A 3-Step Guide On Making Your Eyewear Last Longer


Last updated on March 26th, 2024 at 11:49 pm

Breaking up with your favourite fashion accessory is neither pleasant, nor necessary. Especially if it is the most perfect pair of sunglasses you ever bought. We’ve all been there right?

It’s time to stop taking your eyewear for granted and start taking care of them. As long as you treat them right, you never have to go worry about replacing your perfect pair. Read our guide and give yours sunglasses a refreshed, prolonged life!

Step 1: Clean

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A 3-Step Guide On Making Your Eyewear Last Longer

Cleaning your lenses the right way is of the utmost importance. You can either use a lens cleaning solution or warm water for this.

Start by spraying some lens cleaner on your glasses. Next, take a microfiber cloth and gently wipe your lenses. Avoid using any other cloth, which can easily scratch the coatings on your lens. If you’re using warm water, wait for your glasses to air dry before wiping with the cloth. This ensures maximum safety from scratches.

Step 2: Care

A 3-Step Guide On Making Your Eyewear Last Longer

When it comes to eyewear care, there are certain cardinal sins you must avoid. Firstly, you must never wear your glasses on your head. This can loosen the hinges before time and you will have to say goodbye to the snug fit of your frames.

Secondly, you must always wear and remove your frames with both your hands. Using only one hand can cause the frames to lose their shape and become tilted. Additionally, always place your frames down with the lenses facing upwards. This protects them from scratches, dust and breakage.

Step 3: Store

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A 3-Step Guide On Making Your Eyewear Last Longer

Last but not least, storing your frames correctly is another neglected yet important means of prolonging the life of your frames. In other words, invest in a good eyewear case and always carry that case with you.

There are three main factors to consider while buying a case. You must choose a strong and sturdy case. The case should also have a soft inner lining so that your lenses stay protected. Lastly, the size of the case must be appropriate to fit your glasses comfortably. As long as you use a durable and strong eyewear case, your relationship with your favourite pair of glasses stays safe!

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