Change Your Office Every Day With Virtual Backgrounds


Last updated on December 5th, 2023 at 07:37 pm

Whether you head into the same cubicle at your workplace each day or do your job from a home office, it’s easy to become bored by your surroundings. If you’re feeling uninspired by what’s around you it can negatively impact your productivity, and it’s likely the attendees of your virtual meetings will have a similar experience. Here’s how to change up the look of your workspace using virtual office backgrounds so you’ll enjoy your work time and get more done.

Work at the Beach

Rather than daydream about spending hours on a tropical shore, why not put yourself there as you go about your workday? Using a beach-themed image as your virtual background can inspire you and provide an unconscious mental recharge, even on the most stressful office days.

Perhaps you’ll choose a palm-filled tropical island as your backdrop, or maybe the blue-skied, rocky shoreline of a New England beach is more to your liking. Whatever coastal scenes you favor, you’ll practically smell the ocean breezes wafting through your window when you set your screen to place you along a lovely waterfront.

Work in Other Inspiring Settings

Once you realize that you can choose almost any theme for your Zoom or Microsoft Teams background images, the mood you set is virtually limitless. Here are some more ideas to inspire you:

  • Create a sense of well-being and coziness with animated backdrops featuring a crackling fireplace or rain pattering onto a windowsill.
  • Give your meeting mates a boost of seasonal spirit with a brightly lit tree and gorgeously wrapped gifts in your background, whether you’re in the midst of the festive season or it’s still months until Christmas,
  • Put yourself in the middle of your favorite television show or movie by loading a backdrop of a famous big- or small-screen set. Work alongside Leslie Knope in Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation office, or put yourself in command on the deck of the SS Enterprise.

Work in a Conference Room

Although fun and creative backdrops may not be appropriate for every work scenario, that doesn’t mean your virtual environment needs to look basic. To foster a sense of team spirit and help everyone in your meetings feel more collaborative, select an attractive conference room background.

The company you work for may provide a downloadable option shot in its actual meeting space, or you can choose one of your own by browsing through free Zoom office backgrounds. The look of your virtual conference room can be sleek and modern or bright and casual, and any time you want to change the mood all it takes is a few mouse clicks.

Now that you’ve got some ideas about how to breathe fresh life into your office using virtual backgrounds, it’s time to switch up your space. To get started, just hop online and visit the website of one of the top developers of virtual meeting enhancement tools to review your options. From there, it’s a breeze to make your next day in the office more enjoyable and productive.

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