A Discussion over Different Pink.Diamond Types


Last updated on March 26th, 2024 at 11:50 pm

Diamonds have the charm to bring a smile to anyone’s face. While white diamonds are a favourite, the rare pink diamonds are the most worthy option to surprise someone. If you wish to dive into the world of pink.diamond, you must know the basics of it first. Pink diamonds are rare and so they are also expensive. Now, the price of these pink diamonds will depend upon the various types. So, let us discuss the various types of pink diamonds available that you can choose for your engagement ring or your wife’s next diamond necklace.

Shades of Pink

Diamonds get a pink hue when dirt enters their molecules during their formulation in coal mines. Now, there can be several shades of pink based on the amount of dirt that gets trapped. Moreover, there are eight different shades of pink diamond that experts have come across till now. Light, faint, very light, and fancy are the major variants. Now in the category of fancy pink shade, there are several variants and these are light, intense, vivid, dark, and deep.

Colour Combinations

Pink diamonds are not just available in different shades of pink. They are also available in different colour combinations. When we talk about colour combinations, it is not just a combination of two different pink shades, but rather a combination of the pink colour with some other colour. You will find the pink hue combined with other shades like brown and orange. Some of the commonly found combination pink diamonds are brownish pink, light brown pink, and brownish orange pink.

Pink.Diamond Shapes

Similar to the usual diamonds, pink diamonds are also available in varied shapes and cuts. They are available in round, oval, pear, heart, and marquise shapes. Also, fancy pink diamonds are available in different cuts like radiant and cushion according to your choice. The different shapes of the diamonds are used in manufacturing of different jewelry masterpieces like rings, necklaces, earrings, and many more.

Which Pink Diamond is Most Expensive?

As pink diamonds are found in different colours and shapes, these factors determine the price majorly. If you know about diamonds, you will know that brilliant round-cut diamonds are the most expensive pieces. So, even in pink diamonds, the round-shaped ones are expensive. However, in the case of pink diamonds, colour is another essential factor that determines the diamond’s cost. The cost of the pink diamonds is determined by the purity of the pink hue. So, colour combination diamonds can be easily considered at the bottom of the price list of pink diamonds.

When you ask about the most expensive one, then it has to be the fancy vivid pink diamond because of its pure deep pink shade. While pink.diamond is a rarely available rock only in some selected parts of the world, many laboratories have started manufacturing them too. But as the manufacturing process of these diamonds is also quite complicated, they are still rare. Of course, something that is beautiful and worth surprising to anyone has to be rare and expensive, isn’t it!!

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