Watch Movies on ( Without Getting Hacked?

Last updated on March 16th, 2024 at 12:25 am

Turkish drama series are very popular in Western countries and South America. People love to watch their movies or series even if they do not speak Turkish as their primary language of communication. Moreover, People who are  interested in Turkish  comedy and love series will love to watch their TV series with English subtitles. Many people in Turkey are constantly looking for new websites or applications to enjoy TV shows and watch their favorite shows with English subtitles. If you are interested in watching the Turkish series, keep reading this article. We have a fantastic recommendation for the Turkish123 com.

All right, everyone! You cannot work without this app. Read our entire article to learn everything you need to know about this app that will make sure you enjoy their latest content.

What is the app?

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Watch Movies on ( Without Getting Hacked?

This well-known app is aimed only at users interested in watching Turkish TV series, and the software includes the ability to view English subtitles. To enjoy the latest TV shows, you should download an application called Turkish123 com. You don’t have to pay to see more than 150 different programs available in the extensive collection. You can enjoy popular TV shows such as Ada Masali Cam Tavanler, Zalim Istanbul, ertugral, and kara para ask.

Now you can watch all your favorite TV shows from the comfort of your home with just a few clicks. In addition to this, the software also provides subtitles and dubbing. So you can enjoy your viewing to the fullest. The show also has Arabic subtitles for viewers.

Features of the Turkish123 App

  •  It is a Lightweight app and can be efficiently run on any device.
  •  The content library is updated daily, so you never miss a new show or series.
  • All content is dubbed in Arabic with English subtitles.
  • The video is available in high definition and SD quality.
  • The streaming speed of the app is excellent.
  • All turkey drama performances are available with Arabic dubbing and English subtitle
  • Various contents are prepared.
  • It is an ad-free app.

How safe is Turkish123 app to use?

The people who love TV series use this app as a reliable and secure platform to watch online shows for free and discuss each other’s thoughts and ideas. There are no viruses or other malicious programs in the source code. It is hard to believe that such a dangerous app can exist for such a long time or have such great support from neighbors. As a direct result, we can clearly say that its website is reliable.

Is Illegal?

The site itself is virus-free. You can easily access pirated content that can be viewed on any computer or mobile device without installing additional software. However, you are putting yourself at risk by discovering illegally downloaded content that can warn the author of your favorite episode or movie that the work is available in the app.

It indicates that if they find it, they are more likely to remove it from the streaming website it was found on. Because, if something like this happens, all copies will be destroyed! So you can not watch any of these episodes again.

How to download

Just click the icon to download and launch the application. Before starting the installation, you must make changes to your device settings.

For Android users:

  • See options available in the device settings.
  • Select “Security” from the drop-down list.
  • Then select the opportunity to download programs from unknown sources.

 Apple product users:

  • Open the Phone Settings menu and select General.
  • Click the “Trust Application” symbol to complete the file download.

How Can I Watch Movies and TV Series on Turkish123 Without Getting Hacked?

If you decide to use this app  despite the risks, here are some safety tips.

  • Do not watch these episodes or movies on your computer or phone, as they may contain viruses. Do not download software or applications to watch.
  • Use a VPN like NordVPN to access the app  while watching action, suspense, drama, and anime episodes. If you want to watch the series online for free with English subtitles, you don’t need to register! It just protects your identity (while gaining access).
  • A VPN hides the websites you visit from prying eyes, such as a hacker trying to steal your personal information by rooting your internet connection.

How to use the Turkish123 App?

Once the app is installed on your mobile device, whether a phone or a tablet, ensure the app has a profile set up. After that, you can watch your favorite drama series through the app. App navigation can be relatively easy. Select a video by clicking on the thumbnail, and the video will start playing. You can watch the entire movie on the site and even download it.


  • We mainly found positive reviews for this site.
  • Any malware phishing activity is not detected.
  • This app is trusted.


  • Site owners use paid services to hide their identity from WHOIS
  • As we experienced, this app has both positive and negative reviews.

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What type of content does it contain?

 With the app You can get access to over 16 different TV series, including , O Hayat Benim, Damacı Mehmet, Çift Yönlü, and Ankara Güneşi. It also provides news footage and the best documentaries. Moreover, this app also provides access to live TV channels.

Is it available in certain countries?

This TV show app is free and legal because it is made in Turkey. This app is unavailable on the Apple App Store and Google Play, so you need to download the local version of the app. This application can be downloaded in any country. Click the “Free Trial” button to learn more about downloading  content.

Is it against the law to watch Turkish television online?

The answer is yes if it was done without consent and not through legal pathways. You can watch TV series online for free with English subtitles only on official services like Netflix, WatchTurks, and Hulu. The content on these websites is of very high quality, and the site’s creators write all episodes so that you won’t find any malware or viruses.


In the case of online security, you never know what kind of malicious content might lurk on the internet. That’s why it’s a good idea to take some precautions before streaming through this app. First, you should update your antivirus software to the latest version.

Also, when browsing this app , use a VPN to encrypt your traffic and protect yourself against potential cyber threats. Finally, do not share your login credentials with anyone. If you run into problems while streaming or watching a movie or TV show through this app, you may put yourself at risk of someone trying to access your account.

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