105 Flirty & Dirty Questions To Ask Your Crush For Romance.

Questions To Ask Your Crush

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023 at 07:02 pm

If you have finally decided to take a step forward with your crush, then you must know all the right tricks to do so. You don’t necessarily have to tell them that you are interested; you can simply show it.

And this show of affection can be easily done by specific questions that will bring your crush closer to you and help you know them better. So, are you ready for these exciting and ice breaker questions that you can ask your crush?

Let’s dive in:

Ice-breaker Questions To Ask Your Crush.

If you don’t know a lot about the personality and preferences of your crush, this is your chance to know them a little better. These ice breaker questions will blow your mind.

Each answer will tell you something about their personality, and your crush will think that you are really interested in knowing them, so it is a win-win situation. 

Q.1: Do you have a celebrity crush? What do you like the most about them?

Q.2: What if you get a whole day just for self-care? What would you like to do on that day?

Q.3: How do you typically ask someone out? I just want to know how up is your flirting game? (End it with a wink)

Q.4: From eternal love and unlimited money, what would you choose and why?

Q.5: Who is your favorite singer and why?

Q.6: Would you rather travel the whole world or stay in the house with all the necessary supplies?

Q.7: What do you see yourself doing in the next 10-15 years?

Q.8: If you could go out with an actor, who would you pick and why?

Q.9: Do you think a lot before going to bed? What do you think about it usually?

Q.10: What do you do on your spare days to feel relaxed and happy?

Q.11: Would you rather have a dog or a cat?

Q.12: What is the thing that makes you attracted to someone, their looks or their intellect?

Q.13: What is the one selfless deed that you have done for someone?

Q.14: Did you have a phobia in the past? How did you get over it?

Q.15: What is your genuinely bad habit? Not the one that I trust too easily or I am too sensitive, the genuine one.

Q.16: What is the biggest secret that you have never told anyone?

Q.17: Have you ever gone through the pain of one-sided love?

Q.18: Have you ever faced rejection from a person you thought loves you back?

Q.19: What is the thing that you would like to change about your life?

Q.20: Do you think about any incident that made you the person you are today?

Q.21: Is there any person you owe your success or career to? Who and why?

Q.22: Have you ever cried in the bathroom the whole night? Why?

Q.23: Is there any weird thing that turns you on, but other people find it weird?

Q.24: What is the best compliment you have ever received?

Q.25: How would you describe yourself? An angry person or a calm person?

Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush.

These are the questions that will not only help you make a conversation with your crush, but they are perfect for teasing them a little and hinting to them that you really like them.

If you top these questions off with an occasional grin or wink, it would be a cherry on top, and your crush will start getting hints that you really like them.

Q.26: Do you feel safe around me? Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?

Q.27: What is an immediate turn-on for you?

Q.28: Do you see us being more than friends somewhere in the future?

Q.29: What is your dream boy/girl? Tell me everything.

Q.30: What is something that you love the most about me?

Q.31: If you have to dedicate a song to me, what would that song be and why?

Q.32: What was your first impression of me? Was I an immediate turn-on (wink)?

Q.33: What is the habit of someone that immediately turns you off?

Q.34: What is your dream date? Where do you want it to be?

Q.35: Which one is your favorite type of kiss?

Q.36: Are you a helpless romantic or really practical person when in a relationship? Follow it up by saying, “I indeed am a hopeless romantic.”

Q.37: What would be your first instinct if I kiss you right now? Would you kiss me back?

Q.38: Do you ever make the first move in a relationship?

Q.39: Are you into holding hands? Would you mind if I hold your hands right now?

Q.40: You would either love to be called sexy or beautiful?

Q.41: What would be the best gift that I can give you?

Q.42: Is there anything that you wanted to tell me for so long but never got the courage to say?

Q.43: Who is the first person that comes to your mind when you hear the word “love”?

Q.44: Do you think things would have been better if I had been with you in your lowest times?

Q.45: Do you think I make a difference in your life? Would it affect you if I am not in it anymore?

Q.46: Do you want to improve something in me to make me a perfect “boyfriend material?”

Q.47: If you have to describe me in 3 words, what would those words be?

Q.48: If you had to describe the bond between us in 3 words, what would those words be?

Q.49: If you are in a problem, would you ever count on me?

Q.50: Do you think I am good enough to date a beautiful and intelligent girl?

Deep Questions To Ask Your Crush.

Once you are done with the ice breakers and a little flirt, it is time to talk about the reality of life and relationships. This part is going to cover really deep questions.

It will help you really know your crush and will also tell you a lot about their past life, childhood traumas, and everything that can make your bond stronger.

Q.51: What was your most painful breakup? What was the reason behind it?

Q.52: What is the scariest memory of your childhood?

Q.53: Is there anything that you would want to change about your childhood?

Q.54: Do you think you can be in a true and committed relationship?

Q.55: Did any of your relationships teach you a lesson that helped you a lot in life?

Q.56: Do you think you are into commitments and would not mind marrying the right person?

Q.57: Have you ever felt unloved and abandoned in your life?

Q.58: What is the darkest memory of your teenage that you want to forget?

Q.59: If you have a choice to patch up with any one of your past relationships, would you do that?

Q.60: What was the thing that gave you a phobia of relationships and commitments?

Q.61: Do you consider yourself responsible for your breakups in the past? Why?

Q.62: Have you ever felt really lonely in your life?

Q.63: Is there any family member that you never want to meet in your life.

Q.64: Do you think true love cannot be found anymore?

Q.65: Do you think you have achieved everything you wanted to as a child?

Q.66: Would your childhood self be proud of you right now?

Q.67: If you could give advice to your teenage self, what would that be?

Q.68: If you have to choose between casually going out or a long-term relationship, what would you choose?

Q.69: What is something that you want to achieve in your life but know that it is impossible?

Q.70: Who is the person that you used to meet every day but now don’t want to see ever again?

Q.71: Did you ever give up on your career? Why?

Q.72: Is there anyone according to you who truly understands you?

Q.73: How was your relationship with your parents?

Q.74: If you are given a chance, would you want to live this same life all over again?

Q.75: Do you think that your traumas have made you stronger or weaker?

Questions That Can Make You Irresistible.

Who does not like occasional compliments? But the following questions will certainly make your crush fall for you because they will be talking about everything your crush wants to hear.

Though it would take some time, rest assured, these questions have a profound effect on people, so use them in a conversation and get your crush.

Q.76: Were you this good-looking since childhood, or is it a teenager transformation thing?

Q.77: Would you mind if I ever take you to your dream date?

Q.78: Do you think I can be a good life partner?

Q.79: When did I make you the happiest?

Q.80: From where do you get this humor?

Q.81: Would you like to get a massage from me if I was a masseur?

Q.82: How are you single? I mean, just look at you.

Q.83: Do you enjoy going out with me? Would you want to do it for the rest of your life?

Q.84: Is there anything crazy that you want to do with me?

Q.85: What love is according to you?

Q.86: Is there any part of your body that you like to be kissed at?

Q.87: Do you feel anything when talking to me?

Q.88: If I propose to you right now, would you be happy or shocked?

Q.89: Would you let me take care of you if you ever get sick?

Q.90: How much I mean to you?

Q.91: Is there anything that you find irresistible in me?

Q.92: If we kiss right now, do you think it would be the best kiss of your life?

Q.93: Did you ever feel a rush of emotions when you are around me?

Q.94: What is my biggest personality trait?

Q.95: If we ever had a relationship in the future, do you think it would lead to something?

Q.96: Have you ever made out with a stranger?

Q.97: Is there anything in me that puts you off?

Q.98: Have you ever just wanted to tear my clothes off?

Q.99: What was your worst sex experience?

Q.100: Have you seen porn movies?

Q.101: What is your favorite porn actor/actress?

Q.102: Can you undress me with just your mouth?

Q.103: Is there a sexy scene from a movie that you want to do with me?

Q.104: What’s your favorite sex position with me?

Q.105: What is your favorite type of lingerie?


All of the above questions are going to be a massive help if you are going to move a step forward with your crush. Make sure to be a good listener and participate in the conversation to make them think that you really are interested.

Whenever you ask them a question, look right into their eyes, this works all the time and makes your question much more interesting than it already is. Now you are perfectly ready to win it all so, go for it.

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