I’m Feeling Curious: Google Trick Facts (Ultimate Guide)

I'm Feeling Curious

Last updated on December 5th, 2023 at 12:05 am

Nothing is more miserable than getting disappointed in life in the workplace, a pavilion, or at home. There are many times when you feel like nothing you undertake will relieve your boredom. Moreover, due to Google, you can now eliminate tiredness by applying various techniques specifically made for you to keep you occupied. 

The “I’m feeling curious” trick is as insignificant as a decrease in a water-filled bucket. Google has many other tactics that are widely discussed and shared on the internet. People all have reason to assume that, even after all of its studies and findings, Google remains to have a good deal to offer; we have to wait and see.

There still are numerous other techniques available. There are various Lookup flow tips, for instance –, and many of them turn the main page into a zero-gravity location that would totally and utterly astonish your pals. 

There must be, however, a solid gravitational trick whereby everything on the Opening page falls to the bottom of the screen, as if in a higher-pressure condition.

What Is Google’s “I’m Feeling Curious” Gimmick?

Everything is in the name! It’s a simple trick in which you type “I m feeling curious” into the Google search box. A box with a random fact will appear on the screen.  In the box, you’ll find an issue and its response. “Why do stars twinkle?” can mean anything. It will also disclose the origin of the data so that readers can go to the website for additional information.

You’ll find an option to “Ask another question” just below the fact box. You can click it as often as you like, and Google will continue to display fascinating, exciting facts.

I’m Feeling Curious

“I’m Curious” Historical roots.

The actual location of the gimmick’s origin is unspecified. Google has made no public statement about it. It is most likely the result of the efforts of one or more enthusiastic staff members. Nevertheless, based on Google search trends, the trick may have been launched in 2015.

In September 2015, the term saw a significant increase in search queries. The increase in search results was most likely caused by individuals exploring the site for the first time. It sounds unlikely that large numbers of individuals from around the world discovered the trick simultaneously.

Nevertheless, google results for the term “I’m feeling curious” date to the beginning of the 2000s. But even so, before September 2015, there was little attention to the term. The more probable scenario would be that the gimmick was first initiated in September 2015. 

This resulted in many users discovering for the first time, which would describe the subsequent surge in intrigue within and around the period. Following that, attention to the term dropped precipitously.

A far less plausible but still legitimate scenario is that this trick originated before 2015 and was popular by someone. This is doubtful, however, because the phrase “I m feeling curious” is common for subscribers to type at unexpected times. As a result, the likelihood of only a few people enjoying that before 2015 is very low.

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Facts To Learn Before Adapting This Gimmick

There are other tips, such as making it difficult for people to use Google by constantly shifting notes from minor to capital cases. One way to learn about various such techniques is to Google them all. Each tip is so elaborate and comprehensive that it deserves its own story.

Nowadays, however, you can read “in-depth” regarding one of Google’s best-known and exciting tactics of all time: the “I’m feeling curious” trick. Before you’re able to master “I’m feeling curious,” you must first understand several concepts.

They are Going to begin. 

The “I’m feeling curious” trickery first showed up in 2015. In contrast to other strategies, Google introduced the system’s start. The official statement emphasizes the significance of the functionality, as all other techniques do not receive the same treatment.

This one was started in September 2015, so it has been available for nearly five years! Furthermore, because the feature is exciting and insightful, we can safely say that Google will not eliminate it.

It’s constructive –

This is when the “I m feeling curious” feature shines; the quality is very instructive, allowing you to divert your attention with infinite and entertaining evidence about almost any subject on the internet. For instance –, if you search “I’m Feeling Curious,” you’ll get a slew of questionnaires that most people have and never understand how to respond to. 

Is sign language comparable in many countries, according to one search engine? It is a legitimate point that you may not be aware of. It is also a discussion that any student considering studying sign language should consider. This is only one of the many examples of this intriguing Google feature.

Another question is, at what speed does the Earth orbit the Sun?

Your time on the excellent Lil tactic depends entirely on your personality. Several people can dedicate an entire day to devouring the limitless information Google provides. Others spend about 5 minutes before becoming fed up again.

Numerous people have commented on YouTube that such tidbits of knowledge are often quite valuable for the university and their careers. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll walk into such a job interview and receive a question from Google!

It Opens the Door to More Google Tactics –

As explained previously, the “I’m feeling curious” tactic is not Google’s one feature. This feature will provide access to numerous other Google techniques. “Get local time anywhere” is a great example. This option will enable you to access the start time of every city anywhere in the world in real-time. 

If you would like to standardize durations with your friends and family members outside, use the central time technique. Pc users will value this functionality because they will always have the best buddies who live outside the continent or from the other side of the world.

This is only one of 100s of Google trickery available for you to use. So unless you invest the time to learn even the simplest of these functionalities, you will notice the positive impact that software and Google have on your life.

The Use of the Trick

The trick benefits users in several ways. For starters, it alleviates loneliness. It is widespread for users to explore the web at unexpected times with no particular goal in mind. The app directs users to incoming knowledge. It may give rise to sectors in which they were previously unwilling to engage or underinformed.

The “ask another question” possibility can be used repeatedly to kill time. It combines information and entertainment and introduces thousands of individuals to new ideas. 

Able to spend about 10 to 15 minutes per day on the gimmick can vastly improve one’s background understanding. This can illuminate people of all ages, whether they’re eight or sixty years old. It aids in the development of broad information and a global understanding.

That’s highly effective for introverts who are obsessed with knowledge. It led directly onto a rabbit hole of increasing information and facts.

This could provide you with information that will be useful in real-world situations. It may, for example, direct you to sites dealing with crises such as cardiac arrest, cerebrovascular disease, or accidents. It can inform you how and when to extinguish a fire or about how to interact with a fire accident.

This event served the less emergency but useful purpose of trying to impress your classmates. Utilizing feature instills a person with numerous enticing facts such as:

  • Easter Island’s heads have bodies.
  • Goosebumps evolved to deter predators.
  • Moonquakes occur on the Moon.
  • Pineapples can help to tenderize meat.
  • Only man exists.
  • Gruen contributes to the development of the sensation of becoming disoriented in a shopping mall.
  • The bladder of the wood frog can be held for up to eight months.
  • Libya has the world’s hottest spot.
  • While flying, you can lose approximately a third of your taste receptors.
  • Humans and tree shrews are the only two animals that enjoy spicy food.

These random facts are unlikely to save your life or enhance your financial position. However, it provides entertaining conversation starters. Such tidbits of information could always just delight and inspire everyone around you. It will establish you as an educated and intelligent individual.

Awareness is becoming beneficial in an age when knowledge is abundant. The algorithm works by injecting intellectual statistics into a mainstream sphere that has become clogged by cheap entertainment.

It can also point the user to other Hidden things, such as:

  • I’m feeling fantastic and trendy.
  • I’m feeling fantastic and playful
  • I’m perplexed
  • I’m doodling
  • I’m generous
  • I’m artistic.
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This Trick’s Prospects

Users are unlikely to keep engaged with the same gimmick forever in this rapidly developing technology universe. It’s been around for over sixty months, and the popularization has subsided a little. However, it is still a famous trick that receives millions of views yearly.

It’s an excellent addition to today’s internet. It serves not only to provide enjoyment but also for learning purposes. Other developers have already created some options available to the algorithm. There is a website that has fun facts as one such substitute.

This one was invented in late 2019 during a period when the Search engine was unavailable. They are given their own “I’m feeling curious” exploration that returns one of their own 11,000 fun facts.

It is also far less than the potential of the Google trick, but it is still quite outstanding. It can also take you to their List of 100 Random Findings page. If the viewer is willing to devote time to the endeavor, this includes more detailed information.


“I’m feeling curious ” is undoubtedly one of Google’s most brilliant tricks.

It was hugely popular when it first came out and is still popular today. Sometimes nowadays, many Videos online demonstrating the trick are created. It tends to help millions of individuals from all over the globe kill frustration while learning.

It brings realities from a nearly infinite repository of data and uses them to guide people down new paths of knowledge. It is hoped that Google will continue improving the algorithm further and personalize it to address its users’ information-based blind spots.

In marked contradiction to other Google gimmicks, this one has been still in the mainstream sphere for years. So maybe it, too, will fade from popular memory and be overtaken by a newer trick. But even so, until that moment arrives, we can keep distracting ourselves with the gimmick and learn.

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