Is a 3D wall mural a good idea for home walls?

3D wall

3D wallpapers for homes are a relatively recent, but prevalent tracery. They work best in small flats because they enlarge them optically. Patterns of 3D wallpapers are suitable for modern decor interiors. They are no less impressive as a decorative element in vintage interiors. So if you want to enlarge a room or apartment optically, or to give the interiors a unique depth and character – these are the effects you will get thanks to three-dimensional wallpapers.

Practical and durable 3D wallpapers for years

Large-scale prints with their clarity and depth of colors as well as being waterproof make the 3D wall mural suitable for any room: living room, bedroom or children’s room, as well as in the kitchen and bathroom. 3D wallpapers are easy to maintain and waterproof. Wall murals are also resistant to UV radiation – they do not fade and do not lose their colors. They are also easy to look after.

Interior metamorphosis can be carried out on your own or with the help of household members. You can easily assemble and disassemble photo wallpapers, without losing anything on the effect. You can quickly replace a pattern that you are bored with another – without spackling and long, tedious cleaning of the walls because our photo wallpapers do not leave any traces that are difficult to remove.

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3D wallpapers – the trend for 2023

3D wallpapers for the living room are the most beautiful photographs and graphics in large-scale prints that are stylish ways to dress your walls. Thanks to the wide range of XXL wall murals patterns, everyone will find something for themselves. An interesting interior design does not have to be expensive and difficult to make. Branded Uwalls please the eye with a wealth of patterns and colors. With them, you can make your flat adorned by prints.

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Bestsellers of the Uwalls brand

Without a doubt, the simplest styles of 3D wallpapers are the most appreciated. Each of them is available in the Uwalls store in a wide range of patterns and colors. Particular attention should be paid to the following categories – one of them will surely fit perfectly into your apartment.

  • floral – makes the interior more romantic;
  • geometric – lent a look of modernity;
  • pop art – perfect for a youth room;
  • baroque – for the most sophisticated interiors.

3D wall murals for bedrooms

The 3D wallpaper provides a great visual effect and creates an interesting optical illusion that makes the pattern on it seem real. 3D wallpaper on the wall can create an illusion in a given room. This is one of the most fashionable ways to achieve an attractive finish.

The wallpapers in this category are recommended especially for rooms with limited space because their use allows you to visually enlarge the space. Thanks to the 3D photo wallpaper, the living room, bedroom, room or kitchen seem more spacious, although, in fact, their arrangement has not changed.

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