Instalkr: Instagram Story Anonymous Viewer – Is it Safe?


Last updated on March 29th, 2024 at 04:44 pm

Instalkr is an online tool that helps you to look at a public Instagram account quickly, even if you do not have your own account. You can use this service to see what other people post and share on Instagram without revealing your real name.

You do not need to login or sign up to use this tool tool but it is important to remember that using Instalkr or similar services to access someone else’s Instagram account without their permission might not be allowed.

So it is important to respect people’s privacy on social media and only interact with accounts and content that you have permission to see. In this article we will tell you about Instalkr and how to use it.

What is Instalkr?

Instalkr is an online tool for checking out Instagram stories without needing to log in. You can simply enter the Instagram username of the person you are curious about, and you can see what they have posted. The cool part is that they won’t know you have been looking at their stuff. Some people like this, especially if they have been blocked by someone on Instagram.

But here is the catch; Instalkr only works for public accounts, you can not view stories or posts of a private account. This makes sure that people using Instagram can keep their privacy and decide who gets to see what they share. 

You can quietly watch Instagram anonymously without any worries. It is a way to use the platform respectfully and within the guidelines, which is why many people appreciate it.


Is it Safe to Use Instakr?

Instalkr is considered safe and okay to use. It is fine to check out accounts you find on Google because there are lots of Instagram viewers out there. This tool only lets you see the profiles of people who have public accounts. 

You do not have to give any personal information, so there is nothing to worry about. It is thought to be a good way to secretly view someone’s Instagram profile. But remember, it is a good idea to be careful with any online tools and follow the rules to stay safe.

What are features of Instalkr?

Instalkr has some really amazing features that are useful. Here is a list of them;

Free to use 

It means that it is totally free to use they won’t ask any money and you won’t suddenly have to pay money while using this tool. You can use it without worrying about unexpected fees.

Viewing Stories and Posts Anonymously

With anonymously viewing you can quietly check out Instagram profiles and their stories without the person knowing you have been there. But it only works for public instagram accounts to ensure the privacy of private instagram users. 

This is a really useful feature for quietly looking  what you are curious about without anyone noticning, all while keeping your identity a secret.

Viewing Content Which Was Deleted or Removed

This is a special feature of Instalkr. It lets you see stories, photos, and videos that were once there but got removed or deleted. This is a rare feature, not something you find in many other tools.

Removing Inactive Followers

You can see who follows you on Instagram. If you find followers who do not seem active or interested in your posts anymore, you have the option to unfollow them.

See Who Stalks Your Profile

It is a rare feature in Instalkr which allows you to see who stalked you or visited your profile. But it is important to use this feature safely and to keep in mind to follow instagram’s rule. 

No Registration Required 

You do not have to sign up or go through any complicated registration process to use Instalkr. It is a straightforward and user-friendly tool, making it easy and convenient to explore Instagram profiles without sharing your personal information.

How to Use Instakr?

Instakr is quite easy to use just follow these following steps; 

Open Instalkr Official Website

Simply open the web browser you prefer, like Google Chrome or Safari, on your computer or phone. Then, type the official website for Instalkr into the browser’s address bar and press Enter. This will take you to its official website.

Enter Username

Then you will need to “Enter the Username.” Once you are on the website, there is a place where you can type in the Instagram account’s username whose stories you want to check out. Make sure you get the username right, so it takes you on the Stories of the right Instagram user.

Public Account or Private Account

Then it is time to “Tell the Account Type.” You have to tell whether the Instagram account is public or private. This helps Instalkr know how to access the Stories accordingly. If you want to see stories from a private account, you might need to request permission from the account owner.

Enjoy Stalking Anonymously 

Once you have finished the steps we talked about, Instalkr lets you watch Instagram Stories without anyone knowing you have seen them. So, just relax, and have a good time checking out all the interesting content without any worries. It is a way to stay private while enjoying what is on Instagram.

Top 5 Alternatives of Instakr

If Instakr gets down or stops working do not worry as there are many options like Instakr you can use. Here is a list of them;

1. InstaStories

Instalkr: Instagram Story Anonymous Viewer - Is it Safe?

In InstaStories you just need to enter the username, and you will find what you are looking for. It is one of the best tools for viewing Instagram profiles, and it is easy to use. They also allow you to download and save instagram stories even after 24 hour time limit. 

It totally free to use and you do not have to create any account to use this platform. It only allows you to watch the stories of public account.

2. Dumpor 

Instalkr: Instagram Story Anonymous Viewer - Is it Safe?

Dumpor is a platform that lets you secretly watch Instagram stories and posts from any user without any worries. You can view Instagram stories, profiles, and posts without anyone knowing.

Dumpor makes it really simple to download or view instagram stories, posts and other content.  Dumpor allows you to access their content in many different langauges and its user interface is quite easy to use and understand.

3. IgAnony

Instalkr: Instagram Story Anonymous Viewer - Is it Safe?

IgAnony is a user-friendly tool on the internet that lets you secretly check out Instagram stories without the account owner knowing. It works on different devices like computers and phones, so you can use it whenever and wherever you like.

IgAnony keeps itself up-to-date to make sure it runs smoothly with the latest changes on Instagram. It is a good choice for those who want to follow influencers or stay connected with friends while keeping their Instagram activity private.

4. Pixwox

Instalkr: Instagram Story Anonymous Viewer - Is it Safe?

The Pixwox platform makes it simple and easy for you to look at and save Instagram profiles without anyone finding out. Moreover, it has features that allow you to search for specific hashtags like Travel, Food, Love, Beautiful, Sports, Life, Girl, and more. This way, you can explore Instagram content and find posts related to your interests using these hashtags.

It has a user friendly interface it also shows you popular accounts on its main page. It also allows you to access this platform in many different languages. It is 100% free and easy to use platform.

5. Insanony

Instalkr: Instagram Story Anonymous Viewer - Is it Safe?

Insanony is a 100% free and easy to use platform. No installation or log in required. You can use it on any device like Tablets, Pcs, Android or IOS you just need to have a stable internet connection. 

You can watch or download any content you like as long as it is from a public account. Just enter the correct username and you are good to go.

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Instalkr is an online tool that lets you secretly look at public Instagram profiles and stories without revealing your identity. While it is a convenient way to explore Instagram, remember to use it wisely, respecting other’s privacy and following Instagram’s rules.

Instalkr is safe to use, and you do not have to share your personal information. But only works for public accounts ensuring the privacy of private instagram users.

If you ever need alternatives, there are options like InstaStories, Dumpor, IgAnony, Pixwox, and Insanony. They offer similar services for private Instagram content viewing, each with its own special features.

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