Everything About Emily Frlekin–JD Pardo’s Wife.

Emily Frlekin–JD Pardo's Wife

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Are you familiar with the concept of “opposite attracts”? If yes, then you must know how this theory applies to love life. One major example is the famous American couple JD Pardo and Emily Frlekin. They belong to different industries, but their chemistry is better than many celebrity couples.

JD Pardo is mainly famous for playing the lead role of Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes in a Mexican TV series, Mayans M.C. However, he became globally recognized after playing the role of Jack Toretto in the movie “F9.” In contrast, her wife is a social worker and businesswoman. She has dedicated her life to helping others and breaking the taboos of our society. 

In this blog, you will learn everything about Emily Frlekin and her love story with JD. So, keep reading it and get answers to all of your queries.

Who is Emily Frlekin?

Emily is a remarkable individual known for her relationship with JD. But that’s not all; she has contributed to society by working as a social worker. Emily volunteered several times as a project manager at The Black Card Circle Foundation. This foundation works for the betterment of needy people and provides financial and social help.

She enjoys working for charity, but that’s not her profession. Emily Frlekin owns a business named “Dude Paint,” which is a nail polish business based in Los Angeles, California.

Why Does Emily Named Her Business “Dude Paint”?

Dude Paint
Everything About Emily Frlekin–JD Pardo's Wife.

Emily Frlekin is an intelligent woman with wise ideologies. She has a son and a daughter, and she noticed that her son was interested in wearing nail polish, just like her daughter. But in our society, when a boy wears nail paint, he is labeled as gay. However, this is not true. Nail paints are a gender-neutral product; that’s why Emily named it “Dude Paint” just to normalize the above concept. You can also say that her business is dedicated to her son. Anyhow, this startup is proof that Emily is more than JD’s wife, and she has marked her spot in society.

Personal Details of Emily Frlekin

Personal Details of Emily Frlekin
Everything About Emily Frlekin–JD Pardo's Wife.

Emily Frlekin, a name that has been in the news for years, was born in April 1982. Raised in Santa Monica, California, Emily’s journey has been inspiring for many girls. Standing at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches, Emily Frlekin has a confident personality. Her warm brown eyes reveal a friendly spirit, with also reflected in her actions.

In addition, she maintains a healthy weight of around 58 kilograms, reflecting her commitment to well-being. These simple yet distinctive features make Emily relatable. Many fans want to see her show business, but she shows no interest in that area.

Marriage with JD Pardo

Marriage with JD Pardo
Everything About Emily Frlekin–JD Pardo's Wife.

One aspect of Emily’s life that has captured the public’s interest is her marriage to the talented actor JD Pardo. The couple tied the knot in 2010, and since then, they’ve become a symbol of love in the entertainment industry. 

Unfortunately, they never shared how they met. You can find many fake stories of their first meeting, but none of them are true. The chemistry between Emily and JD is not only evident in their personal life but also in the way they complement each other’s professional achievements.

Emily Frlekin And JD Children

Adding another layer to their story, Emily and JD Pardo are proud parents. The couple welcomed 2 children in their lives, one daughter in 2017 and a son in 2021. They have not shared their name on social media. But JD Pardo posts pictures with his children on Instagram that show his fatherhood side to the world. Fans pour love to every snap he uploads with his kid but they demand to disclose their names.

Early Life and Siblings

Jorge Daniel Pardo’s wife spent her childhood in a lovely family with five sisters and four brothers. She has a total of nine siblings, including Amanda Faith, Stephanie Arnow, Bethany Noël, Eva Frlekin, Nadia, Andy Frlekin, Scott Serauens, Grant Arnow, and James Ennis. According to some sources, her mother’s name is Angela Frlekin. There is no information on the internet about her father.

Music Band Member

Beyond her family life and business, Emily Frlekin is also known for her involvement in the music scene. She was a dedicated member of Shorty 101, a famous all-girl band in 2000. There were only 4 members in this band: Christiana Lund, Emily Frlekin, Stephanie Frlekin, and Blythe Hensley. They recorded one album with 6 songs in 2000, and after that, they all stopped working as a band.

Emily Frlekin’s Blog Website

You will be surprised to know that Emilt Frlekin also has a blog website, “Emily’s Travel Journal.” She has written several blogs for her website in the year 2011, but you won’t find any recent blogs on it. Most of her blogs are about the things she observed and experienced while traveling to different places, especially Argentina and Uganda.

Her blog portrays the love she has for her siblings and mother. Through heartfelt stories and candid photographs, her blog beautifully captures the deep bond she shares with her family. One of the articles on Emily’s website is about her thoughts on “The Wire Final Season.” The writing talent of Emily is another reason to get inspiration from her journey.

Social Media Presence of Emily Frlekin

If you want to connect with Emily Frlekin, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. She has a public account on Twitter, but her Instagram profile is private. Overall, Emily seems a private person because you won’t find a single photo of her on JD’s social platforms. Maybe the reason for keeping a low profile is to save herself from the negativity of the internet.

Some Facts About Emily Frlekin’s Husband 

Turning our attention to JD Pardo, Emily Frlekin’s husband, who was born on 

September 7, 1980, in Panorama City, California, USA. JD has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with notable roles in F9, Mayans M.C., and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. His career is full of ups and down but he never gave up. Moreover, JD has a massive fan following worldwide.

In 2007, JD Pardo earned a well-deserved nomination for an Imagen Award in the Best Actor – Television category for his compelling portrayal in “A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story” (2006) (TV). Fast forward to 2019 and 2020, where his outstanding performances in “Mayans M.C.” (FX Networks; 20th Television and FX Productions) earned him consecutive nominations for the Imagen Award for Best Actor – Television. 

The recognition continued into 2021, marking a significant achievement in his career. JD Pardo clinched the Imagen Award for Best Actor – Television (Drama) for his role in “Mayans M.C.” (FX Networks; 20th Television and FX Productions). 

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Final Thoughts:

Emily Frlekin is known as the wife of JD Pardo, who is a famous movie star. However, after researching about her life, I have realized that everyone should recognize Emily for her individual personality. She is a wonderful mother, social worker, and nail paint brand owner with a unique idea of business. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram to get more information about her personal and professional life.

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