LetMeWatchThis: Top 10 Alternatives To Watch Movies 2024.


Last updated on March 16th, 2024 at 07:52 pm

If one of your hobbies includes watching movies, then this article is for you! LetMeWatchThis, as the name suggests, lets you watch all kinds of movies, TV shows, and dramas worldwide. 

LetMeWatchThis was created 13 years ago in 2011, and later, its name was changed to 1channel, and now it’s called Primewire. Primewire keeps updating its database regularly, adding the most recent releases every day and enhancing the quality of videos. 

I would suggest you grab a cup of coffee because we’re about to find out everything you need to know about LetMeWatchThis. So stay tuned! Also, read till the very end of this article so you don’t miss any of the updates.  

What is LetMeWatchThis?

“LetMeWatchThis” is a website that allows the user to watch movies and TV shows online just by clicking on the links to your desired content. This site is now referred to as Primewire. On this site, you can access any of your required genre titles. You’ll find many Hollywood and Bollywood movies, along with shows from many other countries. 

By the looks of it, the website seems attractive and catchy since it’s very user-friendly, so it won’t take you time to understand how to use it first. The main page has “Trending” movies on top, and as you scroll down, you’ll find a great range of “Latest movies and TV shows” along with their rating, video quality, and the year it was released. 

On the left column of the main page, you’ll find an option to log in or register yourself to create an account on the website. Below the login, you’ll find a “Filter” option that allows you to select a specific genre and a particular country, shortlisting the options for you. Below the filter, there is a heading “Coming Soon,” under which you’ll find a list of movies or shows that are soon to be released on the website.   

How to Access This Site?

Here is a quick and simple guide on how you can access and use this website:

  • Open your favorite browser.
  • Go to the website.
  • In the top right corner, type the name of the movie you want to watch in the search bar.
  • Press “Enter”.
  • Select your desired video from among the search results.
  • Click on the “play” button.

And there you go! Put on your earphones or connect a speaker and enjoy the show.

Key Features of LetMeWatchThis 

Some of the key features of this incredible website are listed below:

Absolutely Free

This site, unlike many other websites, lets you watch movies for free without having to pay for any subscription or rental fee.

Free Downloading

Once you click on the video you wish to watch, you’ll see that it gives you two options to choose from. These options are “Download in HD” and “Stream in HD”. So, by clicking on the first option, you can download the video for free. You can even download the subtitles separately. 

Multiple Genres to Select

LetMeWatchThis provides access to hundreds and thousands of different movies and TV shows belonging to any genre. Whether you’re in the mood for action, mystery, romance, horror, or comedy, you’re very lucky if you’ve come across this site.

 Saves Your Time

You can start watching your show directly on your web browser without having to download any additional heavy software. This will definitely save you time and the GBs on your computer.

Accessible on Android

You don’t always have to open a browser to access this site on your laptop or computer. Still, you can also download the Primewire application that is supported by Android, making it more convenient for you to enjoy your experience.   

Connect with Users Worldwide

LetMeWatchThis allows you to stay in touch with people from all over the world since you can post reviews and comment on reviews posted by other people as well.

Offering HD Quality

This is one of the best features of this site, as it provides you with a cinematic experience by allowing you to browse and download movies in the best definition quality without taking up too much space.

Another interesting feature is that on the main page, you’ll see six different icons of social media sites: Facebook, Twitter X, WhatsApp, Messenger, Reddit, and Telegram. By clicking on any of these icons, you can directly send the link to this website to your friends and family.

Its Primewire Premium Version

In case you’re a big fan of watching movies and are willing to spend money on it too, then I would suggest you go for Primewire Premium. This version grants you more benefits than the normal one. A few of the features are listed below:

  • Enjoy the movie without any distractions of ads. 
  • The streaming speed on this version is much faster, and the videos won’t buffer or lag so you won’t be irritated.
  • You can watch the latest released movies or shows before anyone else.
  • You can even watch and download movies in case you’re traveling and don’t have access to an internet connection. Or even if your wifi at home is not working.

Drawbacks of Let Me Watch This

Despite the fact that this website has several advantages, making it a perfect site for you to watch movies online, it may have a few problems as well. Below is the list of problems you might face on this website, along with the possible solutions:

Slow Streaming Speed

You might notice that the video starts to buffer very often. In that case, refresh your device and check your internet connection. While watching a video, your screen hangs, freezes, or displays a black-and-white screen; then this means you are facing a playback error. To fix this, you must clear all cookies and cache from your browser, change the format of the video, or try updating your software.

Quality Issues

Sometimes, you might come across videos that are of low quality. In that case, try opening other links from all available options and you can also report the issue so that the managers of this site will look into the problem.

Inability to Access Certain Videos

You might come across a movie or TV show that denies you access to watch it. This might be due to copyright issues or the content you’re searching for is not available in your country or region. A simple way to avoid this issue is to use an alternative website or come back and check again for the availability of that video in a few days.

On this website, you might find certain links to pirated content which will be illegal for you to access. There is nothing that you can do to fix this problem since it depends on the laws and regulations of the country you live in.

Risk of Viruses

Security is a big issue when it comes to clicking on links. When you access a video on this site by clicking on a link, it might contain malware, risking the data that is stored on your device. Always make sure you have anti-virus software installed on your device.

Top 10 Alternatives of Let Me Watch This

Following are the top 10 alternative websites for you to watch movies, in case you’re facing trouble on Let Me Watch This:

1. Netflix

LetMeWatchThis: Top 10 Alternatives To Watch Movies 2024.

Netflix is one of the most popular and people’s favorite sites all around the world. Although Netflix is not free, and you have to pay a particular amount monthly, it has its benefits to offer. Netflix is completely ad-free and has five screens on one account, allowing multiple users to watch at the same time. 

It’s an easy-to-use site and is available on both Android and IOS. Netflix has its original series. You can download the movies and watch them later, even if you don’t have access to the internet.


2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video
LetMeWatchThis: Top 10 Alternatives To Watch Movies 2024.

Amazon Prime Video is another popular site for watching movies and TV shows online. This site is ad-free, but you have to pay a monthly rental fee in order to use this. 

It’s available worldwide, and you can easily download the app on your device and log in to your account to start watching. Just like a few other sites, Amazon Prime also has a great variety of all kinds of shows in different genres. 


3. WatchMovieStream

LetMeWatchThis: Top 10 Alternatives To Watch Movies 2024.

WatchMovieStream is the best website to watch all the new movies and TV series online for free, which means you don’t have to pay to use it. The site has over 40000 movies and shows available to watch. 

It’s also known best for its not buffering feature, which will not annoy you during the movie. You’ll find many positive reviews and ratings about this site so that you can trust it completely.   


4. 123movies

LetMeWatchThis: Top 10 Alternatives To Watch Movies 2024.

123movies is one of the best alternative sites to watch movies online for free. It was launched in around 2015 and the name of this site has been changed several times.

Although you may face issues with the site as it lags and buffers sometimes, the excellent thing about this site is that it provides you with all the latest or recently released movies, even if they are still being played in the cinemas, so that you can watch the most recent movies from the comfort of your home.


5. Putlocker

LetMeWatchThis: Top 10 Alternatives To Watch Movies 2024.

Putlocker should be your go to site in case you’re looking for a free alternative that lets you download movies as well. Putlocker is a safe site and very easy to use. It has no pop-up ads and is compatible with all devices. They have great customer care service. 

This site provides access to old films as well, which you don’t usually find on many other sites. It is suggested to use a VPN when streaming videos on Putlocker so that you don’t face any security issues.


6. Fmovies

Popcorn time
LetMeWatchThis: Top 10 Alternatives To Watch Movies 2024.

Fmovies is a good alternative if you’re interested in watching movies online for free and in high quality. It was launched eight years ago in 2016. The website serves worldwide except Australia, Denmark, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

 Although the website contains pop-up ads and commercials, it provides you with a huge variety of movies, and guess what! It has all the legal content.


7. SolarMovies

LetMeWatchThis: Top 10 Alternatives To Watch Movies 2024.

Solarmovie is my personal favorite alternative. It’s absolutely free to use, allows you to download the films without paying, and provides subtitles in multiple languages. The website is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate for a first-time user. 

Since the website is free, they rely on ads for payment, so you should have antivirus software installed to protect your PC.


8. Bflix

Bflix, now known as Nites, is an ad-free site that makes your device safe from viruses and malware. This site allows you to watch various movies without having to pay money. It works on all devices, whether smartphones or computers. 

It supports dark mode and has a floating window feature that allows you to keep watching the movie even when you switch to another app. 


9. PopcornTime

LetMeWatchThis: Top 10 Alternatives To Watch Movies 2024.

Popcorn Time is a free site where you can watch movies online. It is ad-free and supports dark mode. It also supports Airplay, which means you can easily transfer the content from one Apple device to another. 

The site is available in 44 languages in addition to having an enormous movie library. The thumbnails and film titles presented on Popcorn Time are very similar to the way they’re shown on Netflix.


10. Soap2Day

Why is Soap2Day Banned
LetMeWatchThis: Top 10 Alternatives To Watch Movies 2024.

Soap2day is an alternative site for those people who cannot afford to spend money to watch movies. It is compatible with both smartphones and laptops. On this site, you don’t need to provide any of your personal information to watch the movies for free.

Although the site appears to be attractive, you should always be careful when using it since it may not be legal or safe. This is because the pop-up ads might lead you to catch a virus in your device’s software. 


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To conclude, Let Me Watch This has proved to be a trustworthy site for watching movies and TV shows for more than ten years. Its amazing features make it a site worth visiting. This user-friendly site offers you a great deal of movies in many different genres. 

It gives you a free downloading service and a commercial-free experience. However, you should always keep in mind the risks involved with streaming websites online. 

So, if you don’t have access to sites like Netflix due to payment issues, you can always head over to this site and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

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