What Is Mystic Monk Coffee Scandal? Truth Revealed – 2023

Mystic Monk Coffee Scandal

If you are a US citizen and a coffee lover, you may have heard of Mystic Monk Coffee–a brand of coffee produced by a small group of Carmelite monks in Wyoming. But did you know that this seemingly innocent business has been involved in a scandal that could shake the faith of many coffee lovers? 

This blog will reveal the truth behind the Mystic Monk Coffee scandal. I aim to provide readers with an unbiased and informative account of what happened with Mystic Monk Coffee. So sit back, grab a cup of your favorite brew, and get ready to discover the truth behind one of the most talked-about coffee scandals in recent years. 

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What is the History of Mystic Monk Coffee?

Father Daniel Mary was a Carmelite Monk of the Wyoming-based St. Clare Monastery. Father Daniel Mary decided to launch his coffee company in 2007 to create a self-sustaining monastery supporting the monastic community. Mystic Monk Coffee, the official coffee of the Carmelite Monastery, was built on fair trade and quality values. The company has become one of the leading specialty coffee brands, offering a range of blends, roasts, and flavors. This company also sells coffee mugs, green tea, and accessories.

The Mystic Monk Coffee gained popularity because of its taste and quality. Apart from its taste, the other most crucial reason for fame was the monks’ affiliations. Religious people want to buy this coffee over other brands because they trust it more. Mystic Monk Coffee owner claimed that this company roasts its coffee in the mountains of Wyoming. Everything was going smoothly until a scandal changed the dynamics.

What is Mystic Monk Coffee Scandal?

In 2010, a scandal got a lot of attention from the internet and raised questions against religious organizations and the ethics of brands. This scandal was about Mystic Monk Coffee. The allegations were made on this brand about purchasing a ranch of almost 7 million dollars in the mountains of Wyoming using the funds raised in the name of the coffee brand.

The Mystic Monk Coffee denied all the accusations. However, the Montana Supreme Court ruled that the monks’ fundraising campaign violated the state’s franchise laws. Monks were running the coffee business without registering as a profit-making organization. The court allowed them to sell coffee in Montana only if they worked according to the state’s franchise laws.

Is Mystic Monk Coffee Organic?

The Mystic Monk Coffe has advertised its product to be organic and roasted in the monastery in the mountains of Wyoming. But, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) claims that Mystic Monk is making false claims to promote its business and their coffee is not organic. 

After a few years of this case, the FTC and the brand owner settle their terms. The monks removed the “organic” label from its ads and provided accurate information about everything to their investors and customers.

What Is The Mission of The Mystic Monks Coffee?

The primary mission of Mystic Monk Coffee was to support its community. The community in question was the Carmelite monks of Wyoming, seeking to build a new monastery. By selling their coffee online and through word of mouth, Mystic Monk Coffee raised funds to construct their monastery and support the monks in their spiritual endeavors. 

What Is Mystic Monk Coffee Business Model?

The business model is a plan to make your business successful. The Mystic Monk Coffee business model is simple and unique. Some of the essential key features are the following:

Mystic Monk Coffee Business Model
Mystic Monk Coffee Business Model | Unsplash

Targeted Customers: 

Mystic Monk Coffee targets a particular market, Catholic consumers looking for monks’ high-quality coffee. 

High-Quality Coffee:

Whether Mystic Monks buy coffee from other retailers or make it in the monastery, the quality of coffee is excellent. Product quality matters over all things.


The main target of Mystic Monk Coffee is online buyers. Most of the profit of Mystic Monk Coffee is from its online sale. This strategy always helps businesses to reach more customers.

Branding Strategy:

The Mystic Monk Coffee packaging represents the tradition of monks. It attracts customers and helps them to trust this brand because monks are a sign of peace.

Charitable Foundation:

The main reason for founding the Mystic Monk coffee brand was to support Carmelite monks’ monastery. The company’s generosity has earned the trust and gratitude of customers who value its social responsibility.

Where Are The Monks Headed Next With Mystic Monk Coffee?

The Monks are focused on this brand because it’s their source of income. They have decided to be more transparent about this business and are trying hard to regain customers’ trust. Their sale has dropped drastically in recent years because of the controversies. The monks are trying to increase wholesale in the future by bringing Mystic Monk Coffee into every supermarket, local shop, and grocery store.

Youtube Channel–Carmelite Monks of Wyoming

Social media, especially Youtube, is a modern way of promoting business. Carmelite Monks of Wyoming is a Youtube channel that shows videos about life in the monastery. You will find it very soothing and fascinating. The Youtube channel also features many videos showing the roasting of coffee beans. Mystic Monks Coffee also has a separate channel where they guide customers about brewing their coffee with special instructions. Creating a Youtube channel and posting videos about their brand was a great strategy to clear the image and gain people’s trust.

Final Thoughts:

Coffee enthusiasts are willing to try every brand to experience new tastes and blends. They unthinkingly trust all brands, mainly if they are associated with religious organizations. We must learn from the Mystic Monk Coffee scandal and stop believing in claims without proof. Now Mystic Monk has started to work by following the laws, will you start repurchasing it?

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FAQs–Mystic Monk Coffee Scandal

Do monks make Mystic Monk Coffee?

Yes, a group of monks makes Mystic Monk Coffee brand. However, whether their coffee is organic or not is a question. This company claims its coffee is organic, but some accusations are against this claim.

Is Mystic Monk Coffee Strategy a money maker?

Yes, Mystic Monk Coffee’s strategy is a money-maker. This is because Mystic Monks targets US Catholics as the primary consumers. Religious people are likelier to buy this coffee and support the monastery idea.

What is the vision statement of Mystic Monk Coffee?

The vision statement of Mystic Monk Coffee is to turn the humble abode of a dozen monks into a sprawling 500-acre sanctuary for 30 of them, with a Gothic church, a convent for Carmelite sisters, a retreat center for lay visitors and a sanctuary for solitude seekers.

What is the competitive advantage of Mystic Monk Coffee?

The association of Monks with Mystic Monk Coffee is their competitive advantage. Additionally, the blend and taste of their coffee are pretty distinct from the others.

What is the annual revenue of Mystic Monk Coffee?

The revenue of Mystic Monk Coffee is over 3 million USD, and the Annual revenue growth since its founding is $192,842.

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