Grace Caroline Currey, Life, Career, Net Worth, Nude Photos Scandal

Grace Caroline Currey

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Grace Caroline Currey also known as Grace Fulton is a very famous actress, director, and dancer from Canada. She was born on July 17, 1996, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Talking about her parents, her father’s name is Mr Damian Fulton and her mother’s name is Mrs Fulton. As per her date of birth, she is now 28 years old. 

Her father is a very famous artist who normally paints. Just like Grace, her older brother is also a famous actor whose name is Soren Fulton. In the start, he appeared as a child star in minor television and film roles. 

He worked as an actor from 2000 to 2014. Just like her brother, her aunt is also an actress named Joan Shawlee. She played the role of Sweet Sue in the 1959 film “Some Like It Hot.”

Who is Grace Caroline Currey?

Who is Grace Caroline Currey
Grace Caroline Currey, Life, Career, Net Worth, Nude Photos Scandal

As I also discussed earlier Grace Caroline Currey is a very famous actress, dancer, and director. She is a very beautiful lady with beautiful cuts. She got recognition for her portrayal of Mary Bromfield in the DC extended University film Shazam (2019). 

She also worked in the sequel of the Shazam movie named “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” (2023). She also appeared in the horror film “Annabelle Creation” in 2017 and the survival thriller (2022).

Her father is an artist whereas her older brother performed minor roles in television and film industries during his childhood years from 2000 to 2014. Her mother’s name is Alisa and her aunt also played a role in the movie in 1959.


Grace started dating a boy named Branden John Currey but then she got engaged with him. After 2 years, she married him and is living a healthy life. Branden is a structural engineer and she married Grace Caroline Currey on June 26 2022 in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Colorado. 

The couple does not have any children yet both Grace Caroline Currey and Brandon love to go dancing, hiking, and traveling. You can see these things in her pictures on Instagram. They are a very happy couple and her husband supports Grace a lot.

Grace Caroline Currey’s career

Grace Caroline Currey's career
Grace Caroline Currey, Life, Career, Net Worth, Nude Photos Scandal

You will be surprised to know that she started her career as a child. Her first role was playing a four-year-old version of Heather Paige Kent’s character in 2001 in “That’s Life”. After that, when she grew up she played the role of Mary Bromfield in the 2019 movie named Shazam. 

It is a fabulous movie directed by David F. Sandberg. However,  In 2022, she was seen in the thrilling movie named “Fall” with Virginia Gardner. After that in 2023, she also played her role as Mary Brom Field in the Shazam film sequel named “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”.

Grace Caroline Currey Nude Photos Scandal

Grace Caroline Currey Nude Photos Scandal
Grace Caroline Currey, Life, Career, Net Worth, Nude Photos Scandal

In the entertainment world, all her fans were curious about the news of Grace Caroline Currey’s nude photos being leaked online. She is a very beautiful rising star mostly known for her amazing performances and stunning looks. 

She was worried and found herself at the center of a scandal that was spread all over the internet by storm. Unfortunately, she was also a part of the sensational headlines but it is better to take a step back and look at the bigger issues at hand.

First of all, it is very difficult to address the invasion of privacy that unfortunately Grace is experiencing. She is a public figure and is sad about exposing her personal life to the media. 

However, the release of her private moments without her consent is a serious violation of privacy. She should not take this thing lightly. So it is a question for all the celebrities that they should take these things seriously as it is a question about their privacy. 

Unfortunately in this society, women’s bodies are often seen for entertainment. But it should not happen like that. Unfortunately, this is our harmful culture damaging our stereotypes. But we all know very well that the importance of a lady is solely by physical appearance.

Net Worth

Grace is a very dedicated and beautiful American actress, dancer, and celebrity. In many films and TV shows, her most popular movies are Shazam, Annabelle Creation, and Fall. According to many sources, her net worth is estimated at 2 million to 5 million dollars.

Social media

Grace Caroline Currey has an Instagram account @smoregrace. She also has a Twitter account @smore_grace.

Grace Caroline Currey’s biography and Wiki

  • Real name: Grace Caroline Currey
  • Nickname: Grace
  • Profession: actress
  • Date of birth: July 17, 1996
  • Age: 28 years
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Birthplace: Vancouver British Columbia Canada
  • Religion: Christian
  • Ethnicity: wide white Caucasian appearance

Grace Caroline Curry Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

  • Height in meters: 1.70 m
  • Height in centimeters: 170 cm
  • Height in inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Weight in pounds: 110 pounds
  • Wait in kilograms: 50 kg
  • Body measurements’ 34 24 33 inches
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Mother name: Mrs Fultone
  • Father name: Demian Fultone

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Frequently asked questions

When and where was Grace Caroline Currey born?

She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada July 17, 1996. Keep this thing in mind that her original name was Fulton. We have no information about our early interest in acting but we know very well that she has been acting professionally since 2007.

What is she best known for?

Grace Caroline Currey is best known for her marvelous role in the Shazam movie in 2019 and then another movie “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” in 2023. However, most people know her for her amazing role in the horror film Annabelle Creation 2017 and later Alex in the thriller film Fall in  2022.

Did she win any awards for her acting

According to different resources, it is confirmed that Grace Caroline Currey has not won any major awards for her acting. 

Is Grace Caroline Currey married?

She is married to Branden Currey on Jan 26, 2022. Till now, she has no kids.


According to the above description, Grace Khan started her acting career at the age of only 4. Her mother desires to become a Hollywood star. After that, in 2001, she was on different projects namely, JAG and That’s Life. According to different resources, she was also a part of a theater for a long time. She is a very attractive and dedicated actress and after that, her career touched new Heights.

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