How to Get Color Contact Lenses Online

Color Contact Lenses

Last updated on March 26th, 2024 at 10:37 pm

Are you thinking of getting color contact lenses from an online store? If you are, then you are reading the right article. In this piece, we’ll guide you on how to get color contact lenses online without much fuss. But before we do that, let’s share a few key pieces of information about these medical devices that you might not know about.

What Are Color Contact Lenses?

Color contact lenses (or contacts) are designed to alter your eye’s natural color. This change could be bold or subtle or a perfect balance. So, if you’re looking to change your eye color for whatever reason, these items can do just that.

One thing people do not know about colored contacts is that you need a prescription for them. In other words, an eye specialist must prescribe them for use. This is important because these items are medical devices. As such, they can cause potential damage to your eyes when they aren’t worn, fitted, and maintained correctly.

This misunderstanding about the need for these devices to be prescribed stems from the fact that people categorize these items into non-prescription and prescription-colored contacts. As we’ve established, all contacts must be prescribed but that doesn’t mean all contacts serve the purpose of vision correction. Are you confused, let’s explain some more…

When folks talk about prescription colored contact lenses, what they mean is that such contacts are not only designed to change the eye color but also correct a vision defect. This could be astigmatism, myopia (nearsightedness), or hyperopia (farsightedness). So, these devices change eye color and also fix one’s vision.

On the other hand, the term ‘non-prescription colored contact lenses’ when used by many refers to lenses that only change the eye color. You can check out to see samples of different types of contacts one can get online. They aren’t designed to affect the user’s vision in any way. These lenses are also known as plano-colored contacts.

Steps in Buying Colored Contact Lenses Online

Color Contact Lenses
How to Get Color Contact Lenses Online

In buying colored contact lenses online, you cannot just buy anything you see. As we said, they are medical devices that should only be bought based on prescription. Therefore, in this section, we’ll provide you with steps on how to buy these medical devices online.

Get Your Eye Examined

To get a prescription, you’ll need to get your eye examined. Go to a reliable and trained eye specialist to conduct a proper examination. Do not do online examinations as they cannot adequately provide proper assessment. The examination must be done in person.

The prescription you get after the examination is usually valid for a year. In some states, it’s valid for 2 years. This is because the state of your eye can change within a year which means previous prescriptions will become ineffective.

Understand the Content of the Prescription

Once you get the prescription, go through the content, and ensure you understand certain key details. This is important as it will help you buy the right contacts. These important details include:

  • Recommended lenses material
  • Lenses power (usually in numbers and accompanied by either the + or – sign)
  • Lens diameter (if applicable)
  • Base designation or curve
  • Brand manufacturer and name

Shop Around

Although you need to buy the specific contacts you’ve been prescribed, you can still shop around to get a great deal. See if the retailers that have the prescribed contacts offer discounts, rebates, subscription services, etc. Doing this will help you get a good deal.

Confirm the Retailer’s Reputation and Reliability

During your shopping around, ensure that you confirm the reputation and reliability of the retailer you’re considering. You can do this by checking the customer reviews of these retailers online. We always recommend that you make use of third-party review websites such as Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Google reviews, etc. This way you can rest assured that the reviews are not altered by the retailer.

Furthermore, assess their return policies, customer service, and website security. Payment options, product selection, and the ordering process are also factors you need to consider when finally deciding on the retailer you’ll patronize. These are crucial factors because of how important it is to have your contact lenses delivered on time especially they help with the correction of a vision defect.

Order the Medical Devices

Once you have decided on the retailer to purchase from, the final step is to order the medical devices. The process is usually different for each company and website. However, the general process is that they require some information from you. You might be asked to provide the following:

  • Name and current address (Necessary for identification and shipping)
  • Details of the prescription
  • Contact lens brand and type
  • Number of sets required
  • Payment information
  • Details of your insurance coverage if needed

Once you provide all these details, you’ve successfully placed your order. All you need to do is wait for the arrival of your medical devices. This depends on the delivery date specified by the retailer. 

Things to Know About Colored Contacts

One of the main potential disadvantages of these devices is the likelihood that they might not fit perfectly. Although these devices are designed in different sizes to fit each wearer, sometimes the colored area of the device might end up sliding over the wearer’s pupil. This usually occurs when the person blinks. As a result, this can make the appearance look unnatural especially when one uses opaque contacts.

Did you know that your pupil’s size changes throughout the day in response to light conditions? Therefore, when the pupil is larger (usually at night or low light), it might become larger than the center of the lens where the tint is concentrated. This can not only affect your appearance but also your vision.

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In this article, we’ve provided you with relevant information that you need to know about colored contacts. We also provided you with key steps you need to follow when buying these medical devices online. Lastly, we went ahead to discuss the potential disadvantages of these devices. This will ensure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

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