3 Things You Can Do to Help Relieve Anxiety and Stress

Relieve Anxiety and Stress

Last updated on March 25th, 2024 at 11:08 pm

As we move through the years, we receive key messages about how we should live our lives and the character traits that we should develop. Being strong and independent is given a high value, and we are encouraged to be able to tackle things on our own and stand up to the pressures of life by ourselves. Since we are formed by the messages we receive, it is not surprising that we try to handle too much alone. As a result, far too often, we may find that we are overwhelmed by life events and may feel like we are on an island all alone.

For our overall health and mental well-being, though, we should not try to tackle everything on our own. When life feels overwhelming, or we find that we are not doing well or coping the way we should, it is time to seek caring help. In addition to seeking professional support, there are some steps you can take on your own to alleviate feelings of anxiety and high levels of stress that come from trying to make your way in the pressured modern world.

Look for Caring Professionals Who Can Help You Heal

At times, we can feel overcome by life’s pressures, and as the stress builds, it can become very difficult to even make it through the day. We try to handle it on our own but may soon find ourselves nearly crippled by ever-increasing levels of anxiety. We may even slip into depression and wonder how we can ever get out of the hole we are in.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to seek professional help and the services of a ketamine infusion clinic in Colorado. This state-of-the-art wellness center offers a safe space where you can share with professionals who are trained to understand what you are going through. Ketamine therapy is ideal for those experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. It functions as an NMDA receptor antagonist and can block glutamate receptors, which regulate conditions like acute anxiety.

Tap Into the Power of Sound Healing

Another tool that can help soothe your being and spirit during times of high stress is sound healing. When you attend a session with a sound healer or a concert with crystal or Tibetan singing bowls, the experience can help restore a feeling of deep inner peace.

The sound waves gently interact with your cells and can help reharmonize your mind, body, and spirit.  Most people who attend a sound healing concert come in full of the worries of the day and leave later feeling a sense of bliss.

Explore Guided Meditations

When we are under constant stress and beginning to be overtaken by anxiety, it helps to be able to step away from the ever-escalating feeling of distress. Breaking the cycle of worry and reaction may be possible if we can get our minds to move into another realm for a while.

Guided meditations are an excellent tool for calming the mind. When you close your eyes and let the narrator guide you on a gentle journey, you will leave the stressful world behind and be transported to a realm where you can experience calm and peace. 

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