, Taurine and Vitamin B are also present in this energy drink, so no wonder why you get an instant kick of energy whenever you drink Red Bull. As Red Bull is famous worldwide, its composition is also different in different regions, but the basic ingredients are pretty much the same.

Also, it has 75mg of caffeine, so if you don’t want to be addicted to caffeine, just avoid this drink altogether. This drink is all the hype among Gen-Z and millennials mainly because they love to show off their energy without realizing that gulping down 5 tins of Red Bull a day can result in a lot worse things than they have ever imagined.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Drinking Red Bull?

Yes, there certainly are many side effects, mainly because it is a carbonated drink and very sweet and contains caffeine, so the answer to “is Red Bull bad for you” is a big yes!

Let’s look at the side effects of Red Bull now because we all know that there is a big list coming next.

1. Tooth Decay

Though this side effect is not just specific to the Red Bull, it is the side effect of most energy drinks available in the market. These drinks tend to damage your enamel, and the damage is so severe that you cannot even reverse it most of the time.

When this enamel is damaged, your teeth will not have a protective layer, so they will easily decay. Though these are the results of excessive Red Bull drinking, you still need to be careful about what you choose to drink.

Drinking the beverage once in a while is completely alright, but even 2 tins daily are very harmful to your oral health.

2. Overdose Of Caffeine

Yes, Caffeine overdose is actually a thing, and it can happen more often than you would think. An adult is advised to only have less than 400mg of caffeine in one day, but if you are drinking 3-4 tins of Red Bull, you are already exceeding that advised limit.

This condition is common among teenagers because they tend to be the target audience of energy drinks, and as we all know, most 18 years old really enjoy Red Bull. So, it could lead to dangerous health conditions because of caffeine overdose.

3. Blood Pressure

If you are fond of Red Bull, you must have noticed that your blood pressure remains high for most of the day when you drink a couple of tins of this energy drink. The reason behind this is that the drink rapidly increases blood pressure. So, the people who are already suffering from the problem of blood pressure or heart disease should simply stay away from this drink because it might not sound like a big deal, but in the long run, it can be really bad for the health of your heart and for your overall physical health.

4. Risk Of Diabetes

It might sound like an exaggeration to you, but it actually is true that drinking a lot of Red Bull certainly gives you a risk of type 2 diabetes. The main reason behind it is that Red Bull is highly sweetened, and when you drink something this sweet in greater quantity, you certainly should not expect to be unharmed by it.

There are certain researches done in this regard that clearly show that if a person drinks one or two sweetened energy drinks, then the risk of him getting type 2 diabetes increases by 26%, so it is all about facts.

Is Sugar-Free Red Bull Bad For You?

As we discussed, sugary and sweetened beverages are really bad for your health, but does that make the sugar-free version of Red Bull safe to drink? Of course not, and there is a very logical reason behind it. Sugar-free Red Bull does not have sugar, so the risk of diabetes obviously is reduced.

However, it still has the carbonated factor and lots of caffeine, so it still is the same drink with the same harmful long-term effects, and to make it merrier, they have just made it sugar-free. A good thing about this sugar-free drink is that it does not have as many calories as the regular one, so it is good to go for people who are on a calorie deficit diet and are fond of energy drinks but still, it is not good for your health at all.

In addition, there is a very significant risk factor involved in a sugar-free Red Bull which most people don’t really talk about. That factor is that the sugar-free version does contain a lot of artificial sweeteners to elevate the taste of the drink.

These sweeteners have just the same effect as regular sugar, and they can also cause type 2 diabetes if you are drinking a lot of sugar-free Red Bull. So, we actually are evened out because the version of Red Bullthat is free from sugar does nothing good for your health either.

What Would Happen If You Drink Red Bull Everyday?

As long as you are not drinking more than 400mg of caffeine per day, you are good to go, but if you are gulping a lot of caffeine in the form of energy drinks, then it will be very harmful to your body and brain. Drinking Red Bull can be life-threatening, and most people don’t take these things seriously.

Still, exceeding the limits can result in caffeine overdose and toxicity, which is never a good condition to be in. Such great doses of caffeine often result in insomnia, which can harm your mental health and headache. You will not be able to perform any of the tasks properly and with complete concentration even though you will have all the energy in the world.

That is mainly because you have exceeded the safe zone of caffeine consumption, and soon you will be addicted to it. Caffeine can be very intoxicating, so just don’t drink the energy drinks in greater quantities, and you are good to go.

What Red Bull Does To Your Stomach?

As we have already told you, Red Bull is not good news at all, and it is not good news for your stomach either because it disrupts its regular functions and alters the acidity of your stomach because the drink itself is pretty acidic. You don’t want to be doing such experiments with your stomach because they are never healthy and can cause you heartburn which in some cases even lasts for several months. It also affects your gut lining and might damage that as well.

People who have an extremely sensitive stomach can never hold up energy drinks, and most of the time, they get diarrhea or get nauseated. Such adverse effects of just a regular energy drink can be surprising. Still, they are nothing new because hundreds of researches are already done on this subject, showing that energy drinks are not really healthy for you and you should limit their consumption.

How Many Red Bulls Are Safe In One Day?

As we have answered the question of is Red Bull bad for you? We are now moving towards the part where you will learn how to drink it safely. We know that this energy drink is the most famous of them all and you can’t just leave it altogether.

So, just don’t leave it, but if you want to stay healthy and happy for the rest of your life, just drink it in moderation, so you don’t end up getting caffeine overdose or any oral diseases because they are never a good idea.

You can drink one Red Bull per day, which would be completely safe for you because researchers say that having one energy drink per day does not harm anyone, and as long as you are not exceeding that limit, we are good to go.

As the Red Bull also has a lot of calories, one drink every other day would be an ideal option, but if you are not concerned about the calories, you can drink a can daily.


So, is Red Bull bad for you? Yes, it is, but drinking or not drinking it is completely your decision. If you are particularly a Red Bull enthusiast, we would not suggest you quit it altogether, but we would highly suggest limiting your consumption.

As you have read that great consumption can even result in deadly results such as different heart diseases or high blood pressure, there is no point in still gulping those unhealthy juices when you have so many healthier alternatives readily available in the market.

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