How to Explore New Fashion Aesthetics 

How to Explore New Fashion Aesthetics 

Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 12:26 am

Meta: what is your fashion aesthetic style? As you grow up, your style may change drastically, but that takes time to find out what works for you. 

At one point or another, people have wanted to or have experimented with clothes. You may have seen other people and liked what they were wearing, so you wanted to explore. As you grow up, your style may change drastically, but it takes time to find out what works for you. We explore in this guide how you can explore new fashion aesthetics.  


Fashion changes over time, and this season there is a trend called “aesthetic” style that has gained attention. The foundation of this new movement is aesthetics, which takes into account the nature of beauty, art, and a taste for all that is appealing to the eye. 

Some examples of popular aesthetics are soft girl, grunge, academia and streetwear. Soft girl is clothes that are ‘cute’ and often pink and other warm colours while grunge is the opposite aesthetic which is mainly dark clothing. Then there is academia. The light academia is a formal and minimalist look, in light nude colours. Meanwhile, the dark academia style is made up of darker tones, mainly brown. Streetwear is one of the most popular since it’s based on being comfy, unisex, and oversized.  


When you go thrifting, you can find everything and anything in the shops which can help you identify and improve your new style. Thrift shops can be very affordable as well which means when you are exploring your new fashion aesthetic, it won’t cost you lots of money. Money can be an issue for people as it is difficult to keep buying expensive clothes while you are still figuring out what works for you and gives you that confidence.  


You can experiment with your current clothes or buy new ones and try several outfits on until you find something that you like. You can do small things such as trying to match a piece of clothing with shoes, a jacket, a top, and bottoms that are all the same colour but in slightly different tones. Alternately, combine patterns that go well together. Finding items that you may mix and match from your closet that are slightly the same colour and pattern can be difficult at first. 

While experimenting you should take photos and document your favourite outfits at the time so you can look back or show how far you have come. With a photo book, other people could use that as their own inspiration. You can make a photo book at My Social Book


Creating Pinterest boards means you can use other styles to try and find yours. Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest just wanting to have all the clothes that you liked in the pins? The best feature of Pinterest is that there is such a range of styles that there would be something there that would help inspire your next outfit.  

Social media  

Most people are on social media, and there is so much content on the platforms that you can help identify the styles and aesthetics that you like. There are also fashion ‘influencers’ who create videos about the clothes they like, and what they are wearing, or even show you how to create your own fashion piece that is similar to your style. Since social media is so big there are so many options to help you find several aesthetics.  

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