TOP-5 methods for quick and organic promotion on Instagram


Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 09:38 pm

In 2022 Instagram gives lots of fruitful opportunities for those people who want to manage their business accounts on social media – we’d say that this is the best place to come and start from zero, if you want to spread a word about your goods or services. However, today you cannot do it completely without any knowledge about social media marketing – you have to know a thing or two to be able to compete with other talented content creators.

We have created this article and gathered TOP-5 methods for quick and organic promotion on Instagram in it: if you’d use several ones or, better, all of them, you’d be able to reach quick and tangible results in just several days. However, you have to know that most of them are paid, meaning that you have to spend some dollars on them, but nothing good comes easy (or for free, if we’re talking about business stuff, right?), so you probably were ready for that in advance. In this text you’ll learn if you need to buy Instagram followers, what benefits can those bring, if you need to turn to help from a professional SMM manager and where to look for decent quality PR on IG.

Let’s begin with PR: is there no way that you can get it for free?

Well, actually there is, but the results are going to be completely different from the paid PR: if you’d try to search for the free option, you’d have to connect with people who have nearly the same number of subs as you do. Yes, together you might be able to beat the number of the subs up, but it is going to depend a lot on the blogger whom you’re going to cooperate with. On their skills, willing to work, etc. And if you’re not here for the risks, you should pay attention to the opportunity of influence marketing in this Business Computing World – these are the cases when you come to advanced bloggers for the PR and pay them for a post or a story about you.

They make it in a form of recommendation to their audience, and this is why using this type of promotion you’re going to be able to quickly gain lots of interested viewers; the people who will come to you are going to have a positive anticipation, a positive “prejudice” that your content is good. This is why influence marketing works that greatly, a special bond between a content creator and their audience helps a lot.

What else can you use to get quick results?

If you want to progress even quicker, you can add up a chance to buy real Instagram followers to it. But you have to keep several extra important nuances in mind if you want to succeed while doing it: firstly, these subs have to be real. You need to acquire organic subscribers if you want to improve the stats of your blog; any other option is invalid. Bots and fakes won’t make it better, but will only drown your account in indecent activity.

But if you’d acquire genuine subs, you’d gain a chance to have your content shown to potential viewers by Insta algorithms themselves way more often then before. However, there is one more option to keep in mind: if you want to make it look natural, don’t rush for the size of the package that you’re going to get delivered to your page. You need to acquire exactly the number of readers that would look natural on your account. If you have 100 subs now, acquire 100-200 subs, and then slowly enlarge the number. Don’t go straight to 1000, it is not going to look nice to the audience that you already have, it is going to cause questions and suspicions.

Summing up

So basically, there is no need for you to work with a SMM pro if you don’t have too big aims to reach in the shortest time possible. You can totally replace their services by third party services and save some money too, by the way; plus, this is going to be a nice practice for you, and who knows, maybe in the future you could use acquired experience to help other people promote their pages?

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