Overview Of Inter Milan Vs Fc Porto Timeline

Inter Milan Vs Fc Porto Timeline

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In the world of football, rivalries ignite the passion of fans and maintain the spark of competition. It creates legendary moments on the playground. One such captivating rivalry is between Inter Milan and FC Porto, two clubs steeped in history with dedicated fan bases. 

The rivalry between these two clubs is popular worldwide. Fans wait for their clashes because it excites them. Their matches are filled with aggression and thrilling moments that add more fun. In this article, we will give a brief overview of the Inter Milan Vs FC Porto timeline. Stay tuned for the thrilling experience!

Exciting Match of Champions League Group Stage–1992

Football Club Internazionale Milano, also known as Inter Milan, first crossed paths in the UEFA Champion League group stage in the 1992-1993 season. This historic match took place at Milan’s iconic San Siro Stadium on October 21, 1992. It was an electrifying match because no one was given an opening to score a goal. The fans were cheering for both of the teams during the tense moments. Finally, both teams scored a goal, but the match was a 1-1 draw, which upset the fans.

UEFA Cup Quarter(Inter Milan VS FC Porto)–2004

The UEFA Cup quarter-final match was another exciting face-off between these two teams. The initial battle took place at Portugal’s Estádio das Antas, the home ground of FC Porto, where they secured a 1-0 victory. After that, the return leg was at San Siro, but neither of them managed to alter the scoreline. FC Porto progressed to the semi-finals on March 16, 2004, leaving Inter Milan’s followers angry and sad.

UEFA Champions League 2005/06

Inter Milan and FC Porto faced each other twice in the UEFA Champions League 2005/06 season. The first match was on 15 March 2005 at the Estádio do Dragão, where Porto won 2-1 with goals from Diego and Benni McCarthy. Adriano scored Inter’s goal. The second match was on 1 November 2005 at the San Siro, where Inter won 2-1 with two goals from Julio Cruz. Hugo Almeida scored Porto’s goal. Both teams qualified for the knockout stage from Group H, with Inter finishing first and Porto second.

UEFA Champions League Round of 16–2012

The UEFA Champions League Round of 16 saw a thrilling clash between Inter Milan and FC Porto on February 21, 2012. The Italian giants were hoping to beat them again the way they did in 2010. However, the Portuguese champions had different plans. Porto took the lead in the first half through Hulk, who smashed a powerful shot past Julio Cesar. Diego Milito (Inter Milan player) scored a header after the break and equalized the score. Porto had a 2-1 victory after a lot of clashes and fights.

Inter Milan’s Victory In UEFA Champions League Group Stage–2018

Inter Milan and FC Porto faced each other in the UEFA Champion Leagues Group Stage on October 3, 2018. This game was played at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy. The stadium was extremely crowded; over 60,000 fans were present to witness the historical day. Both team players showed their attacking skills, but the defense and goalkeepers didn’t miss any chance to stop the ball. The score was 0-0 until the 86th minute when Mauro Icardi scored a goal. Porto tried to equalize in the remaining time but failed.

Europa League Quarter-Finals–2021

The two rivals met again at the UEFA Europa League Quarter Finals during the 2020-2021 season. The initial leg took place on April 8, 2021, at the Estádio does Dragão, which ended in a 2-2 draw. Inter Milan took revenge in the second leg on April 15, 2021, by securing a 2-0 victory. Inter Milan advanced to the semi-finals of the UEFA Europa League, leaving their rivals disappointed. The second leg showcased Inter Milan’s strong defensive skills and their ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities.

UEFA Champions League, Round of 16–2022-23 

Inter Milan secured a 1-0 victory against Porto in the UEFA Champions League round-of-16 first leg. Romelu Lukaku, substituted in, scored an 86th-minute volley to seal the win. Porto’s Otavio received a red card during the game, which boosted the confidence of Milan. The win marked Inter’s first-leg success in the Champions League knockout stage after four consecutive defeats. 

In the second leg of the UEFA Champions League on 14th March, Inter Milan again maintained their victory through 1-0 on aggregate. It was a disappointment for Porto’s fans. Their players tried so hard to win, but the aggression resulted in receiving a red card from the referee. Inter Milan reached the quarterfinals after a decade, which motivated them to win the league.

How to Watch Inter Milan vs FC Porto Matches Online?

You can watch the heated matches of Inter Milan vs FC Porto online on many sports streaming platforms. These websites allow you to watch your favorite sports battles online. Here are some of the following:

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Final Thoughts:

The two famous teams, Inter Milan and FC Porto, have an intense history of matches. Their timeline shows tough competition and sportsmanship. The important players of these two teams have played crucial roles in winning against each other. Additionally, football enthusiasts love to see the head-on matches between Inter Milan and FC Porto. So, they are eagerly waiting for the next match between these two teams.

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