What Is Fossil Island OSRS? You Need To Know Everything.

What Is Fossil Island OSRS

Last updated on March 20th, 2024 at 02:40 am

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a game, and Fossil Island is a location within that game. 

OSRS is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It was developed and published by Jagex. 

In OSRS, you can make your character, go on exciting journeys, improve your skills, complete missions, and get into fights with monsters or other players. It provides a variety of interesting things to do and hurdles to overcome as players make their way through the game.

What is Fossil Island?

Fossil Island is a special place in the game Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It’s like an island full of adventures, but you need to be a member to go there. On Fossil Island, you can do many things, like cleaning fossils, fighting creatures called Ancient Wyverns, growing herbs, setting up birdhouses, and even exploring underwater areas. 

This island has some unique creatures and places that you can visit to make the game more fun and exciting. Let’s start learning some prime things about this game. 

How to Play Fossil Island? 

Fossil Island in Old School RuneScape is a cool place to explore. To get there, you first need to finish the “Bone Voyage” quest.

You can get to Fossil Island by using the barge found in the northeast part of Varrock, close to the Digsite, or If you have a Digsite pendant, you can instantly teleport to Fossil Island using it. 

Once you’re on the island, there is a lot to do. You can help out at the museum camp by cleaning fossils, going underground with the Mycelium Transportation System, or hunting Ancient Wyverns for valuable stuff. You can also grow herbs, put up birdhouses, or check out the Sulphur Lizards for fun.

Don’t forget to explore the quests and adventures connected to Fossil Island. They bring extra stories, challenges, and rewards, making your journey more enjoyable.

Where is Fossil Island?

Fossil Island, a unique area near Morytania, is exclusively available to members (pay-to-play) and offers a range of skill training opportunities.

Fossil Island is surrounded by seven islands around it, in which only one island is accessible during Dragon Slayer 2. 

You can visit Fossil Island after you finish the Bone Voyage quest and collect at least 100 kudos points.

How to Unlock Fossil Island Teleport?

To unlock the Fossil Island teleport at the dig site, use the southernmost strange machine found in the House on the Hill, northeast of the Museum camp. This machine lets you teleport to a specific house. 

Inside that house, there is a Magic Mushtree that’s important for the Mycelium Transportation System, which helps you move around Fossil Island. But here is the thing: this transportation method only works if you discover it by walking to where the tree is.

How to Get to Fossil Island? 

In order to reach Fossil Island, you have to follow these steps;

Complete the Bone Voyage Quest 

Before you can visit Fossil Island, it is important to complete the Bone Voyage quest.

Collect 100 Kudos Points 

Make sure that you have a minimum of 100 kudos points. You can earn kudos points by helping the Varrock Museum with various tasks and activities. 

Use the Barge 

First, you will have to travel to the Digsite, situated in the northeast of Varrock. From there, you can take a ferry to Fossil Island. All you need to do is have a chat with the Barge Guard to set up your journey.

Alternative Transport 

There are also a few other methods to reach Fossil Island;

  1. You can unlock the teleport to the Mushtree House on Fossil Island by visiting the locations at least once using a Digsite pendant.
  2. You can also use the glider transportation system to get close to the Digsite and then take the ferry to Fossil Island.

Main Areas in Fossil Island

Here are some main areas of this game;

Museum Camp

The Museum Camp is located nearby when you first reach Fossil Island. You can construct it using your construction skills and the necessary supplies, making it even more useful for players.


Numerous ash piles surround the Volcano, and players have the opportunity to mine these ash piles. It’s important to note that this ash mining is different from volcanic mine activity.

Mushroom Forest 

in the northwest part of the island, you will find the Mushroom Forest, which offers several activities;

  • You can engage in battles against Ancient Zygomites as part of Zygomite Slayer tasks.
  • You can plant mahogany and teak trees in the tree patches.
  • You can harden fossils using the Mycelium Pool.
  • You can complete Slayer tasks involving Fossil Island Wyverns by venturing into the Wyvern cave.
  • You can follow and capture herbiboars to earn Hunter experience and gather extra herbs.

House on the hill

The house on the hill can be reached by climbing the hill in the southern part of the Mushroom Forest. Inside the house, various machines can be used to enhance a dig site pendant. Alternatively, if you have previously visited the magic much tree and unlocked its teleportation, you can use it to access this part of the island.

In the basement of the hilltop house, you will find multiple stone chests that can be examined by inserting a numulite. These chests may contain notes that you can add to your Fossil Island notebook or even an ancient diary, along with a pile of books.

Wyvern Cave 

You can eliminate the wyverns as part of a Slayer task. However, it is important to note that you cannot deploy a Dwarf multi-cannon within the cave.


There is a big underwater area on the island, but to get there, you first need to take a rowboat to a small island with a bank chest. From there, you can dive into the water and explore beneath the surface.

In this underwater section, you will find a special farming patch where you can grow giant seaweed, and it is also a place where seaweed spores can be found. However, there is a catch: your character will start running out of breath underwater unless they’re wearing a fishbowl helmet and diving gear. 

If you happen to run low on oxygen and don’t have the right gear, you can catch and eat pufferfish to get your breath back and keep exploring underwater.

Tar Swamp

In the southwest part of the island, there is a big swamp. To get through it, you will need a rake to clear thin vines and an axe for the thicker ones. This swamp is where you can find Sulliuscep mushrooms, a special kind found in RuneScape.

And in the southern part of this area, you might meet a creature called the “Deranged Archaeologist.”

What to Do on Fossil Island? 

Fossil Island has a range of things to do, and there is a list of “Things to do on Fossil Island” on a board. When you finish each section of these tasks, you will receive five fossils when you talk to a man named Peter. You might be wondering what these fossils are used for.

You collect fossils while you are doing various activities on the island. The main purpose of these fossils is to collect and create displays at Varrock Museum. When you do this, you will get small experience lamps and extra Kudos.

The main activities players find useful on Fossil Island include Birdhouse Runs, Hunting Herbiboars, Growing Hardwood Trees, Sulliuscep Woodcutting, and Growing Giant Seaweed. Additionally, there are some less popular activities like Driftnet Fishing, Underwater Agility/Thieving, and Mining Volcanic Ash.

Monsters to Kill in Fossil OSRS

When you play Fossil Island, Look out for these monsters;

Deranged Archaeologist

The demi-boss known as “The Deranged Archaeologist” is actually quite simple to defeat, as long as you stay alert. It can harm you for up to 70 points, but if you steer clear of its special attack, you’ll be just fine.

However, it’s important to note that the money you earn per hour from defeating this demi-boss is not very high, and it does not have any especially valuable items to drop.

Ammonite Crabs 

Ammonite Crabs are another unique feature of Fossil Island. Ammonite Crabs are a part of Fossil Island, and they are a bit of a hidden gem for players with lower to mid-level accounts. These crabs are often overlooked, but they are a good option for training. 

They can dish out the same amount of damage as sand crabs but have 40 extra health, which makes them great for AFK (away from keyboard) training. Plus, you will usually find fewer players here, so it is less crowded compared to other AFK training spots in the game.

What is Combat on Fossil Island? 

In terms of combat, Fossil Island adds the excitement of facing new creatures and a challenging demi-boss. There are Fossil Island Wyverns in two different caves—one designed for slayer tasks and the other open for everyone.

Most players prefer to go after the weaker version of these wyverns because they don’t drop particularly valuable items, and it takes more time to defeat them compared to other monsters. However, it is important to know that these creatures are the only ones that can drop a special item called a “wyvern visage.”

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So, in this article, we learned many things about OSRS Fossil Island. It is an exciting game, offering many activities and challenges for players.

From birdhouse runs to combat encounters, the island also has challenging creatures like the Deranged Archaeologist and Ammonite Crabs, which are great for training.

Whether you are after skill training or rare drops, Fossil Island provides a fun and rewarding experience. This shows how the game remains popular and keeps bringing new adventures to its classic world.

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