Ironmouse Face Reveal: Who Is She? Need To Know Everything

Ironmouse Face Reveal

Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 10:08 pm

If you’re reading this article, then I’m sure you’re aware of Ironmouse and her career as a V-Tuber, Singe,r, and Twitch streamer. 

Iron Mouse was known as an Opera singer until she was diagnosed with CVID, an Immune Disorder, after which she started to feel lonely and began streaming but kept her real identity secret using Kizuna AI, a Japanese entertainer’s face as her face. 

However, now the news has been circulating on social media that Ironmouse has revealed her face. Let’s check out in this article whether this news is correct or not.

Who is IronMouse?

IronMouse Face Reveal
Ironmouse Face Reveal: Who Is She? Need To Know Everything

Before we share news about her facial revelation, here’s some basic information about Ironmouse and how her journey started.

So, “Mousey,” known as Ironmouse, is a well-known Puerto Rican American Vtuber, Singer, and Twitch streamer. She started her career as a Youtuber in 2017 and, with her attractive personality, gained a lot of followers. 

She has made a great contribution to the VTuber’s community, and becasue of that, she achieved status as a founding member of VShojo, a VTuber’s talent agency that was launched in 2020.

Ironmouse’s live streams on Twitch are known for her entertaining content, which includes gaming, music, and interaction with the audience. Apart from this, she is also a singer and has released original songs and covers. This is another achievement in her content creation. 

Career of IronMouse

Mousey, aka Ironmouse, had a big dream of becoming an opera singer and releasing her music videos, but life had some other plans for her. She was diagnosed with a common deficiency, immunodeficiency, which made her weak, and she spent most of her time in bed.

Her weakness didn’t allow her to be on stage. Later, she started recovering, but then in 2020 COVID-19 pandemic hit and that made her situation even harder. She felt lonely and thought of becoming a streamer.

For streaming as a Vtuber, she chose a Kizuna AI, a Japanese character, as her face. Her avatar looked like a demon with horns and colorful hair. 

During the 2020-2021 Pandemic, people spent more time watching streamers and Vtubers, which helped Ironmouse earn more money, which she used for her medical treatment so that she could spend more time streaming. 

In November 2020, she joined the community of VShojo ( a group of people who stream in English) and teamed up with Youtuber CDawgVA and hosted a talk show, “Speak with Devil.” 

Later, in February 2022, she did a special event under the name “Subathon,” where people were asked to make donations so she could keep the streaming going. This campaign went on for 31 days, after which she became the most subscribed female on Twitch with 1,72,000 subscribers. 

Later this year, in December 2022, she was praised for raising awareness about her health and the encouragement she made for plasma donation among people. According to the stream chart, she was the 2nd most-watched female Twitch streamer in 2022. 

Coming to the present year, in 2023, Ironmouse ran the campaign “Subathon” again, where she donated half of her earnings to the Immune Deficiency Foundation and broke her record of 2,05,000 subscribers. 

IronMouse Face Reveal?

Talking about Ironmouse’s face revelation, NO, there’s no face revealed of Ironmouse. Mousy was asked an a streaming video to show her face, but she denied it frankly.

On the other hand, there have been fake videos on Youtube and pictures on Google rotating with the thumbnail “Ironmouse face reveal,”  which is a total lie because the image used in that content is of a famous YouTuber/streamer CDawgVA who came on live streaming with ironmouse. 

This is the link to the fake video rotating on YouTube claiming to be Ironmouse’s real face. 

However, No iron mouse face is revealed in any of her videos. If you see any pictures or videos, do understand it’s fake until you find her revealing her face on her official accounts.

IronMouse Official Accounts and Subscribers

Here are the official accounts of Ironmouse, where you can find all of her entertaining videos and authentic news.

Twitch Account: 1.8 million subscribers.

This Twitch account is Ironmouse’s official account, on which she has 1.8 million subscribers, with all her streaming videos available.

YouTube Account: 990K Subscribers.

On her YouTube account, she has a fan following of around 990K subscribers.

Instagram Account: 48K followers.

This is her official Instagram account with 48K followers.

Patreon Account: 1827 members.

Here on Iromouse’s Patreon account, she has a total of 1827 members who are all organic and real members. 

Ironmouse Philanthropic Efforts

From the very start, Ironmouse wanted to teach people about her PI and CVID. She also said that she was worried about her illness and never talked about it initially but later realized and thought to talk about it to create awareness among people. 

Moreover, on August 4th, she organized a charity for Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) and raised over $100,00. She said in an interview I know many people talk about donating blood, and I want to make sure I can reach as many people as possible to talk about living with PI and donating plasma. I want more people to know that we need support, but I also want people to know that they are not alone. 

She encouraged people to donate plasma on her social media accounts and public gatherings which is very rare and generous effort from her side. 

Ironmouse Net Worth

There’s no clear record ofIron Mousee’s net worth as she keeps her life very private, but her main source of earning is her Streaming videos, and her estimated net worth is around 500k per year. Also, she earns a big revenue from donations and collaborations. 

Is Ironmouse Dating Connor?

There has been a lot of curiosity among people going on about Ironmouse and Connor’s relationship. Some say that they’re already dating, while others say that they are likely to get married.

Keeping all these statements in mind, No, Ironmouse and Connor are not dating or getting married. It’s just that people ship them, and they don’t deny it but take that as a joke and enjoy it.

Moreover, Ironmouse and Connor have become really close in a short period, and it would be no wrong to term them “Best Friends.”

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this article provides an overview of Ironmouse, a well-known V-Tuber, singer, and Twitch streamer. It details her journey from aspiring to be an opera singer to becoming a prominent figure in the V-Tuber community. 

Rumors were spreading on the internet about her face reveal, which is fake news, and no one on the internet has seen her face yet. So, if you see any of her pictures and videos, then just know they are all fake until she posts anything on her official accounts. 

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