Top Trouser Trends in 2024 For Men To Keep An Eye Out For


Gentlemen, do you want to spruce up your wardrobe for 2024?

You may have put the latest sneakers or statement jackets in your wishlist, but how are you going to pull those looks off without some truly epic trousers? The right pair of trousers or pants can make or break a look and, while many men don’t really think about their trousers and how they look, they can easily dull any trending tops, shoes or even coats that you have gotten. 

So, rather than opt for skinny jeans, why not consider the current trends in men’s pants to help give you an edge whether you are going to work or are going out for a night on the town? 

Baggy Jeans

Associated with the grunge era of the 1990s, as well as being linked to hip-hop in the late 2010s, baggy denim jeans have done a full circle and are now trending. 

OK, so you won’t be able to wear them to work (unless you have a very relaxed job), but if you are hanging out with friends, going on a date, or just having a fun night out, these are a simple and fun way to dress up your look. Best of all, you can pair them with trainers, sneakers, boots…whatever you want! They may not go so well with formal, black shoes, though.

Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy was once the material of academics, as well as being linked to rather bookish men in fiction. However, in recent times, it has become one of the must-have clothing items for men. If you wear it correctly, a pair of corduroy trousers can make for an indispensable clothing item.

In 2024, it appears that corduroy trousers in red, sandy tones and even deep green are trending. So, opt for those colours if you want to be bang on trend this season!

Wool Trousers

Before you say, ‘Where is the style of wool trousers?’ just hold your horses!

They are a favorite of stylists, and in 2024, it appears that they are still going strong. 

The best part of wool trousers is that you can dress them down with a pair of sneakers, or you can dress them up with a pair of leather shoes. If you want to pull these off with a hipster look, pair them with brogues!

Twill Chinos

You knew chinos were going to be on this list! 

Made from heavy cotton and woven together to make a surface that is made from parallel ridges, twill chinos can be worn to the office or even during a night out. They are also hardy, meaning that if you scuff them, they will still look amazing!

Linen Trousers

From wool to linen, linen pants are ideal for those hotter days and nights in the city. 

They can provide you with a breathable fabric that looks stylish, no matter if it is paired with a t-shirt or a suit! Just make sure that if you want to be on trend, your linen pants are in one of the deeper blues or browns, especially in 2024!

Loose Fit Trousers

Remember earlier when skinny jeans were mentioned? It seems that men and male fashion designers are fed up with those tightly fitted clothing options. So, it seems that in 2024, a pair of trousers that all men need to have is a pair that is loose fit. These options combine looking relaxed during the day while also being appealing at night. 

The style of these trousers does call back to the 1950’s and, in the same way that the other items on this list can be paired with dark, formal shoes or even sneakers, loose fit trousers can too. 

Drawstring Trousers

Before you panic, no, the meaning here is not jogging bottoms! Save those for runs or when you are at the gym. Smart drawstring trousers are considered, by many stylists, to be the best piece of clothing that men can wear. They are comfortable, they can be made from cotton, linen or denim and, of course, they can be paired with a sports coat, a t-shirt or even a trench coat, all while looking striking.

If you want to be on trend for 2024, it seems that for drawstring trousers, dark colours are best avoided and, in true summer fashion, you should opt for brighter colors. Brighter blues, greens and oranges are ideal for this trouser type. For a more professional look, why not choose a pair of drawstring trousers in pinstripe?

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