Dafaflower: Is It a Scam or Legit Website? Complete Review


Online shopping has made things easy for us, but it put us at risk of scams and fraud. Countless platforms are deliberately preying on unsuspecting customers, resulting in significant financial losses. 

Dafaflower is one such website that claims to sell home accessories at discounted rates.

Despite the convenience of online shopping, it’s important to be cautious when purchasing from unfamiliar websites. Therefore, reviewing Dafaflower is essential. After reading my blog, you will know whether Dafaflower.com is a scam or a legit website.

What is Dafaflower.com? Is it a Legit Website?

Dataflower is an online website that sells home products such as dining tables and self-watering eco-stained elevated planter boxes. The website has many red flags, which raised queries about its authenticity. Here are a few characteristics of Dafaflower which prove that it is fake:

  • The domain name and website name should always be the same. However, the domain name of Dafaflower is Extensiveproba.
  • Dafaflower has a bad score on Scamadviser.
  • It has copied content on its website, which is called plagiarism, and no authentic website promotes plagiarized content.
  • The absence of an SSL certificate is also alarming.

Features and User Experience

Dafaflower is a website with many intriguing features, such as an attractive theme, an easy-to-use website layout, and an advanced search bar. Although this website is a scam, it is highly responsive. Users never complain about the speed of loading. The features of this website may seem enticing, but it is essential to exercise carefulness and avoid falling victim to its dishonest practices. 

Product and Service Offerings

These are the following products available on Dafaflower:

  • The Ultimate Survival Tool, 
  • The Best Toy For Everyone – Smart 2in1 Go-Kart,
  • Portable chainsaw mill, 
  • Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner, 
  • Rolling Cabinet Set, Textured Red and Black Matte,
  • Dafaflower.com Reviews: Pros and Cons

Dafaflower Reviews: Pros and Cons

Dafaflower is a scam online store with all negative points, but some things about this website are quite impressive. Here is the list of pros and cons of Dafaflower:


  • The discount on the website makes it intriguing.
  • Dafaflower has an eye-catching website theme.
  • If the Products are genuine, they are very beneficial for routine use.


  • Lack of safety and security measures because of the absence of an SSL certificate.
  • Poor customer support.
  • Bad reputation among users.
  • Trend Micro does not trust Dafaflower.
  • This website has fewer visitors and was registered a few months ago.

Things to Consider Before Shopping from Dafaflower

Buying products from e-commerce websites has become a new trend, but there are many things you should consider before shopping from these stores. Here are the facts you must know before trusting Dafaflower.com:

No Business Information

You will not find any contact information on Dafaflower–no address, no phone number. The email address of Dafaflower is mentioned on its website, but no one gets a reply to their emails from them.

Banned in Many Regions

Dafaflower is not working in many regions because it is banned. If a website is banned in different countries, it shows a higher chance of fraud. 

Fake Social Media Icons

Every genuine website gives social media account links on their website. Whereas, Dafaflower has given fake icons that do not redirect you to any social account.

Reviews and Feedback

You will not find a single positive review or feedback from Dafaflower’s customers. This is the main reason you should never order from it.

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Dafaflower is a fake online shopping store selling household accessories. This website makes everyone fool by not sending any product and taking advance payments. Therefore, you should never buy from new e-commerce stores without reading feedback and reviews. Stay aware of the scam known as “Dafaflower.”

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