Growing Your Own Supply of Cannabis with Gary Payton Seeds


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Growing cannabis all on your own can be a great hobby, or it can turn into something much more than that. Put simply. You could wind up being amazing at the cultivation process, which you can read more about on this page, thus deciding to become the manufacturer and supplier of certain approved supplements and medicines containing this plant as an ingredient. Of course, even if you’re doing this only as a recreation, you can still be quite successful in growing the perfect plants.

When growing those plants, though, and especially when you first start, you’ll want to try out at least a few different strains, either aiming at finding the one you like the most or aiming at having a diversified assortment to offer should you decide to join the industry and start making and selling products. In any of those cases, trying out different strains is a great idea, and it’s something you should certainly do. By giving different ones a try, you’ll definitely find some great ones, as well as some that you may want to avoid trying again.

The Gary Payton strain is, unsurprisingly, among the amazing ones. An evenly balanced hybrid, i.e. being both indica and sativa, Gary Payton is a wonderful strain that has plenty to offer. Named after Gary “The Glove” Payton, in honor of this remarkable basketball player, this strain is also quite remarkable, and quite strong for that matter, containing anywhere between 15% and 25% of THC, while being quite low in CBD. High THC percentage, coupled with a great terpene profile makes sure that this plant hits all the therapeutic spots and produces the desired effects.

If you yourself have been thinking of growing this plant, for whatever purpose, then the very first thing you’ll need to do is buy the perfect seeds. Buying randomly, though, at random places and without really knowing if you’re choosing the right seeds is not a good idea. Ensuring quality comes with ensuring you’re making the right purchases and at the right place.

Should you need tips growing this strain too, this will help: 

So, buying the perfect seeds will require you to put some effort into it, and thus understand not only how to get them, but also where to get the best ones. Getting tips on those topics can be of help, so that’s precisely what I’ll do for you today – I’ll provide you with the tips you need to get the perfect Gary Payton seeds. Understanding how to go through the choosing process will get you much closer to actually buying the products and growing the perfect plants.

Go For Feminized Ones

Choosing between regular and feminized seeds can be difficult, especially for beginners who don’t quite understand the difference and thus don’t know which one they should get. While the regular ones produce a mix of male and female plants, you’d require prior knowledge to differentiate between those. This, and the fact that the female plants produce higher yields, are reasons why both complete beginners and experienced commercial growers most usually go for feminized seeds.

Always Check THC Percentage

If the potency of the plant you want to grow is important to you, and it probably is, checking the THC percentage is a must. Finding this piece of information will be quite easy, as most great suppliers will clearly indicate the percentage on their websites, allowing you to quickly check this before making a purchase. As mentioned, this percentage usually ranges from 15% to 25%, and the higher it is, the more potent the plant will be.

Check The Growing Conditions Before Buying

No plant can survive without you providing it with the perfect growing conditions, and if you’re a beginner, you may not know what’s needed. Checking those conditions before making a purchase will allow you to make the perfect choice. Most great Gary Payton seeds you can find, though, will be quite easy to grow, and that simplicity is what you should aim for. Naturally, you’ll need to take care of the plant, but it won’t require extreme efforts to grow, which is perfect not only for beginners, but pretty much for every grower.

Research The Supplier In Details

Researching the supplier in great details is also an important step to take, because you want to shop from reputable and trusted places, instead of getting tricked into buying low quality seeds from some shady stores. Since you certainly don’t want to get tricked, checking out the experience level of the suppliers, as well as their reputation on this whole market is rather significant.

Finding shops that have been in the industry for a while and that are receiving positive reviews and ratings from their customers is what you should aim for, and you’ll certainly manage to do that if you just put some effort into the choosing process.

Check The Prices

Checking the prices is another significant thing to do, because you want to pay a fair price for the seeds you’ll get. Thus, doing comparisons should be your next step, since different suppliers sell their Gary Payton seeds at different prices. Finding a reasonable option is important, but make sure not to choose based on the price alone and fail to check all the other significant factors that will play a role in the quality of the plant you’ll get. After all, quality should always come first.

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