Why a March Madness Atmosphere is Undeniably Entertaining

March Madness

Last updated on March 25th, 2024 at 09:28 pm

One of the top sporting events in the world that takes place annually every March and culminates in a three-week period that whittles 68 teams down to one, crowning a national champion. An amateur sport, college basketball, takes center stage for three straight weekends as many place March Madness bets, fill out brackets and find creative ways to enter games within the actual game.

Part of the growing popularity of March Madness, and another reason why there are talks of expansion, is the ancillary contests that happen to surround the great event. The different contests give people a reason to root for a specific team or outcome as it will likely help them win their different pools and events.

But beyond that, with every game being an elimination game, it gives the underdogs an opportunity to have their Cinderella story told. If it were a professional series in which a team needed four wins to advance, it likely would not work out well for those smaller programs. But just playing one great game can lead to a lifetime of memories for the team, its alumni, and fans and will etch that university’s name into an all-time great list.

That is what makes March Madness so great, the ability to have every possession of every game so significant, and it makes those buzzer-beaters and crazy final minutes even more exciting. So what is better than the March moments that people vividly remember as they grow older? The atmosphere in which people are viewing those games. Here are a few options and why they are so great.

Buying Tickets

There is no experience quite like being at the games. The ticket packages can be pricey, but they will usually come with multiple games in a package for a session pass. But being in the building for an upset as dedicated fans of four teams are in the building, and three will turn to root for the underdog, is an indescribable noise.

The in-arena reactions to those big shots late in games are second to none. There are no moments quite like being there to take in all the reactions that go beyond what the television camera shows.

Even for those who don’t have an allegiance to a team, it can make for great memories. Like those who saw Chris Paul play at Wake Forest in a double overtime game before he went on to have one of the best NBA careers for a point guard.

Viva Las Vegas!

Sports betting is becoming legalized in far more places, which is great news for the gambling industry, governments that stand to profit from that legislation, and common sports fans. They don’t have to travel as far to place legal bets.

But Las Vegas may be the best place to observe games. Stadium Swim is one of the best venues for sports fans in the city in the desert. Being able to cool off – don’t forget to reapply sunscreen – in the pool while watching all the games at once must be a great experience.

The same can be said for sitting at a Las Vegas sportsbook. Bettors are literally invested in their picks and the reaction when a buzzer-beater or even a bucket that doesn’t decide the outcome of the game – except for those at the sportsbook – draws some crazy reactions.

Even with the legalization of sports betting across the United States, it is something sports fans, even those who don’t gamble, should experience for at least one tournament.

Watch Parties

There are a number of places to gather in groups. One of the great reasons for watch parties is they can simulate the feel of being in an arena. It also allows fans to pick and choose who they gather with. The most popular types of watch parties are alumni associations getting together to support their teams.

Of course, there are dedicated fans who will attend the games, but others may opt to be in the comfort of one’s home or a local bar. This can create an engaging experience and allow like-minded fans to converse, celebrate and cheer together before, during, and after the games.

Hopefully, these options are something people can consider and enjoy while trying them out during future March Madness events.

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