Effective Ways to Add Depth to a Room


Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 11:56 pm

Sometimes we spend a lot of time and money on our homes, sticking to a plan and adding lots of details to create spaces that we love, only to find that there’s still something missing. Despite our best efforts, the rooms feel cold and impersonal. Some rooms might feel too large and uncomfortable. Often, adding some depth helps to finish rooms off by creating a cozy and inviting space. Here are some of the best ways to add some depth and texture to your rooms.

Mix Textures

Mixing textures is a great way to add depth and create both warmth and interest. If you’ve got a leather sofa, adding soft cushions and a wool throw can create a cozier space, and adding soft rugs to hard floors increases comfort and warmth. In each room, try to use different materials, such as velvets, linens, and silks, for maximum effect.

Create Layers

Layering different textures is another excellent way to add depth and warmth. Instead of one cushion, add layers of them (preferably in different textures!). Add multiple throws to the back of your sofa, and a pile of blankets to an occasional chair. You can even layer things like rugs and curtains, and layers of flat objects, such as placemats, or photos, can even be effective.

Get Cozy with Heavy Textiles

Heavy textiles are a fantastic way to add depth, especially if you have large rooms that often feel cold. Heavy curtains in deep colors like navy or plum can look great, and shaggy rugs or thick carpets will always feel incredibly underfoot.

Add Rugs to Your Floors

A rug is a brilliant way to add texture. If you’ve got wooden floors or thin, plain carpets in some rooms, Persian rugs from Rug Source can add color, texture, and detail as well as comfort. If you have a bolder carpet, a plainer rug can help to break up the pattern while adding an extra layer. Rugs come in all different shapes, sizes, and textures, and can work well in practically every area of your home. You could even layer rugs to create statement flooring.

Hang Textiles on the Walls

Our walls are typically adorned with photos and prints in frames. These can look great, and something like a collage wall with different colors and sized mismatch frames can certainly add depth. But for a bolder look, hanging textiles or even a cool rug can look incredible.

Bring in Plants

Plants are a fantastic way to add texture to any room or area in your home. Choose plants that you love, that are easy to look after, and that will thrive in the atmosphere, and maximize their effect with cool pots and planters. Layering multiple plants on the same shelf or in the same space and adding large plants to unused areas and corners can look incredible.

Mix Modern and Traditional

Many of us have a preference when it comes to modern or traditional décor, but when it comes to creating depth and making your home look both natural and unique, nothing beats mixing the two. If most of your décor is traditional, adding a few modern touches, such as a trendy piece of furniture or some very modern artwork can be fantastically eye-catching. On the other hand, adding a vintage sofa or antique table to a modern and minimalist space can look wonderful.

Find Ways to Use Natural Materials

Plants aren’t the only ways to bring nature into your home. Things like exposed brickwork, wooden beams, and chunky wooden tables add depth and texture while helping you to create a peaceful space.

Spruce Up Metallic Fixtures

Most of the fixtures, like faucets, towel rails, and light fittings in your home might be white or silver. Adding some copper, bronze, or rose gold instead is a fantastic way to cheer up dull spaces while adding depth.

Add a Statement Piece

A statement piece, whether it’s hanging wall art, a bold piece of furniture, or oversized lighting will be eye-catching, and anything that stands out from the rest adds depth. Texture can make a room feel more personal, warmer, cozy, and more comfortable. Usually, it’s fairly easy to add texture with just a few small additions. Hopefully these tips can help you to get your rooms just right.

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