Island Boys Net Worth 2024 – Need To Know Everything

Island Boys Net Worth

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Franky Venegas (also known as Kodiyakredd) and Alex Venegas (also known as Flyysoulja) are two twin brothers who were born on 16 July 2001 in Florida, United States. They are American personalities and a pair of hip-hop stars who went viral with their “I’m an Island Boy.”

The Island Boys gained fame after a video originally posted on Twitter turned into a TikTok meme. They are recognizable for their unique looks, tattoos, long, upright dreadlocks, and teeth that sparkle with diamond decorations.

In recent news, The worth of Island Boys net worth is around $2 millions combined. Let’s learn more about Island Boys and their total earnings in detail. 

Early Life and Education 

Early Life and Education 
Island Boys Net Worth 2024 – Need To Know Everything

The Island Boys are actually identical twins named Franky and Alex Venegas. They faced a tough childhood as their father passed away when they were young, leaving their single mother to raise them. Trouble seemed to follow them as they got older, and they got involved in numerous crimes like robbery, burglary, grand theft auto, and drug possession. 

Their behavior was a serious problem for their mother she asked them to leave by the time they turned 18. When they were in prison for one of their crimes, they chose to start a career in rap, and the rest is history. 

Alex Venegas has a daughter, and her name is Kaliya. She was born in early 2021. As far as we know her mother name is ToxiicFaiiry, a famous Instagram model. This is her instagram name. She is also on other social platform likeTiktok. ToxiicFaiiry has chose to keep her real name private. She uses the same nickname on the internet everywhere, so her real name remains a mystery.

The Island Boys had a rough start in life. They were involved in crimes like robberies and violent acts when they were younger. Even though their mother tried to get them into a good school, they didn’t cooperate and often acted disrespectfully in their relationships with others. As a result, they spent several years in prison during their early years. It’s not clear whether they received a good education in that school.

The Venegas twins have girlfriends, and we can see this from some photos they’ve posted on the internet. But they’ve decided to keep their girlfriends’ names a secret.

These twins are very dedicated to their careers and always try to improve their financial situation. Given their looks and personalities, it is not surprising to their fans that they are already in relationships.

Rap Career 

While in jail as teenagers, the brothers decided to pursue a rap career. In October 2021, a video of the duo performing a song went viral on Twitter. They later turned down a record deal with Kodak Black. Their original video got 9 million views before it was deleted. It also became a meme on tiktok. 

That November, the duo released a fully produced version of their viral song, “I’m an Island Boy,” backed by a music video. To promote their release, the Island Boys performed at Club LIV in Miami, but it didn’t get a very positive response.

Later, in 2021, the Island Boys released their first EPs, “Stardom” and “Life Been Good.” which were credited to Alex Venegas (Flyysoulja). The same year, they launched two studio albums, “17” and “Trendsetters.” “Trendsetters” was credited to Franky Venegas (Kodiyakredd).

OnlyFans and Other Earning

In July 2023, videos of the Island Boys gained a lot of attention when they shared a kissing video in order to promote their OnlyFans account.

Today, the Island Boys earn most of their income from OnlyFans. They raked in a total of $389,000 from May to July 2023, with an impressive $200,000 coming in during June 2023 alone.

Thanks to their internet fame, the Island Boys got opportunities in other forms of media. In 2022, they were set to take part in a reality TV show called “Ultimate Social Boxing.” During the same year, a documentary called “Trolled: The Untold Island Boys Story” was released, which tells us deeply about their lives, covering not just their careers but also their personal lives, including the challenges they faced. These efforts helped the Island Boys expand their reach and connect with an even larger fan base.

Source of Income and Net worth

These twins started their careers by creating music and videos on various social media platforms. The Island Boys have a combined net worth of $2 millions, thanks to several sources of income.

Tiktok and Youtube

One of their main income sources is their huge following on TikTok, and brands are willing to pay them to promote their products. They also share music videos and vlogs on their YouTube channel. 

Thanks to YouTube’s AdSense program, the Island Boys have earned a significant income from their online activities. Their YouTube channel has indeed become a valuable source of earnings for them.

Cameo Appearance 

Moreover, they earn income by offering personalized Cameo shout-outs. People can request personal videos or business promotions on this platform, and they charge a fee for these services.

The Venegas twins have come up with a smart way to make money by selling personalized video messages on Cameo. They charge $80 for personal videos and $600 for videos related to businesses through their business called “Shoutouts for Sale.”


They have opened an online store where they sell merchandise like branded t-shirts, hoodies, and vests. The Island Boys have different items for their dedicated fans, such as t-shirts for $26, sweatshirts at $46, posters, home decorations, and other unique items. This variety of income sources has boosted their net worth.

Conflict and Controversies Regarding Island Boys

There have been quite a few controversies regarding these Island Boys, So let’s look into them. 

Domestic Abuse Accusations

in January 2022, Franky Venegas faced allegations of domestic abuse from Montaisha Shanell, His Ex-Girlfriend, during an Instagram Live session. They were in a romantic relationship, and Shanell claimed that Venegas had been physically harming her, with incidents dating back to at least April 2021.

In March 2022, Franky Venegas was accused of battery for reportedly hitting his brother’s girlfriend when she refused to leave their residence. However, no charges were filed against him.

In May 2023, Franky Venegas was arrested for domestic abuse. He was accused of slapping his girlfriend before pushing her into a shallow pool, injuring her chin. The argument began because they were discussing Venegas’ previous abusive actions. Venegas was released from jail later that same month.

Celebrity Fights 

The Island Boys have had their fair share of arguments with different social media personalities. They have clashed with people like podcaster and YouTuber Adam22, rapper Blueface, TikTok star Bryce Hall, and the well-known YouTube brothers Logan and Jake Paul. What’s interesting is that they have also had light-hearted conflicts with famous celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart, who playfully made fun of the twins in their comedy special “2021 and Done.” These conflicts usually happen in front of the public, which adds to the Island Boys’ image of being attention-grabbing and sometimes causing controversy. 

US Army Marketing Controversy 

In early 2022, the Island Boys caused some controversy when they made a video on the platform Cameo. In this video, they were promoting the US Army and mentioned the name of a Texas-based army recruiter, Orlando Tamez.

This video was shared on TikTok by Orlando Tamez and then made its way to Reddit, where it caught the attention of the US Army Recruiting Command. In response, the US Army Recruiting Command stated to clarify that the Island Boys were not officially authorized or paid by the US Army to promote their services.

In simple terms, the US Army didn’t give the green light to the video made by the Island Boys, and this made people worry about how it was being used for recruiting. As a result, there was an inquiry, and the recruiter removed the video.

Relation with Andre James Thomas 

In early 2022, the police searched the Florida home of the Venegas brothers. They were looking for a person named Andrew James Thomas. Thomas, who was a childhood friend of the brothers, was arrested on their property because he was linked to a drive-by shooting that sadly resulted in the death of an eight-year-old girl just three days prior.

Alex Venegas said that Thomas had asked him to hide a gun in their house, but Alex refused. It is crucial to note that the Venegas brothers were not accused or charged in connection with this case. However, their friend Thomas faced multiple charges, including first-degree murder.

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The Island Boys, Franky, and Alex Venegas have had a tough life, from their father’s early death to getting involved in crimes like robbery and drug possession. They turned to a career in rap after spending time in prison. They became famous on platforms like TikTok and OnlyFans, and now they have a combined net worth of about $2 million.

However, they have also faced controversies, including accusations of domestic abuse, conflicts with other social media stars, and a marketing issue with the US Army. Despite these issues, their internet fame keeps growing, making them both popular figures. Their life lesson teaches us how internet can shape careers and lives.

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