Gap And Gap Factory: What is the difference! (Aug-2022)

Gap AND GAP Factory

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Gap and Gap Factory are fashion brands with entirely different lines. Gap’s clothes are more expensive but use higher quality materials, whereas Gap Factory’s clothes are lower priced but often result in lower quality work. They are the same, but still there is a difference. Items sold at Gap Outlets look nearly identical to regular Gap stores but may differ in fabric and garment construction. Let’s take a closer look at their differences.

Gap Factory

GAP Factory is a subsidiary of GAP, the leading organization. Perfect for those looking for cheap clothes that are not luxury brands, but the quality and fabrics are about the same. It was founded in 2007 and now has several GAP factory outlets in the US and abroad. You can buy various fashion accessories at the GAP store. In addition, it has an e-commerce website where customers can order and pay securely for many garments.

Today, the total number of GAP Factory stores worldwide exceeds 3000. They sell a variety of styles of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. You can easily find GAP Factory locations on the web. As you can see, it has the name of a top fashion brand and some fame, so it’s well worth it.

Who owns Gap Factory?

Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher founded it in 1969. It is headquartered in California and San Francisco. It operates six major segments: Gap (Family Banner), Old Navy, Banana Republic, Hill City Intermix, and Athleta. Gap Inc. 

Gap: High quality Brand

Gap And Gap Factory: What is the difference! (Aug-2022)

Old Navy clothing generally outperforms Gap clothing and is less expensive, but Gap produces excellent quality children’s and infant clothing. Moreover the Gap’s women’s t-shirts, blouses, and sweaters are good and cheap. Furthermore, the slim jeans are available in different colors.

The US-based Gap Group is another company most affected by changes in Chinese production. It operates about 900 factories worldwide, 200 of which are in China, and the rest in other  30 countries. Gap discounts almost everything in the store, great margins on price and ultimately reducing buyers’ likelihood of paying full price. They also offer many clothes in the same style and quality as Old Navy but at a higher price.

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Gap Vs. Gap Factory: Key Differences

First of all, there is a need to discuss the main differences between Gap Factory and Gap

Gap And Gap Factory: What is the difference! (Aug-2022)

Separate brand

Many people don’t know that Gap and Gap Factory are two different and separate companies and were found at different times. The Gap is an American apparel company founded in 1969 by Donald and Doris Fisher, and Gap Factory is a subsidiary of The Gap, founded circa 1994.

So, although the two brands have similar names, they have different histories and work slightly differently. Gap stores are more common than Gap Factory stores; both brands are available online and offline stores.


There is a difference in the quality of clothing produced by each brand. Because the Gap Factory is designed to be more economical and less expensive, garments tend to be inferior in quality compared to Gap products. The old saying “you get what you pay” applies here. You can find great clothes from both brands, but the Gap Factory usually uses cheaper materials, so the clothes have a shorter lifespan and are more prone to damage in the washing process.

For example, you can’t get selvage denim jeans at Gap Factory, but you can find them at Gap. The reason is that selvage denim is high-quality and costs more to produce than usual regular denim. Also, the seams and closures that make Gap Factory garments can be expected to be lower quality than those used for Gap garments.

Overall, Gap Factory is an opportunity to buy trendy clothes at a lower price for consumers who are less expensive than Gap, with savings obtained by using inexpensive materials and manufacturing techniques, and for consumers who are short of cash. But this means you have to sacrifice some qualities.


Furthermore, these two brands’ clothing lines are different, and Gap Factory clothing is generally cheaper and more economical than Gap. Gap Factory is famous for its low price, so people who prefer cheap shopping often choose Gap Factory over Gap. For instance, regular men’s jeans from Gap cost around $70-80, whereas the jeans from Gap Factory cost about $40-60.

Gap Factory jeans sell much cheaper. Also, shirts sold at the Gap Factory can be as low as $40-50 before and as low as $20-25 during the sale. Gap’s shirts, on the other hand, are typically around $60, with more expensive items up to $80.

Clothing Lines

Clothing lines produced by Gap Factory are typically designed as cheaper and more stylish versions of Gap but have a narrower product range than the traditional Gap clothing line. Another difference is that the clothing lines of the two brands are different. Gap Factory is not a traditional Gap Outlet. It is because it does not include old Gap products from back seasons or Gap products that have not passed quality control or are defective for any reason.

In other words, if you buy an item from a Gap Factory store, you can return it only to the Gap Factory retail store and cannot return it to other Gap stores because the stock is different.


The way each brand labels its clothing is a more subtle and less noticeable difference between the Gap and the Gap Factory. It’s most noticeable when comparing jeans from each clothing line. These differences are minor, but they can be helpful if you want to tell the difference between jeans from each brand, for example, when buying at a store.

Gap jeans mostly have a label of square type with the traditional Gap logo. At the same time, Some of their jeans have the word Gap printed on the inside of the jean’s waistband. The label of the gap product is primarily horizontal, with the words “.” Gap Denim” on the inside. Sometimes the label says “Gap Factory.” Also, Gap Factory jeans usually do not have a leather patch on the back of the right thigh. However, this is a characteristic often seen in Gap Gene.


Q. What is the difference between Gap and Gap Factory?

GAP and GAP Factory are two different brands, however, they share one common parent organization.Their founders are different. There is also a difference between their clothing line, price, labeling and quality.

Q. Is the Gap factory owned by Gap?

Overall Both the companies are not owned by the same owner.

 GAP Factory is a subsidiary of GAP. It controls all its websites, and its headquarters are in California and San Francisco.

Q. Is Gap an American company?

Yes, GAP is a global fashion brand based in the United States. They also have worldwide stores.There are about 2406 stores across the country.

Q. Can Gap Factory be returned to Gap?

GAP Factory purchases cannot be returned to GAP. However, you can return it to the store even if you purchased it on an e-commerce site.


Now you know the main difference between Gap and Gap Factory. After reading this article, I hope you can better understand the difference between Gap and Gap Factory.Both brands offer great value. However, there is some difference between quality that you should know before purchase.

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