12 Best Foods and Tips for Hair Growth Fastly in 2023


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People these days are old fashioned enough to prefer long hair people deadly in a need and desire of strong and healthy hair, Amazingly your hair growth rate per month is 1.25 cm and per year is 15 cm and how rapid it depends on what your body mainly consumes food is not the only factor that your hair growth is depending on, other factors are

  • Genetics: Hair that you inherit from your ancestors.
  • Sex: Male hair increases rapidly than of woman.
  • Age: Your hair grows faster between the age of 15 to 0, doesn’t grows faster before 15 .
  • Nutrition : hair growth deadly depends on what your gut absorb , what you take as a food , supplements and even what you consume as liquid .


Your hair is your asset and taking care of them isn’t easy as it seems. Improving your hair growth with food might sound astonishing but it’s true as it seems. there are plenty of food that are useful for your hair growth and you should add them in your daily basis routine and if you have a busy schedule and could not give your hair a daily basis hair treatment then you should definitely use below ingredients weekly on your hair to get that old beautiful hair that you had in your charming era.


Your total hair growth depends on what you’re taking. if you’re not taking essential minerals and supplements , key ingredients and shampoo that has the right PH level which ought to suits your hair then your hair will lose all of its charm . In this article we should discuss what you should take to transform your frizzy and dead hair. If your hair has lost the charm and attraction the way it was, then rice water and onion water is what you should apply to your hair, your hair will become silky and smooth again. If you are having dandruff in your scalp then you should spray aloe Vera water in your scalp you will see amazing results.

You should avoid using certain acidic products available in market that doesn’t suits your hair. You should take vitamin e capsules in coconut milk and apply in your hair it will be very beneficial to you.Moreover while buying any shampoo you should track their key ingredient and see what the shampoo is all about whether too acidic or whether too harsh. go for the shampoos that has organic and herbal key ingredients like rice water , coconut milk , aloe Vera , herbal products , onion water in it .You should avoid wasting a lot of money on buying expensive shampoos or conditioners. There are budget free shampoos and products available in market that cosmetologist too nodes for.

  • Pantene rice water addition.
  • Khadi natural herbal shampoo.
  • life boy herbal shampoo with aloe Vera .
  • Wokali aloe Vera set of shampoo and conditioner.
  • Fermented rice water shampoo.

You should also add organic and herbal masks in your daily routine or weekly routine. Hair masks are very important for your hair growth, below are the best hair masks that you should apply in to your hair to give them the comfort and smoothness they deserve.

  • Banana and butter mask.
  • Banana and rice water mask.
  • Greek yogurt and raw milk mask.
  • Onion water mixed in aloe Vera gel.

Apart from homemade organic masks and organic shampoos

Below are the food and minerals for hair growth that you should often take in your diet.

  • Iron.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Bell Peppers.
  • Vitamin D.
  • Zinc.

Below are the Healthcare products that you should often take in your lifestyle.

  • Nutrifactor’s Max Hair Shampoo.
  • Tresemme Rich Luxurious Moisture Shampoo.
  • Tresemme Rich Luxurious Moisture Shampoo.
  • Almond oil.
  • Parachute Coconut.


The growth of your hair definitely depends on what your gut absorbed, especially those foods that contains substantial nutrients and mineral so,here are the 12 best foods you can eat to promote hair growth are

1)  EGGS,

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12 Best Foods and Tips for Hair Growth Fastly in 2023

Eggs are considered to be the essential key ingredient for your amazing lifestyle it’s not best for hair only but also is good for your gut for other metabolic issues. Eggs have phosphorus and are complete package of calcium. It contains biotin and protein that is the main product for your hair growth.


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12 Best Foods and Tips for Hair Growth Fastly in 2023

Berries are very essential for hair growth as it contains minerals and vitamin C with extreme antioxidant properties. Antioxidant helps follicle cells against radicals. That damage and cause harmful effects for your hair.


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12 Best Foods and Tips for Hair Growth Fastly in 2023


Spinach is great for your hair growth. it is fully loaded with iron and vitamin A that helps your hair to gain their charm and silkiness again .

4)  SEEDS,

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12 Best Foods and Tips for Hair Growth Fastly in 2023

Seeds are the main source of vitamin E, vitamin B and abundant minerals. Seeds like chia and flax help your hair to have strong grip and allow your hair to have silk like shine.

5)  BEANS,

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12 Best Foods and Tips for Hair Growth Fastly in 2023

Beans are a form of proteins in vegetables. It consists of zinc that helps your hair grow faster. Along with zinc they also are a form of proteins and biotins,

6)  MEAT,

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12 Best Foods and Tips for Hair Growth Fastly in 2023

The protein in meat and other minerals help hair a lot in growing. A 4.5 ounce of cooked steak of meat is consisting of 32 grams of proteins.


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12 Best Foods and Tips for Hair Growth Fastly in 2023

They Are rich in vitamin A. Carrots are rich in vitamins whether it vitamin A and vitamin B. it’s a plus factor for your hair.


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12 Best Foods and Tips for Hair Growth Fastly in 2023

Avocado is rich in vitamin E which helps to build proteins of your eye, skin and hair. The fatty acids in avocado help your hair to get its lost shine back.


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12 Best Foods and Tips for Hair Growth Fastly in 2023

The important compound found in whole grains is silicon that the main key ingredient for your hair. It is responsible for your hair growth and prevents hair loss.


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12 Best Foods and Tips for Hair Growth Fastly in 2023

The citrus fruits have citric acid in it that helps to maintain the PH level of your scalp, prevent dandruff, reduces oil and prevent hair loss.


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12 Best Foods and Tips for Hair Growth Fastly in 2023

The main and essential key ingredient in oyster is zinc that helps hair growth and repairs your hair.  Lacking and eliminating zinc from your diet will enables you to loose strands of your hair.


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12 Best Foods and Tips for Hair Growth Fastly in 2023

It is the most important and stable key ingredient in 12 best food for hair growth , coconut milk has essential fats , proteins and minerals that help your hair and prevent hair loss , it allows your hair with beautiful shine and smoothness.


1. Egg yolks:

Egg is fully loaded with vitamin B, protein, iron , phosphorus and other nutrients . One complete egg has 10 mcg of biotin.

2. Legumes:

Legumes are also known as peas, beans and lentils that are certainly high in protein, fiber and other essential nutrients. The richest and important sources of biotin is peanut and soybeans one ounce of peanut consists of 5 mcg of biotin

3. Nuts and seeds:

They are good source of fiber, fat. Phosphorus and protein. It does provide biotin but the quantity differs by some extent for example ¼ cup of roasted almonds and nuts contain 2.6 mcg of biotin while ¼ cup of sunflower seeds contains 1.5 mcg of biotin.

4. Sweet potatoes:

Amazingly sweet potatoes are full of vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants. They are considered to be the best biotin source in the form of vegetable .1/2 cup of sweet potato contains 2.4 mcg of biotin.

5. Bananas:

Banana is fully loaded with fiber and minerals one small banana contains 0.2 mcg of biotin.

Does Biotin Help Prevent Hair Loss?

Biotin is known as vitamin B7, that produces keratin production in your hair and it stimulates the follicle growth. Biotin doesn’t stay for long in the roots of your hair unless its in the form of what you’ve taken as food. Biotin Is most of what you eat in the face of food. in order to get best hair results you should consumed it as a food supply . According to well known cosmetologist it has been revealed that biotin helps in preventing hair loss. Biotin is a vitamin that converts your food in to a form of energy that is called vitamin H and vitamin B7. This is very essential for eye, skin, nails and effective function of brain.


Your hair receives nutrition from what you eat, if you’re eating healthy then you’ll have a control over your hair growth especially hair loss. if you’re eating unhealthy than the cons are worst . The pain of being responsible for your bad hair is something you will ever regretful. Your hair is your biggest asset. So here we will discuss about foods that can cause hair loss and which are particularly not good for your hair growth and are responsible for your hair loss.

Dairy :

Yogurt is good for your hair but in very small quantity but here we are talking about overall dairy products apart from yogurt. Dairy products have fatty acids in it and they are present in huge quantity. what it does with your hair is , it prevent your hair from getting smoother and softer , sooner you’ll realize with larger intake in dairy products will increase more chances of losing your hair ,


Sugar enables you to have poor blood circulation and it does effects the PH level in blood. Once you have badly affected circulation, it will become hard for your blood to reach up till the roots of your hair and this cause’s hair fall.

Refined carbs:

Refined carbs such as cakes, breads, pizzas, pastas and other fried junk food causes more stress in your body by boasting stress levels and this is the major cause for your hair to lose all of its strands.

Carbonated drinks:

What these drinks do is basically they intact your insulin level in your blood, this leads your sugar levels to increase and hence cause hair fall.

Alcohol :

If you’re an alcohol consumer then you should give up on it now, because the fermented properties of products causes allergy in your hair. It causes hair fall and it makes your hair looks dull.

Greasy food :

We all look junk food and greasy food but it’s not good for your hair at all. Greasy foods increase cholesterol level in your body which prevents hair growth and causes hair fall. Quitting on greasy food will do wonders on your hair and you will surely thank us later.


Q.1 How to increase hair density?

Answer: Continuous use of organic and herbal shampoos, organic and rich hair masks and regular use of healthy key ingredients in your diet will increase the chances of hair density.

Q.2 How much does biotin helps in hair growth?

Answer: There’s no such scaling available on the amount and quantity of biotin in helping hair growth but 3 to 6 milligrams of biotin in a day will prevent hair loss and helps in hair growth.

Q.3 Is biotin good for thinning hair?

Answer: If you’re tired of having thin hair then the use of biotin is a must use in your lifestyle. Adding biotin in your daily routine will help your achieve thick and shiny hair.



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