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Jeff Lerner is a great entrepreneur who was a pianist earlier. With effort, he has been able to transform his entire life through some decisions and opportunities. He started his career as a pianist, leaving him without much money.

He is a fantastic business owner, public speaker, and content creator. He is a great fitness enthusiast, internet marketer, husband, and humble father. He runs different profitable online businesses and becomes an experienced entrepreneur. He has an incredible education platform named ENTRE, also called ENTRE Blueprint.

He teaches several business models, including affiliate marketing, digital agencies, and online courses. I also run a digital agency that focuses on local lead generation. There is no need for affiliate marketing to get there, however.

Instagram power jefflerner reviews: what are they?

It is no secret that Jeff Lerner is one of the most successful Instagram power reviewers. It’s well known that he provides top-notch product reviews, helping people find products they’re likely to love. As described in his recent blog post, Jeff shares his strategy to become a successful Instagram power reviewer.

To be successful on Instagram, Jeff believes you have to put in a lot of hard work and dedication. He emphasizes the importance of having a good following and providing high-quality content.

He also advises power reviewers to be consistent with their posting habits, whether regularly posting new reviews or staying true to a certain genre. It can take months or years to develop a large following on Instagram, says the Instagram expert.

Is it worth using an Instagram Power Reviewer?

When promoting your products or services online, using a power review team can be a great idea. A power reviewer has been carefully chosen and trained to provide honest, unbiased feedback about a product or service. To be successful on social media, you need to be able to trust them and enhance their credibility.

The following are some reasons why you might want to use a power review team:

  • Power review teams are made up of experts with years of experience. By avoiding wasting your time and resources on things that won’t work, they can help you get the most out of your time and resources.
  • Your success on social media depends on the credibility of your power reviewer. Their visibility will be high when your products or services are promoted online.
  • You can make informed decisions about your product or service by receiving accurate feedback from power reviewers. They’ll let you know if they don’t like something.
  • Unlike other online coaches, how does Jeff Lerner differ?
  • The difference between Jeff Lerner and other online coaches is that he sells both a skill set and a lifestyle. In addition to being a business coach, he is also a life coach. Instead of learning and regurgitating information, Jeff has multiple businesses and teaches from personal experience.
  • Although Jeff Lerner has a controversial past, there are some things you need to know about him. In 2011, he formed a partnership with Wealth Masters International. WMI had already been banned by Norway when he joined for being an MLM scheme. After 2 years, WMI sued Jeff and many others for breaching their contract. Eventually, WMI vanished after the group countersued.
  • In addition to My Hidden Pages, Jeff was also involved in My Online Business Education. The FTC shut down MOBE for fraud. Furthermore, he was connected to Digital Altitude, also shut down by the FTC for a $4.7 million loss to consumers.
  • It doesn’t necessarily mean someone is trustworthy because they run multiple “successful” businesses.

How Jeff Lerner became an affiliate marketer?

When Jeff was in his 20s, his parents saved college money. He invested that money and worked as a professional piano player. Jeff had started 10 more businesses by the age of 29. An attempt at making money was made by starting a raving business, starting a booking agency, marketing, flipping houses, and working as a mortgage broker. There was no success for any of them.

In 2008, the Great Recession led to the collapse of the economy. Jeff was sued by two real estate investment companies and a failed restaurant franchise. On top of everything, he paid $495,000 in debt and broke his wrist, which made it impossible for him to keep working as a piano player. As a result of his first wife’s departure, he was living in the spare bedroom of his ex-in-law.

When Jeff Learner became interested in affiliate marketing, he learned about it. As a result of this (as well as real estate), he could pay off his debts. However, he worked 14-15 hours a day for a year on this business model. For most people, that’s not sustainable income and not passive income.

He considered retiring at the age of 39, according to Mr. Lerner. His goal was to help the aspiring entrepreneur become successful as he had been. His solution was to create ENTRE Institute by using the 3×3 Success Matrix.

Jeff Lerner’s Business Connections

As a mentor and investor, Jeff had several important mentors and investors throughout his growth period. Todd Wagner’s business manager, Larry Goldstein, and Bruce Johnson, the inventor of the BreatheRight brand, were among them. As a pianist, he made connections with billionaires and became one himself.

He learns a traditional job isn’t for him.

It is believed that Jeff Lerner’s father was once a stockbroker who turned into a money manager. A Big 5 law firm employed his mother as an attorney. As a child, his mother got him his first job delivering office supplies to law offices. He got fired after only three weeks because he didn’t like the job.

When Jeff was 17, he began skipping school without telling his parents. He was threatened with a truancy ticket if he ever returned to school. At his request, his mother withdrew him from school and bought him a piano.

His focus was on becoming a musician and teaching himself. As the years passed, he repeatedly applied for piano admissions at the University of Houston. With a minor in business finance and a degree in Jazz Piano, he graduated Magna cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Music Theory and Composition.

Jeff Lerner Pros and Cons


  • A positive personality and consistent social media presence are his strengths.
  • With over a decade of experience, Jeff is an expert in the field.
  • It is not expensive, and Jeff’s ENTRE Blueprint is easy to understand.


  • In the ENTRE Institute, there are upsells at each level.
  • To promote ENTRE Institute, Jeff uses heavy online marketing tactics.
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) shut down Jeff’s online businesses after he promoted them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Jeff Lerner Make a Living?

Through affiliate marketing, digital agencies, and selling online courses, Jeff Lerner teaches others how to become successful entrepreneurs. ENTRE’s business model works like that. In addition to teaching, Jeff speaks at ENTRE Institute Insight events and manages property investments in Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, and Utah.

What is Jeff Lerner’s net worth?

It is estimated that Jeff Lerner’s net worth is between $4 million and $5 million. He claims a $100,000 income in his ads, far less than he earns. Unlike his expenses, the employees he pays, or even the cut he keeps for himself, this amount seems to be sales.

How does Jeff Lerner’s ENTRE Institute Blueprint Strategy work?

ENTRE Blueprint Strategy addresses both personal and physical growth, as well as professional growth. His main focus is on these business models:
1. Course creation
2. Digital agencies
3. Affiliate marketing

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