Levi Coralynn: Bio, Age, Career, Relationship, Net Worth.

Levi Coralynn

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The name Levi Coralynn conjures up images of creative mastery and aesthetic grandeur. Levi Coralynn is an identity recognized as a beacon of creativity and invention in contemporary art. Several people stand out for their outstanding looks in the dynamic worlds of fashion and entertainment. The article explains why Levi Coralynn is an artist who deserves your attention while delving deeply into his life, works, influences, and artistic journey. Let’s go out on this creative journey together.


Originally from Canada, Levi Coralynn is an extremely talented, attractive, and self-assured model, content producer, Instagram star, and well-known social media figure with a captivating frame. She is quite well-known, has gathered thousands of fan followings on Instagram, and is active on OnlyFans. 

Her reputable account has more than 50K followers. She is drop-dead gorgeous. The Social Media influencer started gaining ground after being given Instagram access. Her consumers are attracted by her intimidating and curvy physique and the modeling photos she first started uploading and called beautiful.

On her Levi Coralynn 1 Tik-Tok account Levi Coralynn (@levi_coralynn)

 she is recognized for imparting lifestyle and fashion-related tips. She is a member of the millennial generation and a social media influencer.

Information- You want to know

Full NameLevi Coralynn
Nick NameLevi
Date of BirthJanuary 02, 1998
Age As 202325 years old
Birth PlaceCanada
Current ResidenceCalgary, Albert, Canada
Eye and Hair ColorBlack
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer and Instagram Queen
Relationship StatusSingle
Net worth200,000 $
Zodiac SignTaurus
Favorite AuthorHaruki Murakami
HeightWeight5 feet 6 inches65kg

Biography of Levi Coralynn

Biography of Levi Coralynn
Levi Coralynn: Bio, Age, Career, Relationship, Net Worth.


Levi was born in Albert, Canada, on January 02, 1998. She had a strong interest in modeling early on and later decided to pursue a career. As of 2023, she is 25 years old.

Educational Background 

Levi received a bachelor’s degree in theatre from York University after attending Chicago’s Second City in 2012. Between 2007 and 2011, while she was a student at York, Levi graduated from high school after spending her whole academic career at St. Ignatius College Prep. She participated in vocal performance and visual arts activities as a student there through various ensembles like Bel Canto Women’s Choir and Encore.

Career and Lifestyle 

Victoria is an actress who tried her luck in a variety of acting fields. Firstly, she began her professional life as a fashion model. She made the decision that she wanted to make acting her profession. Levi successfully auditioned for and was cast in the Tomorrow drama series in Australia. Her notoriety expanded significantly when The War began. She has made appearances in more than eight TV shows and movies, which have aided in her domestic and international recognition. In the highly successful Filipino film Your Song, with Anne Curtis, she gave her breakthrough performance as Judy Santos.

She then appeared in several well-known Philippine dramas, such as Sabel and the Hundred Days to Heaven. She co-stars with Enrique Gil in a romantic comedy, which has so far been her best role. Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, and other actors all appear in the movie Love You to the Stars and Back.

She is well-known on social media in Uganda for her clips from TikTok. She became well-known after releasing flicks that gained thousands of views. Levi began her TikTok account in 2022 after starting her YouTube page in 2014. Levi’s popularity on TikTok greatly grew. When she released videos of her drinking milk devoid of water, she started a trend. Levi has experienced a remarkable rise on TikTok. Since she posted her debut video online in August of last year, she has more than 700,000 followers on her account.

Family Members 

She has four younger sisters, ages 4,7,18, and 21. The two younger sisters of Levi are in Jos, Nigeria, and the oldest sister, Claudia Joy, is presently enrolled in an MBBS program. Charley Grace, the youngest sister, recently (2018) received her high school diploma and will enroll at Niger Delta University to study architecture.

She has living brothers. She has excellent qualifications and a good education. She has won almost everyone with her numerous updates featuring her family, particularly her well-liked niece. She is also more successful because of her relatable lifestyle. Her mother and father’s identities are unknown.


She does not reveal who the lucky guy in her life is despite the fact that she is simultaneously single. It may likely be Josh Peck, Tyler Oakley, David Dobrik, or Joe Jonas. Since she hasn’t revealed any boyfriends on her Instagram page as of yet, there is a good likelihood that she is still single. There are no recent reports of her divorcing. 

In addition to social media, we are aware of Levi Coralynn’s wiki, which briefly mentions further personal information in addition to a professional existence. She doesn’t have a special someone in her life, but at least two people have made valiant efforts to win her over.

The Levi Coralynn Numerology

The Levi Coralynn Numerology
Levi Coralynn: Bio, Age, Career, Relationship, Net Worth.

The Life Path Number 3 is connected to creativity, motivation, and communication abilities in numerology. She was given the Life Path Number 3 at birth, and she also possesses the charismatic gift. Life route 3s are fantastic and distinctive! They have a skill set and are a social butterfly!

The Personal Year of Numerology

Her individual year number in 2023 is 1. The personal year number 1 is seen as a number signifying very significant personal development. For her, this year will undoubtedly bring about positive developments in her professional life.

Physical Characteristics

She stands 1.65 meters or 5 feet 6 inches tall, or 165 centimeters. She weighs 65 kilograms. She maintains her physique by adhering to and maintaining a diet and workout routine, and there is no denying that she is attractive and gorgeous.

Net Worth 

She has a distinctive, optimistic, and vibrant appearance that is reminiscent of several of the Canadian labels for whom she has worked. With a beat that conveys the empowering message to accept yourself and cut off from those who minimize you, she has the power to influence people’s lives. She began spending more time on social media to share films and talents with the target audience when she first realized the potential of social networking. She was established as a well-known social media star during her adolescence because of her creative content. As of 2022, net worth is anticipated to be at USD 200,000.

Social Media Network

She frequently uploads her provoking photos to her Instagram account. She is reachable through platforms like:

Instagram  @levi_coralynn_❤️ 

Facebook    Levi Coralynn

Twitter  Levi coralynn (@Levi_coralynn) / X 

YouTube   Levi Coralynn

She also released a video that featured Roy Orbison’s music. She also knew Addison Rae, Bryce Hall, Tony Lopez, and Tayler Holder.

Favorite Things

Her favorite colors are blue and violet. My favorite destinations are London and the UK. My favorite Actor is Anne Hathaway, and my favorite Actress is Tom Hardy. Her Favorite sports include Tennis, and her favorite sportsperson is Serena Williams. Her favorite hobbies are modeling and reading.

Few Facts

  • In Uganda, she is regarded as “The Queen of Snapchat” 

levi coralynn (@levicoralynn)

  • With approximately 2.9 million followers on Instagram alone and more than 190,000 followers on Facebook, she is currently undoubtedly one of Uganda’s most famous social media figures.
  • She reportedly demands 3 to 5$K for every sponsored item that incorporates her content.
  • Despite having been previously associated with Ugandan music singer Eddy Kenzo, who publicly confessed interest in her, she was apparently single at the time.


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Levi has become one of the top models in the business because of her outstanding beauty and adaptability. She uses her position as a content creator to promote significant social causes and build a culture of self-acceptance and love. Her influence goes far beyond the confines of the camera, encouraging people to embrace their individuality and defy social conventions. Levi stands out as a model, content creator, and supporter of her beliefs in a society where transparency is a precious gem. 

Her story is a motivating illustration of how one individual can have a big effect by being authentic and speaking out for social change. Levi Coralynn is more than simply a famous Canadian model; she is a revolutionary powerhouse who has irreparably changed the face of the fashion and entertainment sectors and encouraged many people to embrace their individuality and chase their ambitions.

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