Take Your Jeep To the Next Level: Top Accessories for Jeep Lovers

Take Your Jeep To the Next Level

Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 09:09 pm

When your Jeep rolled off the assembly line, it came with power, comfort, and performance from thoughtful design and construction. Now, you can make it truly yours. Upgrading your 4×4 with carefully chosen car accessories can enhance all these benefits and more. This brief guide offers some great recommendations for customizing your Jeep. 

Comfortable Fitted Seat Covers

Seat covers are popular Jeep Compass accessories. They offer many benefits for your vehicle: improved comfort, upholstery protection, and customized style. With so many brands and models available, you have lots of options from which to choose. 

Commonly used seat cover materials include neoprene, vinyl, polyester, leatherette, and nylon webbing. Each of these comes with a unique composition and specific advantages:

  • Neoprene: A durable waterproof synthetic rubber. Most types are UV-resistant, comfortable, and soft to the touch.
  • Vinyl: A synthetic polymer that’s durable, water-resistant, easy to clean, and affordable. 
  • Polyester: A breathable fabric made from synthetic polymers. Key benefits include durability, easy maintenance, and softness.
  • Leatherette: A vinyl material made to look and feel like genuine leather. Like vinyl, leatherette is sturdy, wear-resistant, water-resistant, and simple to keep clean.
  • Nylon webbing: A synthetic material blending nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and cotton. Benefits include breathability, extreme durability, and ease of maintenance. 

When shopping for Jeep seat covers, you may also see seat covers with mixed materials. These combine the benefits of different fabrics and give your interiors a unique look. Select a seat cover model and material that best suits your lifestyle. If you frequently go off-roading in near water or wet conditions, neoprene may be your best bet. If you need extreme durability, look for one with nylon webbing.  

Floor Protection From Dirt and Spills

Floor mats and liners shield your Jeep’s floors and carpeting from spills, stains, mud, chemicals, and other types of damage. Meanwhile, they also add stylish personal touches to your interiors.

You may hear mats and liners used interchangeably, but they have some differences. Mats are usually flat pieces of rubber, carpet, or similar materials. Liners are usually custom-fitted to your vehicle and generally feature sturdy polymers in their constructions. 

Several brands on the market offer high-quality mats and liners. Top-rated choices include Husky Liners, made with a tray-like design that holds in spills with proprietary rubberized material that also resists wear, staining, and chemicals. ProElite and WeatherTech are trusted bestselling brands of floor mats made from flexible rubber and similar compounds to provide edge-to-edge coverage. Consider both style and substance when selecting Jeep floor mats and liners. 

Shopping for Your Accessories

Equipping your Jeep calls for the highest quality accessories you can find. Shopping at a trusted retailer of aftermarket parts and accessories ensures access to an extensive selection. With competitive prices, exceptional service, and conveniences like online ordering and in-store pickup, you can easily outfit your Jeep to suit your aesthetics and lifestyle. Your preferred dealer should make finding your gear easy: Look on its website for drop-down menus to select your vehicle’s exact make, model, year, and submodel, or a VIN lookup feature. 

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