What Is The No Mercy In Mexico Video? 

What Is The No Mercy In Mexico Video

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023 at 08:33 pm

Have you watched the shocking “No Mercy In Mexico” video? It went viral on TikTok and other platforms, showing a father and son being brutally executed by a drug cartel in Mexico. If you have not watched it, you have saved yourself from getting traumatized. 

Many people felt anxiety and were traumatized for weeks after watching the brutal video. In this blog, I will discuss the content of the “No Mercy In Mexico” video, its psychological effects, and the response of the government and social media.

What Is The No Mercy In Mexico Video?

The video, reportedly filmed in Zacatecas, shows a man and his teenage son kneeling on the ground, surrounded by armed men wearing masks and bulletproof vests. The father begs for mercy while the son cries and hugs him. The cartels tortured the father by injuring him using sharp objects and then shot him. The son watched this horrific murder and got killed by his throat and neck slashed. They both were dead on the spot.

According to some sources, the father and son were members of a rival gang kidnapped and tortured before being killed. The video was allegedly a message to warn other enemies of the cartel.

How Did ‘No Mercy In Mexico’ Video Become Viral?

The video was posted on a Documenting Reality website in January 2018. It started getting viral in recent years when someone reposted it on TikTok. After this, many people utilized snippets from the original “No Mercy in Mexico” video to create their own TikToks and reels connected to the initial content. 

Some people did it intending to raise awareness about the heartbreaking incident, while others did it for fun and to gain more followers. You can find many accounts on TikTok with the name “No Mercy In Mexico,” showing the insensitivity of this generation. The hashtag #nomercyinmexico also went viral on Twitter. You can find the video on every platform, including Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Drug Cartels In Mexico

Drug cartels are the culprits of violence and dreadfulness, as seen in the “No Mercy Mexico” video. They are driven by a complex web of factors, primarily financial gain through drug trafficking, extortion, and other illegal activities. Drug cartels profit from the drug trade, encouraging them to maintain their power through violence.

Cartel uses a hierarchical structure, often with a single leader or a small group of leaders at the top. They recruit members by offering financial benefits or power. The drug war in Mexico is due to poverty, corruption, and ineffective law enforcement. Unfortunately, rich people in the US also demand illegal drugs, which is also the reason for the drug trade through Mexico.

Public Reactions On Social Media 

The no-mercy video has sparked outrage and horror among the public, who have condemned the brutality of the cartels. After the video went viral, it faced a backlash from social media users.

Some users shared it to raise awareness about the incident. However, many netizens disapproved of the video and commented against it. They felt that it could impact the viewers’s mental health. It is crucial to approach such content with caution and prioritize the welfare of anyone who might see these videos.

Everyone should use social media platforms responsibly. Users should also refrain from sharing and creating videos that promote violence and show traumatizing incidents. One viewer commented below the video that he felt increased heartbeat and anxiety while watching the No Mercy in Mexico video.

The majority of people showed empathy towards the deceased and their family. People expressed their sadness and anger through commenting or tweeting. They have also shared how much the video affected them emotionally.

Psychological Effects Of Witnessing Violence

Witnessing violence on video through social media can have various psychological effects on the viewers. These effects can vary depending on the exposure type, frequency, intensity, and the individual’s coping skills and social support. Some possible effects are the following:


It can cause severe anxiety and increased fear, anger, sadness, or helplessness. You will feel these symptoms for a few days or maybe a month.

Vicarious Trauma:

Some viewers may also experience vicarious trauma, a form of emotional distress that occurs when someone is exposed to the suffering of others. 


Watching ‘No Mercy In Mexico Video’ can lead to symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, avoidance, or numbness. 

Feeling Unsafe:

Witnessing violence can also affect your beliefs and attitudes about the world, such as feeling less safe, less trusting, or more cynical. 

Government Response To ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ Video?

The government of Mexico has stated in response to the recent report by Human Rights Watch. It has documented widespread torture, enforced disappearances, and extrajudicial killings by security forces. 

The government is committed to respecting and protecting human rights. They have taken measures to prevent and punish these crimes, including creating a special prosecutor’s office and reforming the criminal justice system. They are also providing training and oversight to the police and military. The statement also said that the government is willing to cooperate with international human rights mechanisms and welcomes constructive dialogue and recommendations from civil society organizations.

Where Can I Watch The ‘No Mercy In Mexico’ Video?

The video has been deleted from every legal platform, such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. You cannot find the video online because it violates the policy of social media apps. The reason for deletion is the content’s sensitivity. You should avoid watching this brutal video even if you find it. It can impact your mental wellness.tik


“No Mercy In Mexico” showed the dark side of the country. It portrayed the unsafe environment for the Mexicans. Sharing it on different social media platforms and using the hashtag to gain views was the most bizarre thing one could do. Fortunately, some people are sensible enough to comment against it. The Mexican government should also take serious action against the culprits behind this brutal killing. A multifaceted approach is needed to fight this issue, including addressing social and economic inequalities and strengthening law enforcement.

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