Is PutLocker Not Working? 15 Best PutLocker Alternatives


Last updated on March 16th, 2024 at 02:35 am

PutLocker is a renowned website related to video streaming. You can choose its alternatives if you have problems and cannot open this website. They can also give you the same video streaming experience, but they are less prevalent than this. 

Users can also choose these alternatives to watch the best movies and TV shows. Many websites like PutLocker will give you the same movie streaming experience. So you can enjoy streaming videos and movies with the help of PutLocker alternatives without any hindrance.

This is outstanding if you want a safe and trusted alternative or a new proxy to watch free movies online.

What is PutLocker?

PutLocker is a fantastic online movie streaming website ranked among the most viewed websites for online movies and TV shows. Let’s discuss all these alternatives in detail.

Best PutLocker Alternatives in 2023

1. Pubfilm

Pubflims Is It Down Top 15 Alternatives To Watch Movies
Is PutLocker Not Working? 15 Best PutLocker Alternatives

Pubfilm comes in the category of the most active and oldest online streaming site. You will be surprised that it comes with 20 million monthly visits. People from different countries watch movies on this website.

The best thing about Pubfilm is that it gives you full access to watch your favorite movie on demand. With its easy-to-use interface, this website is perfect for beginners. The website is simple and has a highly functional design. Pubfilm is ideal for those who want to watch movies in HD quality.

2. Yesmovies

Is PutLocker Not Working? 15 Best PutLocker Alternatives

Yesmovies is also a great free alternative to PutLocker. Like other alternatives, Yesmovies is also an incredible movie-streaming website with an impressive interface. On this platform, they are well organized in different genres.

Along with exciting movies, you can also enjoy different TV shows and other strange things in high quality at a fast speed. The user of Yesmovies, therefore, can watch content based on other countries like Australia, the UK, the USA, Japan, and others. 

3. Cucirca

Is PutLocker Not Working? 15 Best PutLocker Alternatives

Cucirca is famous for online TV shows and movies. Its library has many shows. In the library, you can hunt different classic and latest TV shows. Streaming video shows and movies free of charge is one of its most popular features. 

So, it is a viral platform among other online platforms.

Regarding safety, Cucirca is the most reliable website for streaming TV shows. Here, you will get a collection of the latest TV series and popular shows. 

So, Cucirca is a safe and reliable website that offers free video streaming. Some online movie streaming websites develop ads that can lead to viruses. But this is the best platform for getting fewer ads. 


4. Queensland Max

Is PutLocker Not Working? 15 Best PutLocker Alternatives

Queensland Max always gives you a fast streaming experience where you can access the service through the web browser. You not only watch movies online; you can also download movies through this platform. 

You can use Queensland Max as an app on your mobile device. First, you should register yourself on the website, and then you can explore the library of content. Another specialty of Queensland Max is that the library is updated regularly with the latest TV shows and movies. 

5. HuraWatch


On HuraWatch, you can enjoy new movies, classic movies, or anything between them, such as TV shows. Remember that it is a legal website and free with no hidden fees or charges. HuraWatch does not require any hardware or software. 

It is free of cost and a completely legal website. HuraWatch does this by streaming content through third-party servers. It also gives copies of different movies and TV shows, which they obtain legally at their own expense.



Is PutLocker Not Working? 15 Best PutLocker Alternatives is also a potential website for movies and TV shows. It is the perfect alternative to PutLocker. It also provides free access to a large audience with different interest choices. Like other websites, it also comes up with the latest series and movies and the most popular ones of the season.

7. is also the most popular website and a great alternative to PutLocker. It is a perfect website to stream online, but it is much more than that. So, along with browsing online streaming content, you can download different movies and television shows. 

Along with downloading these shows, you can watch them later on the go without the internet. Another great feature of PutLocker HD.CC has organized genres such as comedy, thriller, action, animation, drama, mystery, crime, etc. 


8. Megashare


Megashare is also a popular website and a great alternative to PutLocker. It is not connected with the popular file hosting website, but it works for the same purpose of giving you access to the content. 

The best thing about Megashare is that it is straightforward to use. You can explore different categories without any problem. Remember that you can easily access the movies and content on the home page, which is free.


9. Popcorn Time

Popcorn time
Popcorn time

Popcorn Time differs from PutLocker because it comes up with a different interface. However, it is considered the best PutLocker alternative for watching TV shows and movies. 

Popcorn Time is available in the form of an app, so first of all, you must download and install the app to your system. You can also watch Popcorn Time in your browser. Installing the app on different devices is very easy, and you can enjoy your favorite movie by searching for your required title.

Now, you can approach a wide range of content with categories, including the latest TV shows and movies, with the help of a popcorn time application. So, we can say that popcorn time is the top PutLocker alternative to stream movies and shows.


10. Solar movie

Is PutLocker Not Working? 15 Best PutLocker Alternatives

The Solar movie is also the most famous PutLocker alternative and is a highly-rated website. You can quickly get exciting TV shows and movies online within seconds. Like many other PutLocker alternatives, Solar Movie is also very easy to use. 

You can watch content online without any lagging or buffering. On Solar Movie, you can approach tonnes of movies and shows with its wide range of content categories. Once you find a movie, you will see a pop-up where you can instantly select a watch to play it. In other words, it is the perfect PutLocker alternative for watching the latest content.


Popcorn time
Is PutLocker Not Working? 15 Best PutLocker Alternatives

If you want a movie streaming website like Solar Movie, you are at the right place. FMovies is just like the PutLocker. However, it is better than this website because it has a better interface. 

The primary specialty of this platform is that you can get a database of Hollywood movies and shows here. However, sometimes, it isn’t easy to enjoy the movies at peak times, but when they are over, you can download the movies in a couple of minutes. 

You will also like the content categories because they are well-sorted and give you a better user experience. These factors make FMovies the incredible PutLocker alternative.

You must search and select your movie for TV shows or movies on FMovies. The website will take you to the movie page, where the streaming starts immediately. While watching a movie, you might encounter some ads, but these are bearable compared to other websites.


12. 123Movies

Is PutLocker Not Working? 15 Best PutLocker Alternatives

123Movies is also a popular PutLocker alternative where you can watch popular and latest movies and TV shows. The website had some problems in the past, but it returned with a different URL after some time. 

Many people think it is a clone of the original website, But it is the actual website that offers a broad category of movies and TV shows. The good thing about 123Movies is that you can get content from different countries based on your preferred region. So, it is the best PutLocker alternative to stream movies and TV shows.

13. Kodi

Is PutLocker Not Working? 15 Best PutLocker Alternatives

Whenever we talk about alternatives to PutLocker, the first website that comes to our mind is Kodi. Here, you can easily watch your favorite content, such as TV shows, documentaries, anime, and Hollywood movies. You can also get popular Kodi add-ons installed to watch your favorite shows. These add-ons are very easy to install. 

The Kodi interface is different, so you may have trouble getting your favorite add-ons initially, but you will get used to it. Any content you want can be found here, regardless of the type. Here, you can watch any type of content without any trouble.


14. Rainierland

Is PutLocker Not Working? 15 Best PutLocker Alternatives

If you want to enjoy top-notch content, then Rainierland is the perfect choice. Rainierland is the best platform in terms of quantity and quality. Here, you will get the trending and latest movies, so you do not have to go to other websites to catch up with the latest hits of the film world.


15. Popcornflix

If you are a movie lover, Popcornflix is the best alternative to PutLocker. It is a treasure of movies and TV shows. You will be surprised to know that popcornflix is where you forget about Netflix. 

You can enjoy the latest content without spending a single penny. Another great feature of Popcornflix is that you will get all the movies, even the latest HD quality, in the original language. 

Here, all the genres are completely organized, and you can search for movies or TV shows through a particular category. If, for any reason, you cannot approach Popcornflix, then you can connect your device to a VPN and enjoy the movies very well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to watch the movies on the PutLocker website?

Enjoying the new movies and TV shows on the PutLocker website is easy. Go to the website, find your particular movie, and click on it. Your movie will load in seconds, and you can hit the play button. Streaming movies in some countries is illegal, so you can access PutLocker by connecting to a VPN.

What is the PutLocker site? 

PutLocker is an amazing platform for watching online movies and videos without buffering. The best thing about PutLocker is that it is completely free and originated in the United Kingdom in 2011. It comes up with millions of daily visitors and has a very impressive interface.

How can you stay safe on PutLocker?

You can remain safe by using a reliable VPN or PutLocker. The good thing is that after connecting to a VPN, you can get your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel.

Does VPN protect you while using PutLocker?

Yes, a VPN helps protect you while streaming online content on PutLocker. It transforms the IP address of your system and channels the internet traffic from your system through an encrypted tunnel.

Final words

PutLocker is an outstanding website for online movies and TV shows. It comes up with different features to enhance your viewing experience. The best thing about PutLocker is that you can enjoy the content in complete HD quality. 

You can also get the option to download the content for offline viewing. If you want to view content without ads, then PutLocker offers an ad-free subscription. It is an entirely secure service with built-in encryption and comes up with other security measures to protect the users’ data. 

Therefore, it is easy for you to watch movies and TV shows on your mobile. In this post, we have discussed the 15 best PutLocker alternatives in detail. So, if, for any reason, you cannot approach PutLocker, then you can try one of these alternatives. So, PutLocker is the best choice for people looking for a free streaming option.

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